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I only recently returned to NWN after a very long time (years and years) and I've realized I must have just gone solo, not bringing along Henchmen before.

It's still my favorite game of all time, but I've been surprised at how bad the Henchmen control is. (Don't get me wrong, the slapped-together party control of NWN2 is inferior to even the mediocre control you have in NWN1.)

I'm okay with the Henchmen system for the official campaigns, but I actually agree that it should be designed to allow for good individual control of each character in a party. (I have no idea how difficult implementing such a thing would be.)

One thing that gives me the impression that it's not designed in that direction is that I can't set up a chain of actions for my familiar or my main character when I'm switching between them. Any actions they have queued seem to get cancelled when I switch. (NWN2 seemed to appreciate this bit of design, they DO have individual character control in a full party and yet they constantly cancel actions I queued up.)