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Thought to list a bunch of my favourite modules and would appreciate if a few others would do the same. The idea being, if I list 3 of your favourites and one you don't know, you're probably going to like that one too. But if my recommendations are all crappy, you'll know what to avoid! In general, I value roleplaying, plot, consistency, believability, character interaction, stuff like that. I don't value tactical gameplay, big battles, powergaming or massive amounts of loot.

NWN Vault's voting system is all nice and good, but very much broken. There are a lot of modules and one angry vote can drop something out of top 100. And these are personal favourites. Pretty much everything in the Hall of Fame is pretty good, in one way or another. But there's like 500 modules in the hall of fame, you're not very likely to sample them all.

Shadowlords, Dreamcatcher, and Demon campaigns

This starts a bit slow, Early Shadowlords episodes are… average. But it improves all the time. The story is a good one, henchie interaction & romance exemplary. But what really sets the series apart is the custom content, amazing inventive stuff you just don't see anywhere else. The full demon cards trading card game built into Demon is just superbly wonderful. Sometimes this content breaks up a bit and you'll have to reload, but it's worth it. DO NOT pass!

The Aielund Saga and Tales of Arterra
I always mix these up. Both are slow starting and rising to epic proportions before the endgame. Epic not meaning "epic arrows +5", but intense action with the fate of the world in line. High quality fantasy RPG's. Both of these are similar in tone to NWN official campaign, simply better in both plot and action! Plot twists and surprises. Action and romance.

Stuff by Stefan Gagne
One of the Big Names in NWN module design, likely the most famous, deservedly.

Elegia Eternum is probably the best built module for NWN, voice acting, superb plot. Twists and turns, journey into the psyche. There's action, but it's not the point here. The dark, twisted story continues in Excrucio Eternum.

HeX coda, the great unfinished trilogy. Open source magic vs corporate magic in a wonderful story full of action, suspense, romance and great humor. You might think it pointless to play the 1,5 episodes available, knowing there's no ending. But think of it like any given great movie trilogy, the first one does not require the later episodes to be enjoyable!

Penultima Series and Penultima Rerolled.
Penultima 0: Penultima City These are all about humor! Thinking about Discworld novels might give and idea that's not so far off. Rerolled is much, much better, but plain penultima has it's moments as well. Though rerolled is a sequel, it's not completely necessary to have played the original series first.

A Tangled Web
Unlike most other builders, Bruce Laplante has not relied on new content and hackpacks, only the base game is required. This is about the plot and ingenious use of raw materials. A slow starter in realistic world, moving towards high fantasy.

Bastard of Kosigan series. Realistic, grimy, down to earth, sexual content. Bastard is set in an alternate history france where magic was real. The plot and telling of the story are top notch.

The Cave of Songs + Honor Among Thieves + Prophet are probably not meant to be played as a series, but nevertheless work as such. Cave has fine moments, but is pretty average overall. Works as a way to gain a few levels for Honor among Thieves, which might be the best rogue module ever (rogue skills required). In The Prophet you are driven mercilessly towards the horrible vision you have foreseen.

In all of these, Baldecaran paints a realistic, gritty world, where high magic exist and can be really terrifying. You'll probably end up doing some pretty nasty stuff in order to survive.

A Dance with Rogues
Probably the best rogue module out there… You play the part of a princess (female), and have to have rogue skills, might just as well use the supplied character. Falling from grace, you'll have to survive in a slimy low magic world. And it takes some adjusting. Superb plot, nasty business, sexual content.

Ravenloft modules by Firestarter, "I found myself in a world sliding ever closer to Ravenloft." I was hooked right there, in these dark modules full of vampires and evil stuff. The first episode is weaker, the second one an absolute masterpiece. I don't like horror or vampires or stuff like that, but this is just great!

The Wanderer is an extremely slow starter. A colonist in a frontier town, you have basically nothing and have to crawl your way up to wealth and fame. There's a good story, bunch of stuff happening, a town full of people. But this is about a vast wilderness full of beasts and dangers. There's plenty to do all the time, yet you are in charge of your actions. If you like realistic down to earth low level gameplay, this is your thing.

... yes, I've played much more modules than is healthy for anyone...

Edit. The old NWN Vault I linked to has been down for a good while and not coming back up.
Most of the modules are now to be found at the new vault:
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I'm about a week late but I wanted to not only give this a bump but also thank you for putting this together. :) I've been rather interested in finding good SP modules and this list gives me quite a few to look into.
Agrenost-Beneath the Cobbles and The Accursed Tower were both really good.
I've enjoyed the hell outta Darkness over Daggerford
The Diablo campaign module is great, too.
Thanks Jarmo for your list. Tried few of them already and they are so good! Any additional recommendations of good SP NWN modules are welcome. :)

PS: +Rep for listing!
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Darkness over Daggerford would have been on the list, had I made the list just a bit longer, a real gem that one.

Diablo, sounded like a total blast for a hack & slash player which I'm not, so I gave it a pass. Might have been a mistake.

Agrenost, I've started twice and enjoyed until the long part hacking zombies in the sewers. Drifted off both times and never finished. The early part is great though and certainly not a waste of time.

Accursed Tower is one I never came across. Sounds good enough, I'll probably give it a try if/when I get the NWN fever the next time!
I just have time for one suggestion right now (besides, once you get me started this list would go on and on :D ), but I noticed the Fate of the Auren series by Fester Pot wasn't mentioned yet:
and Shadewood,
a third part is in the making. It's a series for wizards or sorcerers with a connection to the Land of Dead, light on hack and slash, focusing more on story, roleplay and puzzles, and it's quite unique, with beautiful area design and music, an intrigueing story and setting, a little mystery, a little horror/suspense and eerie atmosphere.

And yeah, everyone should check out Baldecaran's Prophet series and Stefan Gagne's Excrucio Eternum (both already listed), they're ingenious.
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high rated
Ok, three more suggestions:

Sanctum of the Archmage series by Andarian (The Sight), with a plot and custom setting worthy of a novel series, roleplaying opportunities and great visuals and music (requires the Community Expansion Pack, CEP).

Revenant by McV, a roleplay module that rewards you for the use of class abilities instead of body counts; you play an alchemist who's come back from the dead to investigate his own murder. (This one even features its own high quality manual.)

Vampire: Heaven Defied by Chojin, a module in the vein of Vampire The Masquerade.
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Leroux: Ok, three more suggestions...
Hehe, I think I'm beginning to see a trend in the tone of these modules.
I've mostly steered clear of horror/vampire/evil offerings, but I probably should at least give Almraiven a chance..
Leroux: Ok, three more suggestions...
Jarmo: Hehe, I think I'm beginning to see a trend in the tone of these modules.
I've mostly steered clear of horror/vampire/evil offerings, but I probably should at least give Almraiven a chance..
Ha, well done. :D

Yeah, I like stories of the dark and twisted kind, and games with good atmosphere, which are often the creepy ones. Not necessarily evil, but more ambiguos, not your average black-and-white Farmer Goody Two Shoes Saves The Day stories (also a big fan of Planescape Torment).
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Thought I'd add two low level City Adventures I got a real kick out of. Meaning there's a good deal of roleplaying involved. Both start at lvl 1, which is great, since I prefer lower level characters.

Midwinter Festival - just requires the official expansions and one hackpack, easy install.

There's mystery and plot and a whole lot of stuff to do. The story is not on rails, sort of sprawling all over the place and then things just start clicking in place. Feels like you're calling the shots, not being led from the nose.

Avertine - A Nation Dreamed - actually I don't remember a whole lot about this, except that it was fun and I gave it a vote of straight 10 and praised it to heavens, which means others might enjoy it also.

This requires CEP, and might require an older version of it, or a new version with an older .tlk -file. Meaning there's a high probability you'll need to fiddle around with stuff a bit or read comments & instruction of how to get this running. Well worth the trouble and effort.


BTW, this pack is an awesome addition & enhancement to any module with melee characters!

Alternate Combat Animations v4.0

Allows you to change your fighting style, barbarian style is my personal favourite.
Can be a bit tricky to install, but well worth the effort,

Purely a visual enhancement, no effect into the outcome of fights.
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Awesome thread, thanks Jarmo :) I will definitely consult this for my planned return to NWN later this year.

GOG dudes, if you're out there -- I vote for sticky'ing this one. It's a great resource!
A quick update to tell the final 3rd episode in The Prophet series is finished.
While I've just started the last part, I'm all ready to declare the series the best NWN related stuff ever made.
(Maybe the best story in any RPG ever, including the likes of Planescape Torment)

Yeah.. I'd really suggest checking it out!
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Jarmo: A quick update to tell the final 3rd episode in The Prophet series is finished.
While I've just started the last part, I'm all ready to declare the series the best NWN related stuff ever made.
(Maybe the best story in any RPG ever, including the likes of Planescape Torment)

Yeah.. I'd really suggest checking it out!
Thanks for the heads up. I played the prologue and the first chapter several years ago (at the time that was all that had been released), so I'll definitely be revisiting this series once I have time, now that it's fully complete.
Also I have a question. If I were to play any mod before playing SoU after finishing the OC what would it be? Anyone with any good recommendations?