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Chapter 2 1.4
• Fixed : Street level could spawn enemy inside truck.
• Fixed : Infinite magazine weapons would freeze the game.
• Fixed : Crash when activating challenge room switch.
• Fixed : Door wouldn't unlock if enemy escaped room.
• Fixed : Freeze when exiting the level bounds.
• Fixed : Forcefield could overlap switch.
• Fixed : Third mode for a weapon wouldn't change the weapon stat via the doc.
• Fixed : Freeze when opening weapon interface when entering minigame door.
• Fixed : Floating plank in ship level.
• Fixed : Village signs overlapping switches.
• Fixed : Z fighting textures in street levels.
• Fixed : Grappling hooks don't hit where you're aiming.
• Fixed : Possessed elevator in tutorial 2.
• Fixed : +Attack weapon stat for alternate fire is removed after reflection powerup is done.
• Changed : Made many chapter 2 challenge rooms easier.
• Changed : Clarified doctor question text.
• Changed : Removed homing stat on scrap launcher.
• Changed : Lowered non-volumetric fog density.
• Changed : Reduced chance of pull and kickback weapon stats.
• Changed : Right click no longer goes back a page in the options and minigame.
• Changed : Mouse wheel no longer changes values in options.
• Changed : Activate key now closes notes and credits.
• Changed : Made casing sounds louder.
• Changed : Made green foliage less bright.
• Changed : Added grapple switch tutorial 2.
• Changed : Added disabled grapple over open water tutorial 2.
Chapter 2 1.3
• Fixed : Switch could spawn inside a store shelf in underground level.
• Fixed : Force field can block path in docks level.
• Fixed : Rare crash when stunning an enemy that just spawned.
• Fixed : Toxic trashcans don't explode directly on impact when thrown.
• Fixed : Rare crash with decorations on low.
Chapter 2 1.2
• Fixed : Switches can spawn inside of store shelves.
• Fixed : Allowed access to all outside areas where enemies could end up in.
• Fixed : Can open locked kill-all door with light switch.
• Fixed : Tentative fix for infinite loop when shocking water.
• Fixed : Wrong movement settings when switching save slot.
• Changed : Moved hub benches around to make big jump direction more obvious.
• Changed : Weapons are slowly attracted to player if close.
Chapter 2 1.1
• Fixed : Picked up weapon doesn't equip if you have no weapons.
• Fixed : Boss orb can be stuck high in the sky.
• Fixed : First chapter 2 boss can be yeeted a mile into the sky.
• Fixed : Treasure count can be negative or over the maximum.
• Fixed : Can get stuck in one office end room.
• Fixed : Switch can spawn inside a store shelf in building levels.
• Fixed : Can get to Chapter 2 zones prematurely.
• Fixed : Can walk in river in world 1 of skill tree.
• Fixed : One battery can activate two switches.
• Fixed : Number weapon input is reset on game start for gamepad.
• Fixed : Rare crash when decorations setting is low.
• Fixed : Can respawn inside of boat in hub when falling in water.
• Fixed : Some beds would give too much clutter combo.
• Fixed : Can be stuck in level end screen if we only have a level 3 weapon.
• Fixed : Blue elevators can block doors they shouldn't.
• Changed : Made howitzer attack of tank boss not aim at player's feet.
• Changed : Added an exit path to one park challenge room.
Chapter 2 release
This only includes fixes and changes that aren't about chapter 2.

• Fixed : Enemy animations aren't slowed down during slow motion.
• Fixed : Reduced amount of stuck enemies.
• Fixed : Sewer room with spawnable area that was too short.
• Fixed : Reloading heavy sniper rifle only reloaded 5 bullets.
• Fixed : Bad distance calculation and headshot detection for explosions.
• Fixed : Door decals aren't removed sometimes and hide secrets.
• Fixed : Rare crash on level end.
• Fixed : Rare crash when breaking a secret wall.
• Fixed : World 4 boss jump is almost impossible.
• Fixed : Secret door in third boss room breaks exit.
• Fixed : Enemy that leaves kill-all room breaks it.
• Fixed : Crash during suicide.
• Fixed : Crash when changing view distance.
• Fixed : Potential issues with kill-all rooms when enemies might exit the map.
• Fixed : Invalid minigun mods.
• Fixed : Getting level 2 or 3 weapon wouldn't unlock achievement.
• Fixed : Picked up objects can go through static objects.
• Fixed : Incompatible mods from some weapons.
• Fixed : Chain enemies can get you stuck on level geometry.
• Fixed : Kill-all doors sometimes don't open.
• Fixed : Potential issue where treasure count would become negative.
• Fixed : Removed doors to nowhere in the descent.
• Fixed : Trying to remap back or start controller buttons would "corrupt" the savegame.
• Fixed : Prevented putting a wall switch on a wall with another object next to it.
• Fixed : Made mom dragons head hitbox more appropriate.
• Fixed : Poison staff idle sound's volume isn't tied to the sound slider.
• Fixed : Typo in bunnyhop achievement.
• Fixed : Generating a level would take too long and eventually crash.
• Fixed : Weapon switches forever if moved to another slot immediately after pickup.
• Fixed : Crash when stunning an enemy that spawned on the same frame.
• Changed : Made enemy firebolts not leave fire.
• Changed : Added screen flash for bone pickup.
• Changed : Improved elemental effects.
• Changed : Made elemental books slightly less powerful because of the new elemental effects.
• Changed : Allowed beam weapons to have pierce stat.
• Changed : Improved grenade harpooner harpoon damage and explosion speed.
• Changed : Added elemental effect stats to explosive weapons and modified explosions accordingly.
• Changed : Added large bullet effects and bullet holes to heavy bullet weapons.
• Changed : Rebalanced all explosions.
• Changed : Changed horse water look and player face.
• Changed : Added walk speed to horse water.
• Changed : Changed player movement to further improve platforming.
• Changed : Allowed changing weapon while zoomed in.
• Changed : Minigun no longer needs reloading.
• Changed : Improved Claymore range.
• Changed : Changed Katana alternate attack.
• Changed : Added shocked and frozen elemental effects to player.
• Changed : Turned fire resistance into elemental resistance.
• Changed : Added optional weapon wheel.
• Changed : Some objects float on water.
• Changed : Raised enter distance for level end.
• Changed : Improved and added new player voices.
• Changed : Made life souls fall to the ground after a time.
• Changed : Lowered spark book alt fire rate.
• Changed : Lowered suppressed SMG recoil.
• Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel reloading.
• Changed : Can switch weapon to cancel charging.
• Changed : Made weapon icon resolution fit with rest of art.
Patch 4.1
• Fixed bug where minigame would place the player at wrong position.
• Fixed bug where the dying animation hands would be too high.
• Fixed bug where slot machine cost would stay after being destroyed.
• Fixed bug where using the mouse to change the FPS limit wouldn't hide the background.
• Fixed bug where the ghost axes could have a charge time stat.
• Fixed bug where the fireball book could have invalid stats.
• Changed weapon drop sounds to make them slightly louder.
• Changed weapon chests to count as decorations when destroyed.
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Patch 4
• Added fullscreen map toggle.
• Added new system to smooth player view with vertical movement like when moving on stairs.
• Added saving the player position in the minigame on quit.
• Added FPS limiter to options.
• Added exit marker on map once discovered.
• Changed movement physics to make platforming slightly easier.
• Changed wood barrels to allow them to be picked up again.
• Changed laughter chance to lower it when picking up treasures.
• Changed particle effects of items and switches to make them more visible.
• Changed secret rooms to remove their sound once discovered.
• Changed the level of the second boss to be shorter.
• Changed second boss to use more varied attacks.
• Changed the iron sights switching speed of all weapons to make it faster.
• Changed sound frequency in the asylum to make them rarer.
• Changed several node descriptions in the skill tree to make them clearer.
• Changed chained saw grappling hook to make it less suicidal and easier to use.
• Changed gem staff to make it fire and charge faster.
• Changed bow to make secondary fire cause a fiery explosion.
• Changed bolt sniper rifle to fire faster.
• Changed fire bolt book to improve visibility, cause burning areas and improve the alternate fire effect.
• Changed ice bolt book to improve visibility and cause more damage.
• Changed spark book to improve visibility, cause more damage and improve alternate fire.
• Changed poison staff to add an explosion to the alternate fire.
• Changed grenade harpooner to slightly improve harpoon visibility.
• Changed ghost axes to improve alternate fire damage.
• Changed fireball book to improve visibility and make alternate fire easier to use and more deadly.
• Changed frost book to improve visibility.
• Changed tempest book to improve visibility and raise damage of primary attack.
• Fixed crash when switching weapons.
• Fixed crash when pressing kick during game startup.
• Fixed bug where you could fall through elevators.
• Fixed bug where you could get stuck in doors.
• Fixed bug where picking up the nightmare reaper powerup while switching weapons would make it or the weapon unusable.
• Fixed bug where the "buy all skills from world" achievement was only unlocked once you got a skill from a different world.
• Fixed bug where explosive barrels couldn't be thrown while moving backwards.
• Fixed bug where life indicator was wrong at level start.
• Fixed bug where stairs would use the wrong texture.
• Fixed bug where medium rain was using wrong wetness effects.
• Fixed bug where combo message would appear in asylum.
• Fixed bug where velocity wasn't stopped when getting caught by enemy chains.
• Fixed bug where the player could get stuck between pipes in a sewer room.
• Fixed bug where the player could have three hands at the same time in the asylum.
• Fixed bug where bow arrows or missiles would collide with each other.
• Fixed bug where treasure couldn't be gotten in a world 4 minigame level.
• Fixed bug where player could die in a loop in a world 4 minigame level.
• Fixed bug where player couldn't reach the double jump powerup in a world 4 minigame level.
• Fixed bug where player couldn't flush dirty toilets.
• Fixed bug where grenade harpooner could have the charge time stat.
• Fixed bug where wall decals where missing from the asylum.
• Fixed bug where the player face could be bleeding at level start.
• Fixed bug where crosshair change wasn't displayed dynamically in the options.
• Fixed bug where a sign could be floating in the air in a forest map.
• Fixed bug where a forest challenge room had jump pads that didn't work properly.
• Fixed bug where the player would play the falling noise when dying in mid air.
Patch 3 : Performance
We've just submitted the first performance patch that should make the game run better for everyone. There might still be performance issues and we'd love to hear your feedback in this post:

What you should expect:

• Overall performance improvements.
• Greatly reduced framerate hiccups.
• More performance gains from lowering settings.
Patch 2.1
Here's a quick patch to fix annoying crashes. Hopefully we've gotten them all now.

Patch notes:

• Fixed bug where exit wouldn't open after defeating a boss.
• Fixed weapon switching crash.
• Fixed crash when deleting savegames.
Patch 2
We've just submitted the second patch with the goal of fixing more crashes, improving the minigame, setting dash to a key and a lot more. Please give your feedback in the forums.

Now we start working on performance, mobility improvements and much more.

Patch notes:

• Added new independent input for activate.
• Added new independent input for kick.
• Added new independent inputs for dash.
• Added option to dash when double tapping directions.
• Added ability to bind gamepad left and right sticks.
• Added glowing foosteps to guide player during random events.
• Added ability to destroy the slot machine.
• Added ability to destroy open chests.
• Added option to skip minigame.
• Changed minigame to make player spawn in current screen on death.
• Changed minigame to improve hitboxes.
• Changed some minigame levels to make them easier.
• Changed many weapons to improve them: Auto pistol, Bolt Sniper Rifle, Fire Bolt Book, Ice Bolt Book, Spark Book, Gem Staff, Poison Staff, Tri Grenade Launcher, Katana, Fireball Book, Frost Book, Tempest Book.
• Changed challenge rooms by making their rewards greater.
• Changed weapon chests to have better weapons.
• Changed blood ammo to require more life for some weapons.
• Changed egg spawning enemies to only spawn eggs if the player is in the same room.
• Changed Disavowed Town 4 to slightly reduce the amount of exploding zombies.
• Changed The Descent 3 to place challenge room at level start.
• Changed dash by not stopping velocity on dash end.
• Changed mage enemy teleport ability by making it louder.
• Changed dog to make it immune to acid.
• Changed powerups to make them louder.
• Changed target wall switches to make their sound louder.
• Fixed many crashes and freezes.
• Fixed issue where "Buy all skills from world X" achievements wouldn't unlock.
• Fixed issue where "Complete random events" achievements wouldn't unlock.
• Fixed issue where the player couldn't bind the gamepad A button.
• Fixed issue where two weapon modifiers of the same type would appear.
• Fixed issue where gravity trap would kill everything in a room.
• Fixed issue where thrown explosive barrels would explode in the player's face during slow motion.
• Fixed issue where coin pieces would be in incorrect locations in the level end window.
• Fixed issue where dying while zoomed would keep the zoom.
• Fixed issue where level end bonus text would be invisible.
• Fixed issue where the player could get stuck in several areas.
• Fixed issue where jump pads wouldn't negate fall damage.
Patch 1
We've just submitted the first patch with the goal of fixing most crashes. Crashes might still be there, so keep sending us these crash reports. NOT via the send button, via the procedure in the troubleshooting pinned post.

Patch notes:

• Fixed crash during level transitions
• Fixed trippy bug where hay bale sounds would play even with sounds off
• Fixed jump pad issue in the big lake forest room
• Made some minigame levels easier
• Fixed typos in some achievements
• Fixed crash when spawning random dog event
• Fixed issue where level description would be unreadable, and also some HUD elements
• Fixed crash when killing enemies that just spawned
• Fixed crash when rooms have too many decals.
• Fixed issue where player was spawning outside of the map
• Fixed crash when switching weapons in the inventory
• Added backups for save files
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