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Oh hai there.

Welcome to our little corner of GOG. We're a pretty laid back community full of passionate and helpful peeps. We welcome you to hang out here with us as we work on the game, so feel free to say a quick hello here in this thread and introduce yourself. I'll get us started!

My name's Matt and I first met my wily PixelCount teammates when helping out in the old Lionhead Studios community back in 2005. Now, over a decade later, here I am working with old and new friends alike on Kynseed! Although my trusty cohorts are from the UK, I actually live in the heart of downtown Los Angeles where I help with the production of the game. When not busy getting into antics here in LA, I'm usually hanging out with the community online and working on the game (and probably not getting nearly as much sleep as I should in the process).

I'm pretty darn excited to be working on this quirky game and going on this Games in Development journey with all you nutters. If you ever need absolutely anything please don't hesitate to message me any time. Cheers!
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I'm Marius. Somewhat casual gamer; play for fun, never competetively, but also play a lot. I've enjoyed several of the Harvest Moon games and Stardew Valley, so looking forward to Kynseed. The Fable games are also some of the best games ever, so hearing that a lot of the people who worked on those are working on Kynseed is incredibly promising.
Name's Martin. Middle aged Grumpo to my kids and grandad to the people at work. Casual single player gamer, not into MMO.

I like this. Great idea, similar but different to Stardew Valley.

- Exploring is well done.
- Having to visit stones to get maps is a nice touch. Forces you to explore everything.
- Having a task list is good
- Great humour
- Being able to see through the trees and such like is good


- Remove some of the flowers/plants as there are too many
- Have all interactions with people either keyboard based or mouse based. It's a mix at the moment and I keep having to change around.
- Save game? Can't see it at the moment so I have to restart when I come back to it. As I'm casual (an hour or two a day if that) I can only comment on the basics
- Colours seem a bit dull
- A clock please. I don't know what time of day it is.
- Keep going with this. It's already got me hooked.
Hi I'm Sam. I thought this was a cute idea for a forum log and also a game. I can't help but feel though this was a channel for Devs and not randos who bought the game though! I'm looking forward to see how the game progresses though. Thank you for your hard work thus far.
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