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Guess what... galaxy is offering update to 1.1.5something (weights 8.5GB). Looks like they managed to catch up!
Bout time!!! Hope they keep the version parity going now for all PC platforms
Oh Yeah Mawthra!!!

this version is 1.1 hotfix 2 ?

Size of the game : 4 GB to 8 GB !!!!!!!
Post edited February 01, 2019 by mounet
Glad to see these showing up. I really don't mind the patches being a few days behind other places, but every time I see a delay I get worried that it's going to turn into a few months or never.
Wait.. You mean I can finally stop playing Dark Souls and come back to Portia because it's finally 1:1 updated with Steam Version now?

Hot diggity dawg and Hesus banging Karry on the hood of a mercedes benz!