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Changelog - v0.1.18.2511

x Fix for songstrell audio persisting if gathered with the sickle
x Fix for old packs of seeds being sold in Summerdown
x Fix for duplicate recipes showing up in the goods store if you already have it and cleared any duplicates from the inventory of recipes/proverbs
x Fix for pet whistle crash from trying to access it while having no pets and then again with a pet
x Prevent partner putting up noticeboard tasks
x Speculative fix for shop changing crash and issue with selling shops
x Fix for animal selling in shops if they had turned invisible (though the cause behind the invisible animals is still at large!)

Changelog - v0.1.18.2520

+ Ash and Boots Winter now age, making Ash eligible for dating after he reaches adulthood
- Heat/cool range for blacksmith is more challenging while matching better with the onscreen gauges
- Some materials for blacksmith can have moving heat/cool targets to hit
- Noticeboard's 'big requests' limited so they will only show up based on how many active big requests you have (typically less than 6 depending on the type)
- Books now split into 3 subcategories
- Various level fixes
- Updated map screens for most of Summerdown
- Partner gathering UI has slight tweaks to have a bar for stamina once active and footsteps to show it is working (progress only occurs in game hours while the menu is not active)
- Selling a blacksmith shop will give you a percentage rate for any shelf items and return ore to the player
- Selling the goods store will give the items from the store back to the player
- Tweaked presentation of the inventory subcategories
x Crash when swapping to selling the pig you are riding
x Properly preventing buying more than 3 of each animal type in the auction
x Fix for some white pixels in certain grass sprites
x Fix for gamepad not handling shop closing with staff correctly
x Fix for handling shop closing where it wouldn't close again after already sending the workers home
x Fix for trader intro repeating incorrectly based on the player's location

Changelog - v0.1.18.2540

+ Goddess offering system reworked
ᅠᅠ• Now happens on the Solsday, the last day of each week, and has had a complete change of points setup to use star ratings and UI to be clearer of the consequences
ᅠᅠ• Missing weeks will start to stack up random negative effects.
+ Local map has several more bits of information labelled on the map with icons
+ Status info has a bit of extra info to help with discovered growables and when they'll replenish
- Level tweaks to Tir Na Nog and Mellowbrook
- Improvements for targeting priorities so growables are above NPC interact, object interacts are above follower interacts, and the interact sign should clearly show when it is the priority
- More goddess boons/jinxes setup where possible
- Shop's transaction view now includes the date
- Shops have a weekly mail summarising what has happened
- Gifts subcategory populated in the inventory with some stuff from the Other subcategory
- Secret info limited per NPC per season
- Blacksmith shops on buying show what you'll get on buying them (the exact items are still due a balance pass)
- More reputation effects are tracked in the transaction log to make it easier to pinpoint reputation losses
- Presentation tweaks for filtering based on star rating
- Up/down can be used on buying screen when there are sufficient items
- Keyboard input boxes converted where newer gamepad boxes are used
- Glutton trough handles star rating items and doesn't auto add item on interacting
x Fix for inventory where select dragging an item to use/discard would actually lead to selecting and using/discarding a different item the mouse went past
x Fix for workers not always using their current sprite if they had aged
x Fix for crash on gossip with NPC with no other NPC's of that region to gossip about
x Fix for transaction when you run out of money paying staff not being included correctly
x Fix for Silver Skipper icon
x Fast travel to Naida's Glory was going to the level start rather than statue
x Calendar should only show birthday rather than age if you don't know that info for NPC's
x Wheat now usable for baking as per the recipe
x Pet up for sale won't appear outside the shop level if it was following
x Fix for some tasks not being creatable
x Fix for crash when trying to view inaccessible NPC's during the first season
x Removing last task in the list doesn't select previous one
x NPC's for lemonade stand and racing weren't set up correctly with their stats
x Adjustment for pig riding collision that should make interactables targetable as intended
x NPC's don't teleport to appear at their beds just after waking in their routine
x NPC's don't start moving at 6 in the morning while targeted

Changelog - v0.1.18.2548

+ Various level adjustments across the Vale haven
+ Status info and Goddess offering and Inventory have had additional visual presentation polish
+ Slight rebalancing of goddess offering for one and three star items to only affect one of the adjacent Goddesses
ᅠᅠ• There's a help screen via F1 key or clicking the left stick on controller which describes the current balance of points in case it changes further
+ Various minor tweaks to presentation across many UI's
+ Noticeboard showing on the local map
+ Tweaks to the pixel font to be hopefully even clearer
+ Tweak to display adult hero on the load save screen if applicable
+ Only the first unexpected gift per day to an NPC affects their friendship rating as intended
ᅠᅠ• Favours and noticeboard tasks will still allow more friendship rating to be obtained per day
+ Poop effects adjusted
x Fix for workers not working when loading from a save if the shop is not visited
x Fix for bug where certain items weren't drag as mappable
x Fix for larder not being accessible if you have no items but there are items in it
x Fix for crash using triggers on gifting where no categories are present

Changelog - v0.1.18.2561

+ Setup for most growables and fish to now reach higher star ratings
ᅠᅠ• Across current items, approximately 140 of 260 possible extra stars are obtainable through certain conditions being met
ᅠᅠ• Future builds will make more stars obtainable and give players more guidance on how to obtain them!
- Growable indicators have had further UI refinement
- Old crops updated to draw the new versions
- Various minor tweaks to presentation across the UI's
- Auctions, races, and markets drawn on the local map when visible and text for offscreen exits should be a bit more visible now
- After getting a skill there's an option to jump back to gifting state for the next skill
- New sound effects for star rating in gifting
x Refined hitbox for hitting trees/bushes with slingshot and no XP from repeated hits!
x Gifting inaccessible if left on a blank star rating tab
x Goddess offering gets greyed out if left on a blank star rating tab
x Clicking a star rating can gift an item for the NPC gifting screen
x Pig riding animation alignment and tool holding positions improved
x Fix out of hours crash with animal racing while riding a pig
* Mostly hidden work on item traits setup for over 70 items
ᅠᅠ• Some of these will affect the player in the current build and the next build will expand this much further
* Hidden work on customisation for player skin tones which should be available in the next build
Perhaps, the social interaction with ones spouse could be more pleasant. For example, when trying to "be rewarded" with a child, "the wheel spin" should not evoke negative comments. Most normal people play games to escape the negative aspects of life and receive entertainment. What incentive is there to buy/play a game that emulates such negatives? Games should be fun and feel rewarding! I will wait to play again and post a review and then, only after after all of the bugs have been squashed. Please note, that this is the first game of this sort that I have played.