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Bezhukov: Your guide is poor. I'm not suffering, far from it. I'm blowing the game out and having a ball. Then again, I've explored more than one third the game. You should try it sometime. And you shouldn't be misleading new players about what's viable and enjoyable in this game.
Your attitide is poor. His guides and builds are all top notch. All you're doing is saying how amazing you are without contributing anything other than a ton of bullshit. Please write your own "better" guide or get the hell out before some poor newbie starts taking your bullshit seriously.
>Your attitude is poor. His guides and builds are all top notch.
Debatable. While his builds are helpful, they are far too min maxing, and are quite detrimental to the player experience. As in, it imposes a specific playstyle upon the player in which they may or may not be comfortable with. Pathfinder is a complex game and at times a overwhelming game; but not for the reasons you think. Anything can work in the game, as long as you're willing to figure out what works and what doesn't. Such an experience is truly the most precious of things. It forces the player to think, to learn, and to discover.

The plethora of options available in the game is simply outstanding. The fact that I can beat Pathfinder on Unfair without the usage of Ineffect's build, is a testament to how well designed the game is. Yet, I attribute this more to the rule set in which the game is based on, than the actual game.

Moving along, perhaps the most challenging aspect of Unfair is the early game. No amount of hardcore min maxing will help you, if you don't know the where or the how. More specifically, Knowing the proper locations to go to for easily attainable experience and gold(I see Ineffect has already covered this to a certain degree), and the tactics to employ for challenging encounters.

Of course as with all things, if you managed to survive through the early game, the rest of the game is a cake walk. That is the nature of the rule set in which the game is based on, and the power that the developers give the player through items and passives.

>Please write your own "better" guide or get the hell out before some poor newbie starts taking your bullshit seriously.
I already am actually. I have exhaustively gone into great detail in how to survive the prologue in unfair, and optimal pathing for getting through Chapter 1 on unfair.
You can find the guide at RPGCODEX, within the subsection of General RPG Discussion, Owlcat Games, Index to Pink Eye's Unfair Guide. If you wish to seek it out. As I can not post links.

This isn't by no means me shilling my guide. It is to support my argument. That I am not here to unfairly criticize Ineffect and or spout none sense. I have over a thousand hours in playing Pathfinder, and have beaten it on Unfair. In other words, I am within my right to say that Ineffect's approach towards the difficulty that is Unfair is unsatisfactory to my liking.
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In Effect, I have been using your builds since day 1, and I love them all, especially the companion builds. I have logged over 1200 hours thus far, but have not done unfair. For me, I need to beat the lower levels first. I find it amusing that two people dare to come here and try to discount your approach by saying that you are overinflatting the difficulty of Unfair *sigh*. Well, on to why I really came here to post. Your Valerie builds in Unfair are good, and I am trying them out on Hard atm. Crane Wing and Crane Riposte require a hand free, so it's not working with shield/sword or thw...I have tested this several times. What do you suggest I replace them with...Intimidating Prowess and maybe something else?
Oh, also, would it be viable to use your MT classes for Harrim and Tristian r should I pure class them both? (Tristian ecc and Harrim cleric/necro)
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