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Caliban72: (…)
Did you run the game a first time before installing the expansions?
If so you need to clear ./ cache by running the following command: 'rm -R ~/.local/share/'

After running this command, the game should detect the expansions.
Hi vv221, that is true, I started the game before installing the expansions. And the issue is solved by deleting the cache file. Now all the expansions are at my dispose.

Thank you very much!

BR Christian

Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire Pack DLC

New installer supported:
Hello, is there a installer planed for Pillars of Ethernity 2 as well ;-)

Thank you

BR Chris
Caliban72: is there a installer planed for Pillars of Ethernity 2 as well ;-)
It was quite a low priority on my list (I still didn't complete a playthrough of the first one), but its priority got bumped since you asked for it ;)
I added it to our list of requested games to make sure we don't forget about it.
wasn't there a way to support :-)

BR Chris
Caliban72: wasn't there a way to support :-)
If by support you mean throwing money at us (we love that by the way), I did close our Liberapay account a couple weeks ago, due to ethical issues with them and the payment processing partners they chose.
I have not found a new channel for donations yet, so the best way right now is to reach to me by e-mail (my e-mail can be found in the scripts themselves) and use standard money transfer methods like SEPA.

If you mean something else by "support", well, I’d love to hear about it ;)

Pillars of Eternity (base game)

* Fix dependencies list