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Changelog for Patch 0.9.1 (added 27 June 2018):

General Bugs:
* Fixed a crash when selling a module which was currently open in your engine room.
* Fixed a crash when switching rooms under certain circumstances.
* Fixed the ability to hail other vessels in the tutorial and crash the game.
* Fixed a crash when visiting the passenger cabin on the Ceres-class when you’ve got a passenger aboard.
* Fixed a bug where the game did not always pause correctly at the PDA Options screen.
* Fixed bug where Cluster mode did not work on PDA.
* Fixed several crashes which occurred as you opened / read news articles.
* Modules open for repair are automatically closed when you disembark your ship.
* Usable objects glow ever so slightly when they your mouse hovers over them.
* Stopped scroll wheel from zooming out from the PDA at the wrong times.
* Made the selected tablet tabs brighter / more colour to make the current tab more obvious.
* Fixed an issue with emails being sent too early.
* Corrected the Enceladus-class Corvette’s airlock problems.

* Fixed a crash when viewing binary files on your ship’s PC.

* Made instructions in Jackson Farlane mission clearer.
* Removed reference to the Valdez from the crew cabin.

* Gave various planets and stellar objects unique looks.
* Components now take very slow attrition over their lifespan.

Changelog for Patch (added 27 June 2018):

General Bugs:
* Fixed a crash when pirates trying to spin up weapons after taking sudden damage.
* Extended time limit on Adem Fish mission.
* Fixed bug where Adem Fish would reward you for failing his mission.
* Fixed bug where John Milgram would remain on your ship indefinitely if you ran out of time.
* Gave John Milgram a language.
* Fixed bug where Maria Cupelli conversation could repeat indefinitely.
* Made the Cupelli’s and Celia House space stations only appear when missions start.
* Re-worded first John Milgram email to make it clearer where you have to go.
* Re-balanced a contract for the Molucca Mining Company which earned you a loss.
* Fixed bug where Mona Al Ajwi would email you about failing her mission after you’d completed it.
* Delayed fourth Artem Kovalevsky conversation so it didn’t take place immediately after jump.
* Increased time limit on contract taking medical supplies from Penitent to Sterling Industrial for Leon Aerospace.
* Relocated Scud de la Vinci for final conversation in his mission.
* Fixed bug where Buffalo Hargreaves PDA note would remain forever if you missed his pickup time.
* Fixed infinite loop in Biming Yang conversation.
* Correctly ensured you get an email when you fail to make the pickup on time for the Aya Grant mission.
* Fixed bug where Agnes Pelettier would remain in position after conversation ended.

Changelog for Patch (added 27 June 2018):

* Fixed a crash in the first Mona Al Ajwi conversation.
* Pirate ships trying to spin up weapons after taking damage sometimes caused a crash.
* Fixed a crash where jumping to a system with a bounty after you’ve saved and loaded game.
* Leaving a module open sometimes resulted in a crash when returning to your engine room.
* Save games did not save the number of countermeasures currently in a CM module correctly.
* Trying to change tabs on the power screen caused a camera break.
* Being towed after firing SOS beacon from uninhabited star systems failed to dock correctly with the new space station, and could cause crashes.
* Goods were not being valued correctly when trading on the wire.
* Ensure all pirate classes have weapons modules.
* Infopedia page wasn’t working on power screen.
* Fixed a problem which sometimes caused bounty targets to not appear.
* Fixed UI bug meaning the “Take Loan” button sometimes didn’t click right.
* Fixed bug where John Milgram would get stuck having the same ending conversation again and again on Adari.
* Fixed bug where John Milgram would have both mission success and failure conversations regardless of where you dropped him.
* Changed headline of an article about the destruction of Jansky to match the content.
* Fixed a bug where Lester F Ward would keep on popping up at every space station even after you’d dropped him off.
* Fixed bug where Maja Lindqvist would appear on Crassus even after you’d completed her mission and seen Okwui Ways.
* Fixed bug where Ant would never appear to buy your sand.
* Allowed sale of sand to Ant.
* Fixed bug where you can sell sand to Ant and he doesn’t take the cargo but you get the money.
* Fixed bug where Okwui Ways never appeared after Maja told you to go meet him.
* Port Pisa mistakenly had two trading screens and no component screen - fixed.
* Infinite loop in Jackson Farlane’s conversation no longer possible.
* Updated Infopedia entry on jump drives to mention that you need to remain still in order to calculate a jump solution…

Changelog for Patch (added 27 June 2018):

* Enceladus comms screen camera alignment was fixed.
* Enceladus cargo screen was broken.
* Enceladus lacked email screen.
* NPCs were erroneously spawning at Crassus’ airlock in the last build.

Changelog for Patch (added 27 June 2018):

* Fixed bug where tabs were not refreshing correctly on monitors right after undocking from a starbase.
* Fixed UI issues with Enceladus’ nav map.
* Corrected airlock button hitbox aboard Enceladus.
* Corrected resolution of terminal in Enceladus’s cabin.
* Corrected comms terminal camera in Enceladus’ bridge.
* CMSs and PDLs appeared on wrong terminal on Enceladus’ bridge.
* Added email screens to Enceladus and Proxima vessels.
* Relocated Loni Guard in Mahuik Ngata Mission.
* Nerfed KIJD-20 Jump Drive.
* Increased reward for helium contract from Loni to Adari for Diwalinese Republic.
* Fixed a bug where the Aya Grant contract said it had a time limit of 6 hours but timed out after 4.
* Edited the DEVELOPER NOTE in one of the intro emails to correctly reflect how contracts work.
* Made Mona Al Ajwi PDA note correctly disappear if you sold Bron’s art to Ezra.
* Fixed a bug where a PDA note from Avelina Dembo wouldn’t disappear.
* Extended the time limit of the Adem Fish mission.
* Stopped Mona Al-Ajwi from emailing you aggressively even after you completed her mission.
* Fixed a bug where Lester F Ward’s PDA note wouldn’t disappear when you finished his mission.
* Fixed bug where Adem Fish would email you about failing his mission after you’d completed it.
* Gave Proxima a sensor system by default.

Changelog for Patch 0.9.2 (added 27 June 2018):

* Fixed bug where hitting SOS too close to a starbase wouldn’t work correctly.
* Fixed crash when using SOS.
* Fixed scrolling on Infopedia articles and some other multi-page text widgets (Infopedia still doesn’t paginate the topics properly - we’ll get to that soon).
* Added 5 Infopedia entries: Countermeasures, Grappling Arms, Hacking Modules, Point Defence Lasers, Solar Panels.
* Made Unknown Space Platform in The Two Sisters only appear during the mission it’s supposed to.
* Made Unknown Space Platform allow the player to undock properly.
* Made standee and Seph monitor spawn on space stations only during their assigned story mission time.
* Relocated several beacons which were overlapping.
* Adjust spawn points for the second Ballad of Celia House mission (were duplicating).
* Added option to say no to helping Michael Rangsikitpho.
* Tweaked flags to Michael Rangsikitpho wouldn’t appear again immediately after your first conversation ends.
* Fixed bug where Michael Rangsikitpho would never spawn.
* Changed wording of SOS to be clearer that you’re requesting a tow back to base when you use it.
* Fixed a bug where the cargo near the SS Tchaikovsky in the first star system would always re-appear whenever you re-entered that system.
* Fixed a bug where you could get weapons from the cargo pods in RSC during the Nick Fourier mission indefinitely.
* Fixed an issue in the Sam Cowart conversation where you could ask for 25 credits per key for Scud’s sand and it registered as you having asked for 15.

* Altered how windows work on Mac, so fullscreen and granular resizing is possible.
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Changelog for patch (added 02 July 2018):

New Stuff:

- NEW COMBAT SCENARIO - A highly manoeuvrable Enceladus with 8 torpedoes but no defences up against 6 pirates in an uncharted star system


- Fixed a crash when loading some older save games.
- Fixed a bug where infinite money could be obtained by opening certain emails multiple times.
- Fixed a bug where SOS beacons could be used outside of the campaign.
- Fixed crashes when using NavMap modules with older in-game software versions.
- Proxima airlocks now produce sound effects.
- Temporarily removed adapters & component shields for sale.
- Made NPC ships travel more tightly, to avoid accidental asteroid/hazard issues.
- We now store OiS version numbers in save metadata for easier tracking down of issues.
- Ensured consistent naming for grappling arms.
- Made all components work in all module types (until the ‘socket types’ mechanic is properly implemented)
- Adjusted the camera on the Wire terminal on Crassus so you can see the whole monitor
- Fixed a few broken signs on space stations
- Removed a defunct module type from stock model Enceladus ships
- Changed wording of Buffalo Hargreaves mission to specify Bhola Station and not Bhola Prime
- Added a message telling players when the Buffalo Hargreaves mission is no longer available
- Updated instructions in Nick Fourier mission to be clearer about where to take his weapons
- Updated PDA Notes in Annie Bolan mission
- Increased the price of chocolate by a factor of 50 (tasty)
- Added new animation for Jacqui Engels conversation


Changelog for patch (added 03 July 2018):


- Fixed a crash when changing rooms away from the ship’s cabin sometimes.
- Fixed various crashes related to pirate attemping to pick up dropped cargo.
- Fixed a crash sometimes caused when an email was downloaded.
- Fixed a crash when moving through broken modules in the engine room.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn’t click on stars, even if they were visible over ‘fog’.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes generating a new bounty would crash.
- Fixed a bug where the date/time in the year 44a was shown during tutorial with the tablet open.
- Fixed a bug where the EMCON physical toggle-switch on the Proxima-class wasn’t working.
- Fixed a bug where UI beeps, especially on space stations, didn’t always play.
- Fixed a bug where loading a game when you are docked with a jumpgate sets the wrong UI border colour.
- Fixed a bug where buying a second sensor, weapon or other similar modules will leave them disconnected at first.
- Allowed pagination of selected note in player’s PDA.
- Fixed a bug where engineering screens would say UNKNOWN instead of CORE when you’d clicked on a module containing a reactor core
- Fixed a bug which made a Hap Node in a Remora RCS module unclickable
- Fixed a bug which prevented you from progressing in the Qian Block conversation.
- Fixed a bug causing Okwui Ways to never appear (a different one - there was more than one)
- Fixed export which allowed you to sell certain goods infinite amounts of times
- Modified the DH30 Comms module so that a component on one arm can go down without breaking the whole module
- Fixed a bug where you could sell the weapons you retrieve for Nick Fourier infinite times
- Fixed a bug where Buffalo Hargreaves would remain at the Douros airlock after you’d already dropped him off
- Fixed a bug which made the Nick Fourier mission to find the wreck of the SS Pamir unfinishable
- Prevented Harry Vuong from appearing on Assayer if you’d continued the Nick Fourier thread of the mission instead
- Fixed crashes in the Sam Kasrils mission and Herschel Li / Martha Meitner mission
- Fixed a crash when you read the PDA note about the first mission from Avelina Dembo
- Fixed a crash which would sometimes happen when reading the ship logs of the Caliban
- Updated Infopedia entry for the Christmas Tree
- Added Infopedia entry for the PCE Master Alarm
- Fixed bug where Asterin Allas would complain about taking too long to get to Crassus after you’d already dropped him off


- Changed the order of tabs on the PDA based on most-used.
- Slight improvement to the ship’s log screen.
- Made pirates react if you try to steal cargo they are attempting to collect.
- Made space stations sell more components by default.
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Changelog for Patch (added 05 July 2018):

* Fixed a bug which caused a crash sometimes when a ship takes damage.
* Debug log now shows which component was selected in the engine room.
* Ship Status screens in cabins now work properly on all ships.
* Had Dr Liam Ong alert you about the dangers of the mission to come.
* Relocated the derelict out of the asteroid belt in the Dr Liam Ong mission.
* Relocated Buffalo Hargreaves so he doesn’t clash with Mona Al-Ajwi’s spawn point.

* Added ability to turn off tooltips.
* “No Camera Motion” now turns off all camera shake as well

Changelog for Patch (added 06 July 2018):

* MANUAL DOCKING is now possible. Be within 5Gms of a dockable space station, and below the catch threshold of 0.3Gm/s.
* IFF is automatically turned off when you enter EMCON mode.
* All emails now come via remote sync - none appear magically in your inbox.
* Made manual docking procedure a command bindable to a key.

* Fixed a bug where taking the last good from floating cargo could cause a crash.
* Fixed a bug where the top message bar was getting stuck if you were zoomed out of a monitor.
* Fixed a bug where goods could all be sold at max price if you sold them in small amounts.
* Fixed a bug where transferring cargo from your hold into floating cargo in space would lose the goods but keep the pod.
* Fixed a crash when selecting empty slots in engine room.
* Fixed a crash when selling your default navcom.
* Fixed a bug where contracts that had a delay between appearance were appearing too frequently.
* Fixed a bug where a broken module open in engineering could be connected from the power room.
* Fixed a problem where some contract & email information was not being stored correctly in save games.
* Fixed a pagination bug with the infopedia’s table of contents.
* Fixed a bug where Buffalo Hargreaves would never get off your ship.
* Fixed a bug which caused the Mahuika Ngata contract to appear again even after the mission was complete.
* Fixed a bug which kept the Angela Reddy PDA note active after the second transport job for her.
* 2 new stories added.
* Fixed 3 bugs which prevented you from taking passengers after completing passenger missions for John James Salomon, Qian Block and Ravi Ramachandran.
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Changelog for Patch 0.9.3 (added 10 July 2018):

* Sensor objects that haven’t been detected in 2 minutes now get removed automatically.
* The SS Tchaikovsky no longer hails you unless you approach it.

* Fixed a crash when hacking certain kinds of ships.
* Fixed a crash when a slot with an addon but no component was selected under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a crash when mooring with some cargo pods.
* Fixed a crash when jumping away from a sector with a synthetic object in it.
* Fixed a crash when closing a module and opening another one where a now-invalid slot number was selected.
* Some components were inaccurately listed as damaged on the main engineering screen, even when they weren’t.
* Stopped dropping out of time compression when a weapon was fired in the sector, instead only doing it when you DETECT a weapon near you.
* Time compression wasn’t being cancelled correctly when a pirate threatens the player.
* Fixed a bug where you could always upgrade pods even if you didn’t have the money.
* Relocated Aki Hasagawa so she doesn’t conflict with the Fernando Gutierrez.

* Fixed a bug where “Hours Left” sometimes showed as random garbled numbers.
* Fixed a bug where the “Heading” section on the sensor screen was sometimes garbled for certain ships.
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Changelog for Patch (added 14 July 2018):

* Major memory usage updates, numerous memory leaks and crashes fixed.
* Fixed a crash when closing modules after repairs sometimes.
* Fixed some visual / text-overlap issues with the trade terminals.
* Fixed a bug where the UI would change to the wrong colour sometimes on loading game.
* Fixed a bug where some text-based UI elements that had odd heights would sometimes glitch a bit when rendering.

Changelog for Patch (added 20 July 2018):

Mac Users:
* A great many of you have reported the game is perfectly stable now, but some are still experiencing memory crashes. PLEASE do keep sending those crash log files to It’s all very helpful!

* Change logs now appear in-game.
* Massively increased the difficulty of the third Angela Reddy mission.
* Massively increased the difficulty of the Casey Croma mission.
* Massively increased the difficulty of the Karol Zima mission (if you betray him).
* Massively increased the difficulty of the Victoria Marks mission (if you betray her).
* Massively increased the difficulty of the Mona Al Ajwi mission (if you betray her).
* Added ability to change your ship name and player account name.
* Added ability to turn off anonymous game analytics.
* Wrote all possible options to options file for ease of hand-modifying.
* Batteries charge in serial as before, but in sucha way as not to stop at a broken battery.
* Modules for sale are generated to maximise chance of at least one of each module type being on sale at any given space station.
* Added docking fees for space stations.
* Changed jump gate fees to be more varies and more expensive in central systems.
* Added new employer reward for completing Mona Al Ajwi mission successfully.

* Several memory crashes fixed.
* Fixed a bug where loading games would sometimes fail after a monitor had been damaged in a specific way.
* Fixed possible crash when NPCs detect player under specific circumstances.
* Fixed a crash when your ship gets destroyed.
* Fixed a crash when having a module open as it gets destroyed.
* Fixed a sporadic crash when generating names for buyable ships.
* Fixed a crash when docking with certain moored targets.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes incorrect draft sets would become available at the wrong times.
* Fixed rooms in Port Pisa.
* Fixed a problem where options screen wasn’t always updating correctly.
* Jump drives can no longer be used when docked.
* Point Defence Systems are now shut down when you docked with something.
* Added manual dock button to Enceladus corvette.
* Point Defence Systems were not showing their range correctly at the buy screens.
* Fixed bug where towing fees were not being configured properly.
* Countermeasure and cargo jettison sounds were audible to player even if an NPC performed the action.
* Fixed a bug where pirates IFF was not being set correctly after loading game.
* Scrolling to the bottom of an infopedia article sometimes meant not being able to view smaller articles later on.
* Made the Aki Hasagawa second conversation happen after you’ve left the station and re-docked so she doesn’t block you picking up Fernando Gutierrez.
* Fixed a bug allowing the D4-SNS sensor system to work without all its components.
* Fixed a bug where the Parssus Union said it was giving you a license to work it but didn’t.
* Standardised all quadrant references to be alphabetical and not numerical.
* Added WAY more paragraph breaks to the John Milgram beacon emails.
* Fixed an issue which caused some of John Milgram’s emails to cut off one line before the end of the text.
* Scud de la Vinci now correctly states how much money he will give you as a bonus.
* Fixed a bug where Casey Croma would pay you twice for helping her.
* Fixed a bug which caused your decision regarding the fate of John Milgram to not be reflected in your choices of emails to send to Adem Fish afterwards.
* Fixed a contract for Threadbare taking clothes from Douros to Dadra which was hugely unprofitable.
* Fixed a bug which caused a crash in the second Mona Al Ajwi conversation.
* Removed temporary wording from Victoria Marks’ clone conversation.
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Changelog for Patch (added 25 July 2018):

* Fixed some memory-related crashes.
* Fixed a crash when loading save games that have no-longer-valid contracts.
* Fixed a crash when loading save games that had cracked consoles.
* “ROT” command on ship terminal didn’t cancel autopilot before rotating your vessel.
* Implemented INV and MODULE terminal commands.
* Fixed word-wrapping and text-padding issues.
* Fixed a crash when starting the game on certain space stations when owning an Enceladus.
* Fixed a bug where some blockade zones were being erroneously triggered.
* Fixed a periodic crash when disembarking from derelicts.
* Fixed bug where shift key was getting stuck.
* Fixed a bug where an open module got ‘stuck’ open when docking or toggling EMCON mode.
* Nick Fourier mission now correctly removes the torpedoes and pays you
* Fixed bug where Nick Fourier would email you angrily even after you completed his mission
* Changed the PDA Note description of the Nick Fourier mission
* Fixed bug where Nick Fourier promises you a Galilean Minerals license then gives you a Rahimi Agricultural one
* Fixed a bug which caused Mona Al Ajwi to remain angry with you even after you explained the loss of her artworks
* Fixed a bug where Jacqui Engels would send you an angry message even after you successfully dropped her at Feni
* Fixed a freeze in the first Kesta Jones conversation
* Fixed a bug where John Milgram would never leave your ship unless you took him to Adari
* Increased time limit on two Leon Aerospace contracts going from Tega to Prefect
* Fixed a bug where Avelina Dembo would email you about having taken too long to find her beacon even after you’d found it
* Fixed a series of bugs where the game would freeze if you clicked on a passenger in your passenger cabin in story missions
* Fixed a bug which allowed Agnes Pelettier to spawn anywhere after your first conversation
* Fixed bug where Jacqui Engels would email you saying you took too long even after you completed her mission.
* Fixed bug where Qian Block would email you saying you took too long even after you completed his mission.

Changelog for Patch 0.9.4 (added 26 July 2018):

* Room-change crash on Mac 64-bit systems fixed.

* When modules are sold to a station, they are now repaired and put back on sale.
* News articles are now shown in reverse order.
* Previously-selected emails and news articles are kept after viewing them.

* Clicking on countermeasures after launching showed graphics glitches.
* Fixed a periodic crash when moving between two very large space station rooms.
* Fixed a sporadic weapons-related crash.
* Fixed text glitch on the countermeasure panel.
* Fixed a bug where scroll-wheel to zoom in on monitors was sometimes zooming in on the wrong monitor.
* Fixed bug where weapons functionality could still be used while weapon module was still booting up.
* Fixed a bug where authority ships sometimes identified ships without their IFF being on.
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Changelog for Patch (added 27 July 2018):

* Hacking a vessel shows you its modules and their states.

* Fixed a bug where if you owed money (due to a fine, etc) to a faction that doesn’t loan money, the game would crash when interest was calculated.
* Fixed bug where passengers were being retained after you quit back to menu and began or loaded another game.
* Fixed a crash when you entered EMCON mode while calculating a jump solution.
* Fixed a bug where disconnecting your jumpdrive when it was fully charged wouldn’t auto-discharge the unit.
* Jump drive retains any selected destination after being discharged.
* Fixed a bug where the first tutorial message from Wendy in space didn’t trigger the audio indicator when it was complete.
* Fixed bug where the comms screen was unusable if you were zoomed in on it when someone hailed you.
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Changelog for Patch (added 06 August 2018):

* You can now remotely access space stations via the ‘hail’ function to view current prices, contracts and passengers before docking.
* Increased value of passenger contracts.

* Fixed a bug where destroying a ship that was hailing you or in conversation with you would crash the game.
* Fixed a bug where an incoming hail was not properly reset between scenarios.
* Fixed a bug where quitting back to menu did not reset the camera position on the nav map.
* Fixed a power issue sometimes causing merchants to lose control of their vessel.
* Fixed a bug where some menu states were kept between games.
* Fixed a bug causing NPCs to spin up weapons and give away their positions at incorrect times.
* Fixed a bug where you could jettison cargo while docked with existing cargo, thereby doing it instantly.
* Fixed a bug where natural objects were not appearing on sensor lists in Galileo and Devass’ Star.
* Fixed a bug where the maximum cargo you can hold was not displaying properly in the system terminal.
* Specified when you should sell goods to complete a contract on trading terminals
* Fixed a bug where dropping Rami Ravachandran off didn’t remove the PDA note.
* Fixed a bug where Avelina Dembo would spawn at Mr Li’s Bar on Assayer before you’d completed her job
* Removed all references to the Plum Bar (which doesn’t exist)
* Fixed a bug where Tuisin Brown would never get off your ship
* Fixed a bug where Avelina Dembo’s second mission would start even if you’d never finished her first
* Removed ‘welcome’ emails for contract-givers which were actually just NPCs
* Fixed a bug where Maja Lindqvist would message you about having stolen her goods even when you hadn’t picked them up yet
* Updated Maja Lindqvist’s PDA Note to be more descriptive
* Re-balanced Maja Lindqvist mission
* Fixed a bug where your PDA Note for the final Kesta Jones mission wouldn’t disappear
* Fixed a bug where Kesta Jones would message you to complain that you hadn’t delivered the cargo when you had
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Changelog for Patch (added 10 August 2018):

* Components are now described with star ratings for minimum damage, sturdiness and efficiency. These are displayed when looking in your engine room, and at component purchase screens.

* Fixed a sporadic crash when certain ships are destroyed and do not have a weapons module aboard.
* Fixed a problem causing a crash when clicking the down/up buttons the cargo screen on certain kinds of docked synthetics.
* Fixed a bug where going to the trade screen on a starbase when there’s a contract with bad information, usually from an old save, could cause a crash.
* Fixed an issue where selling your weapons system while leaving a tube selected could cause a crash when going back to your engine room.
* Fixed an error where registration changes weren’t costing money.
* Fixed an error where selling pods did not earn you money.
* Enceladus Comms Status creen was not showing the number of emails ready to download.
* Fixed a bug where if Qian Block agreed to pay you 600, you couldn’t complete his mission.
* Fixed a bug where Liam One’s mission displayed the wrong destination in your PDA.
* Fixed a crash in one of Harry Vuong’s conversations.
* Fixed a bug where Harry Vuong would start his second mission while you were still in his first.
* Fixed a bug where Fernando would appear to cancel his passenger job while it was technically still available.
* Fixed a bug where pirates would sometimes refuse to spin up a second torpedo after hitting a first target.
* Fixed a bug where pirates would sometimes continue trailing a target forever instead of giving up on them.
* Fixed a bug where the alert messages weren’t appearing properly, or were frozen on some monitors.
* Fixed a bug where after engaging course, sometimes the ‘distance to target’ would show garbage information on the Nav Map.
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Changelog for Patch (added 16 August 2018):

* Changed component stats from a star system to a text system.
* Altered ‘damaged’ calculations to avoid modules being low-efficiency but seemingly having no damaged components.

* Fixed a crash when jumping from PUP-9010 to The Two Sisters.
* Fixed a bug where certain factions for contracts were not unlocking for various stories.
* Fixed a bug where sensor objects being removed and a pirate tracking them could cause a crash.
* Fixed a bug where buttons were not visible for the jump drive when docked sometimes.
* Fixed a few clipping errors for character models.
* Fixed the Arakaki Hapnode’s broken look.
* Fixed some clipping errors on the Enceladus monitors.
* Fixed a bug where Michaelson would never appear in the mission for Benny
* Fixed a bug where Henrietta Arcade would email you upset even after you picked her up
* Fixed a bug where players could accidentally appear on their ship if they misclicked while aboard Etna Mining Outpost
* Fixed a bug which left the PDA Note to pick up Henrietta Arcade stuck open in your PDA
* Relocated Fanbrigo Labres Lagrange spawn point
* Added jump spawn locations to quadrant C in the Two Sisters
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Changelog for Patch 0.9.5 (added 07 September 2018):

Alterations - General:
* Time compression now indicated separately from emergency messages, and shown in the top bar of every screen.
* Number of save slots increased to 5.
* Authority and Military vessels now communicate with each other, and respond in kind of violent force they see a player (or any other ship) engage in. In short - expect to get torpedos heading your way from government vessels if you’re caught shooting in inhabited systems.
* A post-game screen has beeen added to the main menu, describing your final moments and giving you information about the outcome of the scenario, if relevant.
* Pirates now have different loadouts depending on their skill levels.
* Main menu has been redesigned with additional functionality.
* Can now skip intro with escape/enter/space, or permanently through the config file.
* Movement mechanics have been overhauled for efficiency.

Alterations - Engineering:
* Brand new Power Management screen has been implemented on all ships, along with the ability to alter the module power priority.
* Massive overhaul fo the component and module system, with components individually affecting power usage, efficiency and emissions of the module they’re in.
* Component management screen added to engineering, with ability to scrap/destroy components.
* Module screws now visibly rotate when unscrewing/tightening.

* Fixed pathing issues that sometimes caused pirates or bounties to path through dangerous asteroid fields, etc.
* Fixed some crashes relating to using low-quality navmap modules with green or blue displays.
* Fixed a sound glitch when burning or using RCS modules on low power.
* Fixed a bug where torpedos out of power would not correctly self-destruct
* Fixed travel bugs sometimes causing stuttering and lack of motion.
* Fixed bug where ship would attempt to rotate/burn when they had nowhere near enough power to do so.
* Fixed a bug where damaged RCS modules did not reduce the actual efficiency of turns.
* Fixed a bug where the “turn ship to 50 degrees” part of the tutorial had problems running on very slow computers.
* Fixed a bug where after the player was scanned in ANY sector by authority ships, they would never be scanned again until they restarted theg ame.
* Fixed a crash when hitting enter on certain conversation options.
* Fixed some aesthetic issues with the Enceladus.
* Fixed an error with the offset of the wrench mouse cursor in the module repair screen.
* Removed points on Etna Mining Outpost where players could click and be teleported back to their ship

* Fixed a bug where the PDA Note to help Benny on Etna Mining Outpost wouldn’t disappear after you’d failed the mission.
* Fixed a bug where the PDA Note to deliver Victoria Marks’ clone wouldn’t disappear after successfully completing the mission.
* Fixed a bug where Qingqi Farr and Dr Sparks would get off your ship disappointed even after you’d completed the mission or Liam Ong
* Fixed a bug where Ray Zee would get off your ship disappointed even after you’d completed his passenger trip
* Fixed a bug where Jinghua Wong would appear to get off your ship even after you’d successfully transported him out of Parssus
* Fixed a bug where Ray Zee would send you an email about not picking him up even after you already had.
* Fixed a bug where it was possible for Candra Alatas to email you after she’d died
* Made Buffalo Hargreaves’ PDA Note disappear properly if you failed to reach him in time
* Stopped players from being able to email Charlotte Brian about Dr Nicholas Reiffel after already having dropped him off
* Fixed a bug where Dr Nicholas Reiffel would force your passenger status to remain on
* Fixed a bug where the PDA Note for Dr Nicholas Reiffel wouldn’t disappear if you let him go
* Fixed a bug where Avelina Dembo would email you upset even after you’d hacked the Orson’s End for her
* Changed emails to Charlotte Brian to be sending to the correct person
* Fixed a ‘stuck’ passenger bug after saving the refugees for Tuisin Brown
* Fixed a crash when trying to view all trade prices on Zaragoza while carrying a plasma cannon
* Fixed a bug where John James Salomon would message you via the intercom about how long his trip was taking even after you’d dropped him off at a location
* Fixed a bug which allowed you to accept the Buffalo Hargreaves passenger job after he’d already cancelled it
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 11 September 2018):

* Fixed a crash when moving a module that had a selected slot in the engine room.
* Fixed a graphical bug when syncing comms modules from the comms room.

* Fixed a periodic crash when returning to menu.
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 12 September 2018):

* Scenarios are now selected via submenus.
* Can now drag a working component from inventory into a full slot and the components will simply be switched.
* More in-game ads and space station art.

* Fixed various autopilot bugs which could result in ships heading to random places or fail to accelerate to full speed under certain circumstances.
* Fixed a crash when switching back to bridge after a communication got forcibly cancelled.
* Fixed a bug where time compression would stop working if you left a sector or docked while being hailed.
* Fixed power storage bar on ship bridges to reflect total possible power of all batteries, not just connected ones.
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 13 September 2018):

* Some fixes to the autopilot code.
* Fixed bug where Escape scenarios were not being shown correctly.
* Fixed a periodic crash when undocking.
* Fixed bug where scenario screens were being re-populated incorrectly when going ‘back’.
* Fixed Confirm Delete button size being too big at main menu.
* Fixed save games screen not updating after save deletion.
high rated
Changelog for Patch (added 21 September 2018):

* Module and Component purchasing screens can now be filtered by type and quality.
* < and > symbols on helm changed to clockwise/counter-clockwise symbols.
* Plotting course now clears previous course first by default.
* Toggle Tablet and Switch Tab keys are now re-mappable, and by extension so are the tab and tilde/grave keys.
* Contraband for the destination sector is listed when docked at jump gates.

* Fixed bug where clicking on the wall in a Remora could exit via the airlock.
* Fixed bug where you could sometimes not buy countermeasures.
* Fixed bug where tilde didn’t switch tabs in the tablet, while in the power room.
* Fixed issue where ship sales, modules and component sales were not saved.
* Fixed an issue where certain components had an invalid socket type selected, so could not be used.
* Added a PDA note to Survival Scenario 3
* Removed references to an erroneous scenario mode from main menu