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As you can all tell there are some issues with Messiah. People are asking on this forum and other forums the solution to similar problems so I've taken a couple of solutions and compiled them here.

For the game readme it states update version 0.2, so it appears it installs with the patch. However I noticed that the 0.2 dx .exe in the 0.2 patch does not match the dx .exe file in the installation location and it is also missing the 3dfx .exe which may suggest the 0.2 patch is not sucessfully applied. Could this be looked into?

Interplay offer support for Messiah at this location:

jordi pointed out in another post that this forum has some support:

The last post has this advice posted by anonymous at 2007-05-28 08:33:06:

Messiah V1.2 should run well on Windows XP with SP2 but only with the following steps:

1) Make a shortcut of the MessiahD3D.exe on the desktop.
2) Set the compatibility mode to Windows 98.
3) Alternatively add -i to the commandline to disable the annoying intros.
4) !Start the game without the CD2/AudioCD in the drive!
> The game asks for the CD2/AudioCD, simply click three times on ok and the game starts (with no crash).
5) After the game started up, you can put the CD2/AudioCD in the drive.
6) To prevent crashes disable "Pre-load cached files" as sad above.
7) For performance reasons don't use T&L in the graphic options.
8) Sometimes during play when you go into the menu and back into the game there is an error reading from the CD2/AudioCD. Simply go into the sound-menu and turn the CD-music off and on again.

If the 0.2 patch is sucessfully applied during install well thats great, but these issues should have been resolved, does anyone still have them?


- Fixed graphical corruption when high resolution character setting was selected.
- Game no longer calls setgamma more than once per frame to avoid pallette corruption and system hangs on the GeForce video cards.
- Added menu option to turn on functionality for FSAA on Voodoo 5 and NV15 video cards.
- Addressed general stability problems.
- Crash fixed when saving and loading during kissing animations.
- Menu option added to disable level pre-loading to address an issue where some systems would hang during heavy combat or loading of a new area.
- Graphic corruption fixed between levels while loading.
- Graphic corruption fixed when quitting current game and starting a new one from the main menu.
- Respawn added to the Outskirts area to address logic problem.
- Issue addressed where player could exit the level into black void near the entrance to the Wasteplant.
- Fixed various issues with F5 message.
- Fixed various problems with CD music loops.
- Fixed issue with end sequence not playing after saving and loading in the Satan boss arena.
- Fixed various minor gameplay issues.
- Config file corruption bugs fixed.
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Lobineau: Messiah works fine with dgVoodoo. This software "translates" the old graphics API to Direct3D 11.

I bought the retail version of the game and had exactly the same problem as nyth1983 - crashing right before the menu or when starting the game in normal mode and no sound (only music) in safe mode. I have patch 0.2 installed.

My OS:
Windows 8.1 / 64 bit

- Go to the following site and download the latest dgVoodoo version (I can't post the full link):
- Open the “MS” sub folder and copy all files to your games installation directory
- Copy the dgVoodooCpl.exe to your games installation folder too and run it from there
- Click the ".\" button next to the "Config folder" line to automatically select the Messiah directory and click "OK"
- Now follow the tip from erbkaiser (2nd post): Create a shortcut to the MessiahD3D.exe on your desktop and open Properties/Shortcut to add "-i +!" to the Target line
- Run the shortcut (retail owners should have the Audio CD in their CD/DVD drive)
- Open the graphics options and make sure to have "dgVoodoo DirectX Wrapper" selected as your driver
- If you don't hear the music in the main menu, open the sound options and activate "EAX / DS3D" or "DS Software 3D"
- Enjoy the game :)

PS: You can easily deactivate the watermark in the bottom right-hand corner. Just open dgVoodoo again, select the DirectX tab and disable the option "dgVoodoo Watermark".
Hey, thanks so much for these steps, Lobineau!
Finally got this troublesome old title working again in Win10.
Didn't think I'd be able to play it again, so this is really cool!
Much appreciated!