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IVV69: I tried the LOWMEM option , but I don't get it running.
I edited the dosboxLOL2.conf file and changed it in : lolg.exe -CD .-LOWMEM ..... and I tried it different ways in case I was typing it wrong... but still not able to play.....

Anyone care to help maybe?
tacticurn: Did you type the parramters correct? I see one dot only, and no space between that and the -LOWMEM parameter
Re-read previous posts, but to let you remain lazy, here you go:

INCORRECT: lolg.exe -CD -LOWMEM ..

CORRECT: lolg.exe -CD .. -LOWMEM

The two dots/periods are important!

That should solve your issue.

Listen to Baccata's talk, click on the lady to talk a moment, then click the vase to get an item.
Now exit the tavern, save the game, exit the game.
remove "-LOWMEM" from the line of text.
Start the game an set the GFXs to max, as previously mentioned, the load your game.
Voilá! Crash bypassed and a wonderful game can be completed.

Sure it's a bit of a hazzle, but at least it works.