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I'm making this topic to try and gather all relevant info in one place. While we did a full playthroughs of both games, different software / gamepad configurations mean different set of problems.

Basic notes:
- in MGS, keys can be remapped via in-game OPTIONS > CONTROLLER OPTIONS panel. In MGS2, separate config utility can be launched via 'Game Settings' shortcut in GOG Galaxy or directly from game folder: bin/MGS2SConfig.exe

- both games store config files in their own folders; if games were installed to a protected folder (like Program Files), it might be necessary to run the application with admin rights for mapping changes to be saved;

- there is a known limitation for XInput gamepads (X360, XB1), that both triggers are treated as the same button. DirectInput pads should allow for separate trigger binding;

Under investigation:
- there is a possible conflict between Steam controller interface that we'll be checking out. For now, if you are experiencing issues with Steam running in the background, please try to log out / close the Steam client and re-run the game.

I'll try to keep this post updated as we'll gather more info from users over the weekend.
Post edited September 30, 2020 by Thiev
Thiev: D-Pad for Xbox controllers should now bind correctly in Metal Gear (MSX).
Pyromancer138: Thanks a lot,Thiev.
Could you please do the same thing for Konami Collector's Series?
I was mistaken, sadly. But it will be fixed soon. ><
support for DPad added to MG (MSX)