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Hello there traveller, welcome to the Kynseed GOG forums! Pull up a chair and rest a spell. Maybe even warm yourself by the fire. Everyone here is pretty friendly and laid back, so feel free to introduce yourself if you like. You'll also find many of the fabled Kynseed developers roaming these very halls, usually rambling about game development or bacon.

PixelCount Studios is one of the baby Phoenix chicks that has sprung from the ashes of Lionhead Studios. Our fledgling studio consists of a few Lionhead veterans who have been involved in every Fable game, Black & White, and The Movies (among others). Our goal as a studio is to continue the spirit of Lionhead with games that are charming, humorous, very British, and eccentric. Here at PixelCount, we love one thing: games. And you. So...two things. Games, you, and biscuits. Three! Three things!

Kynseed is a 2D sandbox RPG that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. We're keeping the development process approachable and transparent, so chances are you'll see us talking about the game's development very openly. We're pretty happy to talk about anything and to answer any questions you may have, whether it's about Kynseed or even just game development in general. So feel free to jump in, interrupt us, ask questions, and join the conversation. It's quite literally what these forums are here for.

(Just remember that any game stuff we chat about is all subject to change; game dev is often a big ball of wibbly-wobbly time-wimey stuff.)


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Hi there Matt,

Good to see Kynseed is out on Early Acess. Like many others I'm an early backer who has high hopes regarding the scope and content of the fully finished and shiny game.

Fingers crossed this is the appropriate thread to speak of what I would like to see from Pixel Count Studios as the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff progresses (I'm not a total newcomer to Early Acess games).

Very regular progress updates - it's nice to know you're still there :)

Actual updates - Timey-wimey stuff noted, but undoubtedly we'll become an impatiant lot, eager for more.

A pinned suggestions thread - us gamers are creative people, we will have LOTS of suggestions. Something I've
often felt is missing from sugesstions threads are developer responses when the studio likes an idea. Perhaps
responding isn't practical or, not conisdered sensible, but how lovely for the poster to find his/her idea is considered

Timely responses to questions - appreciate this isn't easy with the workload, nor is it always easy to keep track, but
the community will notice if responses from you drop off.

I'd also suggest the Bug, error and glitch thread is pinned.

I realise this is pretty basic stuff - others may have more to add.

Right now it's NaNoWriMo, but once we're into December I'll become more involved.
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