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Patron Update to v1.100.4

Hello everyone!

Time for another quick update. The change list is below!

- Fixed issues related to wrong production quantity on low production building efficiency

- Fixed El Patron achievement. Now you can get it with Patron's Mansion and Patron's Villa.

Govern on!

Update to version 1.100.5

Hello everyone!

The changelist is below :)

- Changed how mousewheel input is handled to prevent problems with laptop "precise touchpad" input. Scrolling and zooming on the touchpad now works as intended.

Govern on!
Unfortunately, GOG still has version 1.100.2. The Galaxy trash does not have the current version 1.100.5 either.

Translated with Google.
Update to version 1.100.6 online.

Update v1.100.7

Hello everyone!

Time for another quick update.

- Fixed an error that caused mint production to be sometimes suspended in advanced stages of the game

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high rated
Update 1.200.5 - first major update of 2022

ADDED: Two new additional world maps: Sierra and Wrapped island
ADDED: New 4 buildings: Prison, Embassy, Farm center and Tax office
ADDED: New 5 decorations; Squares and Courtyards
ADDED: New Tower bridge object
ADDED: New iron fence object
ADDED: New system to place and expand plazas
ADDED: New 3 visual types of plazas
ADDED: New 4 professions for workers: Prison guard, Ambassador, Agriculturist and Taxer
ADDED: New in options menu: atmospheric effect. You can now enable/disable weather effects
ADDED: New graphics for main menu and loading screen
UPDATED: Another batch of optimizations with various calculations
FIXED: Resolved numerous smaller technical issues

Have fun!

Patron Update v1.201.1

Hello everyone!

Time for another quick update. The changelist is below as always :)

Fixed a bug with Brainiac achievement not triggering correctly
Fixed a bug with multiple appearances of potato crop in crop field list

Govern on!

Late Spring 2022 update is here!

v1.202.0 released

Greetings Patrons!

Today we’re releasing the next update and this one is linked to several features frequently mentioned by our players.

First of all, we’ve added another manually created map to play on. There are also several changes to how Foresters work (their efficiency and types of trees they plant – now they depend on the map type and the prevailing vegetation in that specific biome).

The next frequently asked change relates to ranches – sometimes the rate of using animals for meat production impeded production of other possible resources from the same ranch. With new changes, this shouldn’t happen anymore.

In the bug-fixing department, we’ve modified the duration of several tooltips (when left too long on-screen they obscured the view of the grid making building-placement tricky), and also fixed some potential stability and performance issues.


- ADDED: Additional hand crafted map

- UPDATED: Forester will not plant just random types of trees, but the type of tree which already exist closest to the location of the planting

- UPDATED: Every tree planted by the Forester will now grow 10% faster

- UPDATED: Hint displaying the name of the building will now disappear after a few seconds, to avoid visual obstruction

- UPDATED: Changed the way ranches work – only 50% of animals will be slaughtered for meat, and only adult ones come into calculation. Basically, you’ll always have some adult animals remaining for additional products, such as milk or similar

- FIXED: Addressed several reported bugs and glitches

Enjoy and until next update!

Overseer Games team
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Patron Autumn 2022 update - version 1.310.0

Releasing Patron Autumn update - version 1.310.0.
A few more promised maps and an extensive optimization pass

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

Greetings Patrons!

Before anything else, we'd like to apologize for the longer delay since the last update for Patron!
There were two reasons: one is our involvement with another project that is in a very sensitive phase, and the other is that we spent a lot of time analyzing your logs and data in search for more paths to optimize Patron. At this stage, the only way to find further increases in performance is to dig pretty deep, and we pursued it this time.

So what would be the highlights of this update? When speaking of new content, there are a couple of brand new maps to play with.
Some of these maps also have some added elements of visual scenery.

On the optimization front, we did a few things here: optimizations to a number of buildings and trees (trees especially tends to stack requirements due to sheer numbers throughout the maps), adjustments to level of details, major changes to in-game update loops and model rendering.

Lastly, thanks to your reports we've identified several incorrect loading hints and these were corrected as well.

A bit more detailed changelog:

* Added 2 brand new fully handmade maps
* Added shark model as scenery in several maps
* Tree model optimizations
* Several building models optimizations
* Modifications to handling of in-game update loops
* Major upgrades to model drawing system
* Correction to few loading hints

All things considered, we've measured a noticeable increase in overall game performance following this update. According to your reports and log data, we'll continue to pursue further improvements in a manner similar to this update.

Until then, have fun!

Overseer Games