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We hope you’re enjoying My Time At Portia! This patch addresses a number of issues, including bugs and crashes, as well as a few adjustments.

If you encounter any issues with the game, please let our support team know -

Below is a full list of changes for this patch!

Fixed a crash that was occurring when you first load into the game. This crash related to the .net framework 3.5.
Fixed the bug where the "show accessory" checkbox in the settings cannot be selected.
Fixed the crash after fighting against the rogue knight.
Fixed the potential crash in the factory.
Fixed the bug preventing the power bar of robopig rider from updating.
Fixed the bug that when you change the colour of the storage box, the colour will remain the same.
Fixed the bug affecting players getting rewards from Alice's mission.
Fixed the bug that the 'Artisan' skill will decrease the material consumption for all machines. Consumption should only decrease when using the worktable.
Fixed the crash when loading the save after the Ack’s family station mission.
Fixed the bug in the clothing attributes.
Fixed the bug preventing clothes from being placed in cabinet.
Fixed the bug affecting the level of the factory after replacing the missing factory. After this patch, players will need to move the factory at A&G construction company to correct the level.
Fixed the potential crash after interacting with Rogue Knight.
Fixed the time freezing bug when finishing the mission of My Eviction from Portia 2 when you have Arlo as a companion.
Fixed the bug causing Arlo to continue following players even after he has finished his mission.
Fixed the bug causing the production process screen to not appear when using the factory.
Fixed the crash when on the swing.
Fixed the bug that the power bar of the robopig rider will not update.
Fixed the bug that in the roping game, players can continue playing the game even when they do not have enough stamina.
Fixed the conflict issues between an NPC's date schedule and an NPC's mission responsibility.
Fixed the bug where Penny will fight against monsters.
Fixed the bug causing the storage box UI to freeze.
Fixed the bug causing the house to disappear when it does not have the default appearance, when the player moves it in A&G Construction, and when the it has the default level 4 appearance (blue & white).
Fixed the crash when the player presses ‘ESC’ while fishing.
Fixed the bug affecting the Chicken Run mission, where players would not receive any eggs.
Fixed the bug preventing the Photos of Portia mission from being completed.
Fixed the bug where the system language will not be detected when you first install the game and so the game language may be different.
Fixed the bug that in the Crash Station mission, players cannot find Ack.
Fixed the bug where the interaction bubble might be scaled down while fishing.
Fixed the bug from preventing the player from customising the baby’s name.
Fixed the bug causing the maximum number for the recycle machine and repair machine to be incorrect.
Fixed the bug that when getting down from a mount, players will automatically be distanced from it.
Fixed the bug that when getting down from the mount in the sky, the mount might freeze in the sky.
Fixed the bug causing no rewards to be given when you have collected all the king fish.Fixed the bug preventing players from receiving missions for the tree farm.
Fixed the bug that missions after the Portia Bridge mission cannot be triggered.
Fixed the bug affecting the amount of materials needed for A&G Construction services.
Adjusted the time limit for the mission 'The Builder Bout'. If yours has expired, you will just need to reload the save and the mission will continue.
Added a diagram for the Triple Barrel Snakebite at Total Tools (the item has been deleted from the worktable and players can buy it after fixing the lift).
Added a function to allow items to be used on the assembly machine, direct from the warehouse.
Research notes can be sold in game.
It's appreciated. Tho I must ask. Why is the GoG version still behind the Steam version? Dividing the community for this game only makes things more complicated when issues pop up and so on.
Post edited January 29, 2019 by Gleipnir3
If Pathea were on the DevPortal ( using the steam-like script to quickly upload the patches direct, as outlined here:

it would really ease a lot these woes, considering how often they release patches and hotfixes... they could update GOG just as easliy and quickly as they do Steam... I'm only assuming they're not using it, because the way the game was updated today is typically the scenario when GOG has to prepare the files the devs send them manually, because the update came with the Changelog notes which only ever happens when GOG does the work on their end (if they use the script, the version number will update, but the changelog in Galaxy won't update until GOG manually does it)

If they're doing things the old school way (which is probably why the build we got was old, because it was prepared, then sat on GOG's servers all weekend) then someone should inform them there's a much easier and efficient way to do it and get with GOG on how to implement it.

A lot of developers do it that way and love it (and we do too):
Post edited January 29, 2019 by Mawthra
For me it is also incomprehensible why GOG does not immediately get the latest update, but an outdated update. There is no explanation why.

Translated with Google.
**Waiting on proper support and communication but all you get is EA level competence**
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lauren_team17: [snipped]
Patch 2.0 flew right by us, then 2.0 Hotfix 1 and now 2.0 Hotfix 2... why can't you get the developer to update all the stores the game is on? This is ridiculous... GOG has tools in place (and has had for quite some time) for developers to push updates direct to the servers just like Steam... this should not be an ongoing issue
Post edited March 13, 2019 by Mawthra