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The game LUMO is outdated and Steam has been updated already since 2017 while this update still is missing on GOG. I decided to contact the dev and he told me that it is out of his hands and I'd have to contact the publisher (RisingStarGames) - they should have all builds available. Since RisingStarGames has been bought by Thunderfulgames it was them who answered.

The guy who replied ( told me

"The update on Steam was to fix a leaderboard issue, and there was an update to fix some controller problems. But due to technical matters, there won’t be any more updates. Not to Steam and neither to GoG. I’m sorry that I can't give you a more helpful answer and I wish you a nice evening."

So I asked him if he could explain those technical matters and I also asked him why I as a GOG customer should receive less than a Steam customer for my money while they don't have a problem with taking my money. Here's the reply I got mere seconds after I wrote this:

"Unfortunately not. I’m sorry that I can’t help you further."

So not only will LUMO not get the same update that Steam received in 2017 (GOG is still on release 1.11.8)

We won't even get any explanation. Way to go publishers - enjoy our money ....
Post edited May 01, 2019 by MarkoH01