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Swedrami: Should have been dialed back a bit instead of making it pulse and glow even more (assuming that's what "increased visibility" means). I can't really tell the difference since to my eyes it's been too intrusive even before 1.07.

Is an option to decrease or turn off the pulsing "glowiness" as well as to hide the floating markers (the "camera" one for terminals, the "skull" for hitmen, the "cuffs" for informers, "cogs" for interactables/bombs to defuse, etc) too much to ask for?

For instance, I do tactical recon ONLY for unlocking the non-combat support assignments and couldn't care less about the "increased visibility" of secret containers or interactables/hitmen/informers being tagged with those floating markers on top of pulsing and glowing like it's christmas anyway (terminals being the main offender: unmissable pulsing glow + floating "camera" marker).

Said option to make the screen a lot less busy in regards to pulsing "glowiness" and a lot less cluttered with unnecessary pointers (see the attached screenshot) if you opt for tactical recon prior to the actual assault just to be able to assign agents to support roles would be really appreciated.
Yggdljdr: I second this.
More often than not the screen does get quite a bit crowded and cluttered with too many things pulsing and further emphasized with the markers. Sometimes even to a point where it's a little hard to read the situation at a glance, just like in that screenshot.
Also, giving players options never hurts. You could leave the option to show the glow and the markers on by default, so that players who wish to play without it would have to actively disable it.
Make that another vote for an option to hide both the glow and the markers.
The devs surely meant well but having both going on at the same time is just too much. It really becomes evident in those scenarios where there are several of the thrice highlighted objects placed relatively close to each other.

A hotkey for temporarily toggling the name tag, health/awareness bar, movement/fire points, elevation info, as well as the icons for the currently active status effects above both your and enemy agents, currently selected or not, would be great to have too.