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Fixed, thanks. Probably left from some older version.
Wolfwere: Hello, InEffect!

In your Jaethal undead bard build you wrote"

Inquisitor: Inflict, Cure, Remove Fear, True Strike
Ranger: Lead Blades"

but in this build I can not see Ranger lvls...
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Hello, InEffect!

In your guide you wrote about Regongar, what he "can be made into an ok-ish bard".
Tell pls, what build can be, if Reg going to bard?
Wolfwere: Hello, InEffect!

In your guide you wrote about Regongar, what he "can be made into an ok-ish bard".
Tell pls, what build can be, if Reg going to bard?
Scion2/Bard8/DD4/Booter6 should work fine or scion1/F1. Or you can make him a melee sorc with scion2/sorc4/DD4/EK10. The latter works better since you can sit him out in town till 19+ that way and pick him for the endgame to provide frightful aspect.
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Hi InEffect! In your guide you say we need 16 BAB for your EA/Scoundrel/EK build. I've been playing around with it and I'm wondering.. With an EA 2/1 rogue/vivi/Thessalonian glutton3/AT 2/EK 10 and then 2 more TG levels you lose one attack but you do get the option to cast many more hellfire rays, and the option to cast empowered hellfire rays at level 8. I feel like it's one of the only niches TG wizards might actually be useful.. Or am I missing something here?? I feel like the last attack at +2 bab might not be worth it if we trade it for level 8 spellsots, basically.
If you just want hellfires and nukes in general, just play the standard sorc/AT. Scoundrel does the archery thing most of the time. Spending ray spells on trash is not very sustainable. It's just he also can do 1k+ damage per round going nova, when needed. There's also a question that characters don't start at 20, so you have to have a consistent power curve, which wizard version doesn't provide.

Niche for tassilonian gluttons is Glutton3/Ecc8/Theurge9. There it's clearly the best choice.
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InEffect: Link
Would be too much hassle to post and format for GoG forums. There you go. People have been asking for it or quite some time. Since I don't need the space below the post, feel free to leave your feedback here.
Hey InEffect, following your guide for quite some time ,recided to start Kingmaker (a bit late ^^) I would like your suggestion for building a two handed fighter for unfair, using Vanquisher for max damage. Possible thoughts are 1 SF monk dip, 3 vivi for mutagen , rest THF, or 1 Scion, 4 DD, 15 THF. Main thing I want is 15 THF for improved power attack. If you think that would not be viable, can you suggest a two handed build that "melts" opponents on unfair? (No Sword Saint or Melee Sorcerer if possible). Thanks in advance, I admire your work!
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