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This is now the best source for all things NWN
temps: The version I probably want is CEP version 2.4a right?
I depends on the module you want to play.
They are not backwards compatible, so if the module requires 1.68, then that is what you need.
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Just posting updated links for some of the things listed in this thread, since most things have changed locations in the last 6 years.

--- Neverwinter Vault --- This community-created and maintained site is the central repository for new and old custom content. Adventure modules, new art assets, graphical overrides, you name it.

The IGN NWVault was shut down, but before that happened the vast majority of the content was rescued and can now be found at this new Vault. If you are looking for something that was on the old Vault, you can search for the title or ID number of that content on the new Vault.

The Neverwinter Vault is also home to the NWN and NWN2 community forums, where most people moved when EA/BioWare shut down their 2nd set of NWN forums.

--- Neverwinter Nights Community Site --- This site contains and links to a wealth of knowledge collected by the community since the game was released in 2002. If you are new to the game, or returning, this is a central place to start for players, DMs, module builders, and custom content makers.

--- Community Expansion Pack (CEP) --- The CEP is a massive collection of community-made content that builders can use to make modules and that players use to enjoy countless single-player and multi-player modules/servers.

I have been working on fixes and updates to the CEP since 2014, with the new versions remaining backward compatible (players with the newest version can play modules/servers made with previous versions back to CEP 2.1).

--- Project Q --- Project Q is another collection of community-made content that builders can use to make modules and that players use to enjoy more modules/servers. Some of the newer content in this package can be used to update modules that use default NWN art assets.

--- Hall of Fame Modules --- The community has created countless adventures, many vastly outshining the Original Campaign. This list links to some of the best produced over the years.

--- NWN Patches --- Some people are still having glitches with NWN Diamond downloaded from If you are, be sure to go to this site to get and run the English 1.69 Critical Rebuild (NWN + SoU + HotU).

--- Beamdog NWN:EE Forums --- Beamdog has been working on updating NWN (working with several community members) and they recently set up forums for broader community input and beta testing.

Well, I think this pretty much covers the biggest links for now. Enjoy.

-The Amethyst Dragon
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The NWN2 modules list in neverwinter vault just link to the IGN NWN2 wiki. Does anyone know where you can actually still find them?
There are 2 hall of fames, you chose the outdated one w/o links. The one provided through the Nevervault works and still being updated.
Found this useful blog => ,that explains, what all the CEPs and CPPs are and do you actually need them. There is also a plethora of information on mods and modules and how to install them.
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Lilura1 is an excellent blogger for things about NWN. She has the only walkthrough for DoD AFAIK, somewhat incomplete as it is. I am horribly busy atm and the main post must need an update by now so it is on my To DO list. I will remember to link to her as well.

Have fun :)
Some NWN2 love:
Neverwinter Nights 2 2022 HD Texture Pack :
(Did anyone tried to combine this with the re-bumpmapped stuff yet?)
A vast collection of fixes for NWN2:
(Also use ClientExtender):

Fixed Links for other NWN2 Texture stuff:
All Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves now Shiny, Retextured & re-bumpmapped
All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped)
All NWN2 Grass Desaturated with Added Detail
All NWN2 Terrain Re-bumped-mapped
Floorboards (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped)
NWN2 Cloaks with Deity Symbols
Real Oak and Mahogany Textures (Hi Rez & Bump-Mapped)
Real Paving Stones, Kerbs/ Curbs & Bricks
Cobble texture (Hi Rez & Bump-mapped)


Trees Textures Overhaul (Ovocean)
Complete NWN2 textures (Tukaram)
Sharpened Textures (3miLy_raNgeR)
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I just saw the news on Steam for an update to 8193.35 .
Will this patch also come to the GOG version as well?
Bearhug_at: I just saw the news on Steam for an update to 8193.35 .
Will this patch also come to the GOG version as well?
I got a GOG update to NWNEE....