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low rated
This ain't even a game, it's more dialogue than actual gameplay and it isn't a "tactical rpg" its more like DIablo without the interesting. Point and click and point and click, no real tactics required. Big waste of money. It took 90 minutes to download and forever to install.

I'm looking for a real tactical rpg like Disgaea, Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics. You know, grid-like battlefield, lots of leveling and actual tactical maneuvering.

And whats up with all the characters being like 50 years old in this game? Not really a game. Waste of money, If I don't find a real tactical rpg soon then I will just give up completely on these downloadable pc games. I uninstalled PoE in like 10 seconds, its gone forever. Bye bye PoE.
Diferent strokes for differnet folks. Maybe you should have researched that this game has zero in common with Disgaea, Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics. No grid-like battlefield, more of a "Dungoen Master" reading and spinning a tale that you take your character and their comapnions through - a live novel of sorts. Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, etc. Sorry you spent you hard earned dollars on a game that just as many gamers are into as are into Disgaea, Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy Tactics. So to say "this ain't even a game" is the same as I to buy Ogre Battle and dis it in a review "cause it don't give me the depth I wanted in an RPG".