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New version was pushed to the Steam version.
Came here to ask the same thing. I hope so!
Well we aren't getting workshop support that's for sure:/
Well, where is it? That patch is supposed to fix the very big save corruption issue.
Patch 1.03 offers GUI Scaling.
I have just noticed (on a test play) that the GUI is very small,

so... GOG/THQ Nordic please give us the Patch :)
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Come on, this patch includes a major fix for save game related crashing. We need this!
Since I'm affected as well I also want to post my request here.
Perhaps the more people ask for it, the sooner we'll get it.

Still hoping for a sequel to this great game.
Ich habe letzte Woche mal kurz ThomNG (von THQ Nordic) wegen dem Patch angeschrieben, er wollte es ans Team weiterleiten. Dürfte also demnächst kommen :-)

I have written to ThomNG (from THQ Nordic) last week, he wanted to forward it to the team. So the patch could come soon :-)
It's very strange that Steam would get this patch, but not GOG.
It would be nice to finally get the patch.
I contacted GOG support about this. We'll see if they do anything about it.
GUI scaling is key!

I am attempting to run at 2560x1440 and although it looks great text is unpleasantly small.

Need that patch. :)
My god GOG what is the problem here? Where is the dang patch?
It just came out, I believe. Can finally play with a legible UI! Thanks gog team. Late, but better late than never. :P