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Hello fellow Linux gamers!

Here you’ll find scripts allowing you to build packages for Debian, Arch Linux and any derivative (Ubuntu, Manjaro, Linux Mint, etc.) from your GOG installers for Pillars of Eternity.
You will then be able to easily install these packages with you favourite packages manager.

Download links and usage instructions can be found on the following page:
Pillars of Eternity

We hope you’ll enjoy the ease-of-use provided by these scripts as much as we enjoy writing and tweaking them ;)

Here you go for more supported games!


Salut camarades Linuxiens !

Vous trouverez ici des scripts vous permettant de construire des paquets pour Debian, Arch Linux ou n’importe quelle distribution dérivée de celles-ci (Ubuntu, Manjaro, Linux Mint, etc.) à partir de vos installeurs GOG pour Pillars of Eternity.
Ces paquets pourront ensuite être installés facilement via votre gestionnaire de paquets habituel.

Les liens de télechargement et les instructions d’utilisation se trouvent sur la page suivante :
Pillars of Eternity

Nous espérons que vous apprécierez le confort apporté par ces scripts autant que nous apprécions les écrire et les améliorer ;)

Pour plus de jeux, rendez-vous par ici !
Post edited December 17, 2017 by vv221

Improved way to split the game into multiple packages

Script updated to ./ 2.0
Arch Linux support added

New supported installers: (GOG) (GOG) (GOG)

New supported installers:

Support added for DLC Deadfire Pack

New supported installers:
Thanks for this, much appreciated. Will probably try it out soon :)
zicoos: (…)
Nice, any feedback would be most welcome ;)
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Hello out there, is there an installer for Definitive Edition as well?

Thank you

Best Regards Christian
Caliban72: Hello out there, is there an installer for Definitive Edition as well?
I don’t know how Definitive Edition is distributed: do you get a single installer, or an installer for the base game + installers for the two parts of The White March?

If it uses multiple installers, I guess the ./ script should work on them.
The installation has several files: one huge Pillars of Eternity main file with a size of 7GB. Three patches, the extentions The WHite March - Part I and II. Further more some smaller files Deadfire Pack and Pre Order Bonus Item and Pet.

Thanks and best regards Christian
Caliban72: (…)
From what you wrote it seems the files are the same in the Definitive Edition than the ones we get by buying all parts of the game separately. This means that the ./ script should support the Definitive Edition too, without any modification needed.
Hi vv221, what about the patchfiles which are now part of this distribution?


BR Christian
Caliban72: (…)
The patches have no use if you download the currently available installer for the main game, their purpose is to upgrade older versions of the game.
Hi vv221 thank you. The installer is really a powerfull tool. I created 3 Debian packages out of the downloaded archive. I also changed the install path from /usr/local to /opt/games since I do not have enough space on my /root partition. And also because I made this directory for comercial games in general. With the option --prefix=/opt/games I was able to customize my Installation. But I couldn't apply theese changes to the extentions "The White March 1 + 2". I executed the creation of these Debian packages with the same prefix and was able to install the package. But the expansions are not installed. In the main screen of the game these expansions are shown as "not installed". If click on the expansion, the whole game crashes!

What is to do with this constellation?

Thank you in advance.

BR Christian