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RadonGOG: Not directed at the OP, quote was only added for the viewers of the thread:
Here is some (new?) information regarding this topic:

In short: It doesn´t look like Beamdog is allowed to use the BlackIsleLogo. End of story, nothing sinister in there.
goral: lol
"As far as I'm aware" means he knows shit. And anyone with half a brain knows it's not the truth, why would Black Isle (which still belongs to Interplay) forbid Beamdog to use it if it was free advertisement? Doesn't make sense at all. Beamdog are scumbags who take credit for something they haven't done - end of story.

Also writing "(new?)" when anyone can see it's a post from Feb. 28...
In comparision to the opening post it is new.

And no, it would be very easy to imagine that this is true. Why don´t you simply contact Interplay and ask them? Maybe you´ll find out it´s true, maybe not. But if the later one is the case, this could also be the first step for a BlackIsle-Return!

Therefor: JUST DO IT!
Beamdog is not simply a group of "modders." It was founded by Bioware's co-founder and its lead programmer. That gives them some pretty significant credibility. I'd rather that they get the task of enhancing these old games for modern systems than some studio that has no connection to Bioware or Black Isle. Also, unlike most "modders," they've been given official license to modify and re-distribute the games. Black Isle doesn't own the games; Bioware, their publisher, who gave them the money to make the games, does. Even if the original employees of Black Isle, at Obsidian or wherever else they moved on to, wanted to enhance and re-release these games, they couldn't without Bioware's permission. Being closely connected to Bioware no doubt played a significant role in Beamdog getting the license. If anyone should be blamed, it's Bioware, not Beamdog.

BTW, all of the Black Isle staff and others who helped with the original games are listed in the game's credits, so it's not like they're not credited. The fact that there is no Black Isle logo is probably just a legal issue, as mentioned already. I imagine that Beamdog would've included if they could've.
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