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Jarmo: just put the .hak to the override folder and nothing else anywhere else.

It's confusing because there's stuff for players and there's stuff for module builders and no indication what is what.
Might work for some modules but not for others, might break some incompatible modules. :/
It worked! I'm playing Aielund saga with it, no bugs whatsover :D. Thanks so much Jarmo, this thread is pure gold and you're a gift to this community :).

I played ME: Andromeda recently and quit half-way into it due to boredom (the story is just pure drivel), wanted to play Nwn out of nostalgia and then discovered this thread. Best thing that happened for my gaming since The Witcher 3! I'm having more fun than I did with the Nwn's OC.

Thank you!
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__doug__: I'll add one to the list that I haven't seen on anyone's top yet list but it's one of my favorites. It's a P&P conversion of Against the Cult of the Reptile God.
Thank your guide! Neverwinter Nights Wiki
Lilura: I recommend Rogueknight333's Swordflight series (two parts so far completed of a possible five in total).

For an introduction you can read about my impressions here:
<span class="bold">Swordflight Series - Part I</span>
<span class="bold">Swordflight Series - Part II</span>

I also recommend Savant's Aielund Saga, recently having completed a detailed thirty-four-part recounting of my epic run with a Paladin character, starting at first level and reaching thirty-sixth - a godly Champion of Torm (20) / Paladin (12) / Fighter (4). The first post:
<span class="bold">The Aielund Saga: Act One - Part I</span>
Thank you Lilura! I've been reading your blog for several months now, and you have provided a great resource. That's where I came across The Aeilund Saga. I, who rarely watch the same movie, read the same book, or play the same game twice, have now been through The Aeilund Saga three times in the last 6 or 8 months. What a great campaign!!! Much better than any of the Bioware efforts. I highly recommend it to anyone. I think it rivals BG2 - my all time favorite game.

And many thanks to Savant for the untold hours and amazing creativity it took to create this masterpiece for the immense pleasure of us lesser beings.
You're welcome, Subvet1. And yep, The Aielund Saga is pretty much a flagship for epics on the NWN platform. I've only played it the one time myself (when I wrote the walkthrough), but I'll try to get around to it again once Balkoth releases the next major update.

NWN itself is 15 years old now, too:

Time, how it flies...
It's so wonderful to see that people still play this game in 2017 :)
It is a wonderful game in 2017!
i can't remember if i have posted this here yet---

but if you have a very good level 20 character with level 20 items-- some good challenging mods to try are : Palace of Hate and The Catfish Escape. They were popular before the arrival of level 40. After Hotu.. im not sure they were as popular.
It's not just still played, but PWs like Balder's Gate are massively popular and supported by an army of techs working for free. The graphics are so beautiful they still blow away new games. With the tool set, NWN2 is (not even remotely arguably :)) the greatest game ever conceived.
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Have fun Good luck.
Regarding this comment, and with the link fixed (the old one pointed to IGN's NWN Vault, which has been gone for several years now):
Leroux: Sanctum of the Archmage series by Andarian (The Sight), with a plot and custom setting worthy of a novel series, roleplaying opportunities and great visuals and music...
For anyone interested, a full re-make of both Sanctum of the Archmage Modules (The Sight and The Quest) was released several months ago. It's available here and is fully compatible with the current GOG v1.69 build of Neverwinter Nights.

Also, thanks to Leroux for his kind words about the plot and setting, for which there actually is a novel series in development. The first book (Dawn of Chaos) is currently available on Amazon Kindle.
Daggrath: It's so wonderful to see that people still play this game in 2017 :)
Whoop, year switched, no more playing NWN :(