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In the latest update, a mod manager has been added to the main game menu. You can now install mods by adding them to the following folder:

C:\Users\<insert username>\Documents\My Games\Megaquarium\Mods

Application Support/Megaquarium/Mods


To celebrate we have created a new fish for everyone to enjoy - the Nurse Shark. You can download it here:

If you're interested in getting into modding and discovering more mods, check out the Discord #modding channel:
Are you going to discount like on Steam? I'll jump through the hoops for GOG.
Thank you!

Discord link is expired, apparently, but the Nurse Shark is still up.
I'm pretty much lost were to find MODS... do I have to read all the Discord stuff ?!

I was expecting some library were people can upload/download them, something like

It's really difficult to find MODS right now :(


Seems like all the MODS are on STEAM WORKSHOP :(

I found this site to download them from there even if you don't own the game on STEAM:
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Thank you!