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There used to be free Avatar pictures and Wallpaper to go along with the manual for the free goodies included with Lego Batman. I don't know when GOG removed them, but I still have my backup copies downloaded from June 9th, 2016. I would love to hear an answer from GOG as to why they removed these free goodies, and why they didn't warn anybody about it. I'm sure most of you around here have noticed how rarely games come with free goodies nowadays, when in the better older days of GOG almost every game came with them, some with lots of stuff. But removing them from customers who had already paid for the game goes beyond the pale.

What other games has GOG done this with?

If by chance you didn't get to download them when they were available and you want them, I uploaded them to my Google Drive.

Here's the avatars:
and here's the wallpaper: