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I'm ready to advance to the savage jungle but it appears I've encountered a gamebreaking bug.

Since you can't go back to the normal jungle, I advanced without Bacatta (or whatever his name is) over the bridge just so far the guards wont attack and dumped some items on the ground.

Then I walked back to Bacatta to start the bridge crossing sequence.

But now things get weird: the guards will be activated way to early and will approach while Bacatta is still walking. He does get to say "Wait..." but this doesn't stop the guards. After a short while Bacatta simply vanishes (mid-sentence even). Then after a while the Bridge video is playing (whithout Bacatta).

After the video the game is stuck in endless cutscene mode (where your controlls are disabled).

What can I do here?

Is there a way to manually end the cutscene mode?
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