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Does anyone know where ALL the differences between Panzer Corps 1 and 2 are listed? I've read a few sites and watched a few videos and found out the following new things in PC2:

- units have a limited numbers of retreats
- retreats can cover more than 1 hex
- units can be split (one 10 str unit into two 5 str) or joined, but once split the 2nd half will now use one extra unit slot
- units seem to use different amounts of unit slots (as in Panzer General 3D)
- tank "overrun" ability gives one more move and attack after a successful overrun attack (seems the same as in Panzer General II)
- tactical hero abilities (in PC1 you'd get "only" unit statistics boosts)
- captured units can be used in battle and replenished for free, as long as enough remain in reserve
- any friendly unit that is adjacent to the enemy unit that is being attacked gives some bonus to the attacking unit, even units with no attack capability like recon aircraft (in PC1 only an initiative penalty for each unit still able to attack was calculated iirc)
- option to encircle the enemy which causes suppression (2 str/turn) and inability to resupply
- AT units support nearby friendly units
- ships can capture ports
- distance from an airfield weakens the effectiveness of an aircraft

I like most of the "new" stuff, except the ships capturing ports, aircraft mechanics and suppression resulting from encirclements. After being encircled I can understand loss of the ability to resupply (I guess counting local supply cache is too complex for the gameplay), but not that of suppression, at least not straight away and at such a rate. Similarly, I don't see why would an aircraft effectiveness suffer from distance, unless it's an extreme distance which could then factor in navigation, weather problems and how tired and afraid the fliers are.