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There is no Black Isle logo in the trailer and what's more important Black Isle, a firm that made Planescape: Torment is not mentioned in the Store page, instead modders are. This is outrageous! They're trying to rewrite the history and don't give credit where credit is due.

I've also got shadowbanned by Beamdog on their YouTube channel (my summary of MCA Q&A wasn't published, only I can see it) and they buried my comment under the trailer video which quickly became most upvoted one. In general they have a tendency to ban anyone who dares to criticize them, especially on Beamdog forums.

And last but not least they're pathetic liars, they've just announced that GOG is not at fault and it was "joint decision" even though they were spreading lies earlier, trying to shift the blame on GOG. And they're lying now, it's hard to call it a "joint decision" when they were threatening GOG to go to Steam exclusively if they won't comply.

Anyway, proof of their lies is here:

Beamdog Support (Customer Support)

Apr 13, 08:19 MDT

Hello Adam,

Thanks for contacting Beamdog support. My name is Charles, and I will be assisting you.

I am sorry you believe that we are the cause of this, but I can assure you we have no say in what other retailers do with our titles (discounts/bundles, etc).

That being said, GOG brought the idea to our attention and over a year ago Cameron decided that it was a positive choice, I am sorry you are negative towards this, but I want you to know you are supporting the people who make those decisions, and blaming the ones who don't.

We also have no say in what happens to the original versions of the games, we aren't the owners of those and only licensed them to create our Enhanced Editions.

I hope this clarifies things and you have a great day!

It was obvious from the start since they did the same with Baldur's Gate:

So the only logical thing to do is to boycott these modders who call themselves developers and usurp the credits:
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They also blamed WOTC for the bundling last year. Then they switched to GoG.
I agree. I got banned on the Beamdog forums too.
mailinglistenato: I agree. I got banned on the Beamdog forums too.
That's a common thing: