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Without patchnotes.
+ Keyboard keybindings setup via options menu
+ Presentation/setup of gaining skills improved
+ Cooking now has 3 obtainable recipes
+ Extra skill available for fishing
+ A mailbox in place for developer messages
+ First pass for Chicken Market in Festfield
~ Text editing allows the cursor to move using the cursor keys, control to jump between words and delete key to delete forwards
~ Setup for gifting for npcs/animals/plants to use similar setup to the selling box
~ Nav preferability setup fixes with the main village level used as a first level for testing
~ Riding pig is faster than regular player run
~ Calendar shows any birthdays that you have discovered
~ Naming nut returned if you cancel changing names
? Replaced all old tiles used in levels to be able to remove placeholder images
? Removed old placeholder UI images to lower memory usage
? Work on internal skill tree and cutscene editor
! Fixed crash from pasting text to remove characters that would not render
! Fixed chicken pop animation incorrect scaling
! Fixed pet buying screen not working with mouse with 30hz monitors
! Various minor corrections to UI prompts that were not showing the correct input for the control method or not accepting the expected input
! Fixed an edge case where if you made a 2 star blacksmith item worth 1 brass it could pay you no money
! Blacksmith workers handle customers picking up orders and browsing customers correctly
! Fixed case where blacksmith orders weren't always correctly removed if taken from the shelf
! Fixed herbs not respawning in some cases

AND it doesn't start anymore on my system....
! Fixed crash with talking to Mother Hubbard about skills under some circumstances

For crash with 2154: got answer from developer: Seems textures were there twice depending of an not executed delete of old data through Galaxy-Updater.
Just execute Repair-Installation after Update.

And there is a changelog.txt in Installfolder with newest changes like above. No need to search for in forums.
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@Wishbringer +1

Thank you for posting the changelog here, I hate it when gog offers us new updates without the respective changelog!
+ New Ownable Business: Good store!
+ Pick items and their prices at each podium. Customers will browse and comment on items giving you hints on what they are after and if the price is right.
+ Sell any animals you own as well. Make sure to feed them to keep them healthy for sale!
+ Occasional customers will come by with items to tradein which might get you a bargain to sell on
+ Hire a worker to run the counter from existing npcs in the haven. Each has their own unique stats making them more or less suited to the role and demanding a certain pay level. Over time they'll gain experience and level up to improve their stats. Be aware that they will expect higher wages when their stats are higher and the shop is doing well!
+ Workers have a stamina gauge that will reduce every hour of working. If it gets too low their ability to work will be impacted so you need to balance their workload and feeding them to boost their stamina back up.
+ Gain a reputation via good customer service and prices to raise your region and world reputation. This unlocks various perks to get more customers, allow higher prices, a better chance of bartering and unlocking customers from new regions amongst others. (The reputation system is still wip and will likely change to a more player customisable system in a future update)
+ Each region has their own preferred items which along with the price of an item and stats of the worker will affect how much reputation you gain or lose. These swing the balance of how often that region visits the store.
+ The blacksmith shop now allows a second worker to carry out the crafting! Their stats affect the success and quality of the results.
+ To aid with the second worker the blacksmith now has its own stock of ore which you can order if you don't want to find them yourself. Ordered stock is limited with higher levels of rep unlocking better ore ratings to buy.
+ The good store and blacksmith in Poppyhill are now available to buy and have their own variation on music
+ Ledger has had some improvements along with the additional sections now available. You can access a transactions list from the accounts tab to track exactly what has gone on in your shop recently. For help on any screen you can press the F1 or click in the left stick to bring up a panel of info.
+ First pass noticeboard added to Candlewych. For now this just adds events to the calendar of things that happen in Festival Green.
+ Setup for strawberry and blueberry jam recipes
~ The npc versions of the good store and blacksmith now more closely match the player owned version.
~ Blacksmith crafting now uses a balance of ore quality and sharpness/durability.
~ With the 4 moulds currently available for blacksmith crafting only the sickle and sword now require sharpening with the grindstone.
~ Bartering minigame now varies in speed/size of target and number of rounds based on the item in question and the customer's skill
~ Goods market and chicken racing available in Festfield
~ Shops can handle a queue of 6 people
~ The item screen should show items grouped by star rating and the inventory should show count per star rating in the selected item panel
~ Keyboard bindings used for blacksmith minigame
~ Shop queuers take a bit of a break between complaining about queues
~ Various minor UX tweaks with options screen/XYB slot assignment/calendar/mailbox gamepad controls/money notification/sfx for various shop screens
! Fix for keybindings not saving and loading correctly in some cases
! Fix for shop prices not always changing based on season
! Lemonade stand should stop at the correct number of hours spent there and won't allow you to start it without having any items to sell.
! Fixed some npcs getting stuck near the tavern when there was no available place to sit in the tavern
! Fixed returning through a portal at a certain point in the game causing a hang where the player couldn't reactivate the portal and continue
! Fixed all known icons not having ingame versions that highlight in the good store.
! Npcs gather what they drop from their trees
! The local map should show the player's name for store they own
! NPC info on querying should show all likes/dislikes instead of 'To fill in'
! Luminium goods ordered by customers if the player has found some
! Offering switched to the new gifting setup
! Shoppers coming to the lemonade stand should match the current haven only
! Fix for blacksmith customers not always paying for pre-ordered goods
! Made the game write to the error.txt file in cases where the error is not on the main thread
! Fix for rare circumstances where a crash could occur going between levels from navigation threads
! If the player hasn't initiated the blacksmith sickle task it will automatically start on reaching day 14
! fixed some screens where left click on the mouse would make a sound when not over an option
! Fix for very low percentage chance of customers with a hired worker while not in the level
! If you chose to close your shop and reopen it manually it shouldn't autoshut incorrectly each hour
! Known events in the calendar should now save correctly
! Fix for text boxes shrink after a certain end of year encounter
! Fix for shoppers saying the 'shop is closed' at the wrong shop
! Talking to Twig first time should show KB&M control info if applicable
~ Tooltips on hotbar items
~ Changed exclamation to question mark above npc heads (exclamation will be used for npcs with important tasks)
CHANGELOG - v0.1.15.2286

• Noticeboard setup
ᅠᅠ◦ Three types of tasks to start with "Cook wanted", "Lost item" and "Item Wanted" that generate each day
ᅠᅠ◦ Cook wanted has a limited time limit of the current day and then will run out of time
ᅠᅠ◦ Each haven has their own board with tasks relating to the residents of that location

• Adjustments to prologue that will add some extra content to it and include near daily 'autodad' messages to help guide the player.

• Each house for families should have a delivery box where you can deliver requested items and leave gifts.

• NPCs waiting for gifts (relating to the noticeboard and favour tasks) have an exclamation mark for them.

• Going into the gift option for an NPC has any items that fulfil gift requirements appear first in the list and with sparkles to highlight them.

• A task can be set as the active task. Where applicable this will mark it on the world map with a location to go to. Pressing F1 or clicking in the left stick will briefly trigger a trail from the player in the direction of the exit towards where you need to go (this might not always be the shortest route with shortcuts available to the player!).
ᅠᅠ◦ There's a 'Add New Task' option at the top of the task list after the prologue now due to the Active Task using the A button to set it.

• Wottyzit highlighting some interactables when the player has not used them.

• Pet whistle via Dismount mapping (default Tab/LB on gamepad). This allows you to summon, send home and get your pets to stay where they are (until you leave the level). Their status also lets you know whereabouts they might currently be!

• Goddess statues upgraded experience underway. Gift to each of the 6 Goddesses during the week and on the last day of the week assign grace that could offer boons. Failing to offer will incur a negative grace that leads to curses if not countered. Not all boons/curses are effective as yet and are marked TBD if not setup.

• Mailbox UI first pass to include archive and new mails that can be from npcs along with dev updates.

• Music for blacksmith extended in both regions
• New item popup improved
• The first slot for setting an item in the shop is blank so you can remove items already placed without having to replace them
• Nav fix for house in Candlewych West
• Minigame score screen minor polish
• Various minor level updates
• When apples go rotten from not providing an offering it makes a visible change to the apples on the trees
• Various minor level improvements and fixes made
• Market stalls now have more seeds available for sale
• Chat boxes have different colours for NPCs to highlight their friendship rating with the player
• Chickens can now lay eggs on a daily basis through a more friendly manner.
• Tasks no longer clear on sandbox but their reward may have changed.
• Improvements for proverb/recipe popup
• Improvements around mailbox
• Improvements with noticeboard event and cooking task presentation
• Interact on items that you don't have permission should show red
• Sped up the continue button appearing for the new day box
• Equip and close has a keyboard shortcut
• Some extra chats in a few situations
• Fix for exploit in fishing where leaving and returning to the area immediately spawned in new fish when they had been caught
• Shop owners should appear in their shops when you enter the level after they have already started work
• End of year tax setup now puts the player back at Day 1 of Spring
• Fix for autosave happening prior to being placed in bed leading to offset positions on reloading a save
• Fix for mapping to slot not working when the hover highlight was over a unmappable item even tho the dragged item was
• Can use shortcuts to go between the skill/NPC status and the other 3 UI screens for consistency
• Fix for lantern not being detected correctly due to the second lantern taking over the active slot
• Shoppers should appear with correct exclamation and question marks when they are for existing NPCs
• Shoppers should retain opinion of actions carried out while they are shoppers
• Book pauses NPC's in the background as intended
• Fix for escape not working correctly on backing out of creating tasks
• Fix for infrequent crash on teleporting between levels due to NPC's trying to pick a new navigation spot while the new level is partly loaded
• Fix for trader not appearing in Candlewych Village
• Fix for farm monument map not being completable
• Fix for nightly object updates not always happening
• Fix for stall exploit where you could sell a new item by changing it while a customer waited for a higher price
• Brounie offering works from any offering bowl by a house as intended
• Player must have sufficient friend rating to use a bed/oven/stove from another household similar to their trees
• While riding a pig you can't target them
• Crash fix on changing certain levels
• Fixed situation where Twig wouldn't do his intro correctly
• Fixed sibling not showing up as expected to progress the story
• Fixed case where task might be deleted mistakenly and limited the ability to delete tasks to after prologue
• Navigation fixes for a few levels
• Fixed some delivery boxes that were the wrong way round

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~ Goddess pts offerings now correctly matched to the Goddess
~ Some further Goddess boons/jinxes setup
! Fixed a crash between certain levels when the player has a follower
! Fixed a crash with pig racing when the player's ride competes
~ Offering on Goddess day counts as top up for that day only with it resetting the following day
~ Additional Goddess offering effects setup
! Fix for animated tile collision occasionally not working as expected allowing the player out of bounds in several places
! Fix for crash when riding a pig and trying to interact with the good store animal stall
! Objects with shadows shouldn't pop into when headed upwards
! Throwing minigame costs 1 brass to replay and you can't play if you don't have enough brass.
! Adjusted shop buying UI controls to be more consistent (that UI is still due to change)
! Fixed an issue where gifts for tasks wouldn't work because they were in the midst of shopping
! Adjusted position of holding object while riding pig
! Adjusted position of player riding pig while selling at a stand
! Improved riding pig player position while next to characters
Changelog - v0.1.15.2326

+ Adult player change at 20
+ Life mirror
+ Dating first pass work including locations to discover
+ Can create some extra custom task types (Goddess/Brounie Offering/Feed Pet)
- Animal food likes and dislikes improved on
- Some improvements around following navigation (though more to be done)
- Improvements to offering statue 'worship' state
- New SFX for several player actions
- Monument stone UI update (in progress)
- Glow for home offering shrines gifted
- World map background scrolls with movement
- Updates for some of the level maps to a higher resolution version
- Some task tidyup after the first season
- NPC status now shows friendship level and an indicator of how far the level is from going up
- Adjustment of shadow offset for NPC's
- Adjusted frequency of illnesses from lack of food to be a bit slower
x Fixed the screen judder when hitting collisions, particularly noticeable while riding the pig
x Speculative change to allow large address aware memory. This allows the game to use some more memory (3gb/4gb cap based on availability and a 32/64 bit OS respectively) which may be helpful in reducing instances of out of memory issues.
x Fix for Druida Cross lost item tasks having nowhere to place the item
x Can assign swords to combat hotbar using number keys
x Friendship point consequence for not completing a task with an expiry time
x Cleared NPC quest markers if a task is removed
x Fix for NPC's wandering off from playing the lute (they should fall asleep if not immune to it!)

Changelog - v0.1.15.2332

+ Added changelog option to the options screen to see this changelog!
- For noticeboard tasks, if the reward is money it should still give a little friendship boost
- Make day of date clearer
x Fix for audio memory leak when entering and leaving shops
x Fix for crash on ledger when no transactions are present
x Player shouldn't revert to kid after shrinking finishes
x Player hair colour should change correctly when loading a save as an adult
x Collected proverbs should show the correct item image on the collect screen
x NPC age correctly moves on a year on various screens after the NPC's birthday
x Delivery tasks shouldn't reflect negative friendship if the NPC doesn't like the item but has still requested it for whatever reason!
x Created tasks that repeat should repeat correctly after the first repeat
x Created tasks shouldn't reward brass when not expected to
x Characters should handle multiple dates correctly
x Rose of Romance can be delivered as part of a task
x Adjusted burial ground map player offset
x Stop pig riding sound happening in certain menus[url=][/url]

Changelog - v0.1.16.2360

+ Road to marriage setup in place where the player has a seven step tradition in proposing to eligible characters
+ Wedding cutscene placeholder draft
+ After marriage spouse should live on the player's farm (first pass)
+ A new region is accessible via Rivermoor (first pass)
+ Larder added next to stove in player's home
ᅠᅠ• Can store up to 10 items usable by the player's family
+ Scheduler for spouse activities with some additional behaviours to start helping out around the farm
+ Digging has a minigame and is no longer luck based to get a reward (first pass)
- Many region adjustments including:
ᅠᅠ• Mine/cave lighting
ᅠᅠ• Navigation
ᅠᅠ• Dressing the regions
ᅠᅠ• Vistas (near region exit areas)
ᅠᅠ• Layering fixes, and more
- The above adjustments also include the Loverwood region, which got sneakily added a few updates back
- Added additional books covering marriage and some tweaks to existing ones
- Tweaks to goddess offering UI
- Status info tweaks to not overlap icons with text and to show current activity for spouse
x Fix for crash on going to region with date where time has run out
x Fix for holding object positions for the adult player
x Fix for grouped objects not drawing based on a collision location
x Correct navigation in Loverwood near Roger's house
x Fix for error in old gifting screen which results in unintended purchase from shopkeepers
x Improved alignment of Cowpat Farm player mapping
x Prevented create task for monuments for homes that don't have monuments
x Fix to prevent setting wedding day to the current day
x Fix to shop closing every hour if you have workers but there is nobody working in the opening hours for that day

Changelog - v0.1.16.2374

+ Pixel font option that avoids antialiasing to provide a cleaner/easier to read font option
ᅠᅠ• The setting is in the Options menu under 'Pixel Font'
ᅠᅠ• Some text may still need converting to display in that font
+ Setup to grind wheat and create flour in a windmill
+ Sack outside player's house is the dropoff point for items collected by your family when the larder is full
+ Initial divorce option now available from the priest (at the cost of some Brass)
+ Housekeeping book has a routine set per day of the week
- Larger weekly request noticeboard task available
- Digging minigame UI updated
- Reward chance per level of digging and ability based on the quality of your spade
- World map centers on the region you are in when opening
- Housekeeping book UI improvements, including a dropdown list to choose from for activities
- Discord and Twitter buttons added to the Options menu
- Pig riding player animations now work correctly with 'always run' setting and while walking
- Larder stack count up to 5
- Various minor UI/graphical improvements
- Lemonade stand balanced to have less customers per hour
x Fix for portals in some regions not functioning correctly
x Fix for larder items being mistakenly removed in a different UI screen
x Fixes for a few minor control issues with cooking
x Fix for SFX incorrectly playing on the goddess statue map screen
x No 'hang on' prompt while crafting as a blacksmith apprentice
x Preventative fix for crash on noticeboard tasks

Changelog - v0.1.16.2378

- Growables to pick up should have higher priority over planting seeds
- Mouse hover over D-pad icons & tips shouldn't show placeholder rectangle outline
- Pigs no longer eat eggs
x Fix for residents of Mellowfields taking over the noticeboard with their tasks
x Time correctly pauses during the hour and NPC's while most menus are showing (whereas current exceptions are freely moving around, selling at a stall, and being in the blacksmith minigame)
x Fix for crash with dates in regions without date locations
x Fix for ESC not working on the ledger after changing tab while a choice was in progress (such as hiring, firing, editing values, etc.)

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Changelog - v0.1.16.2384

x Should now be able to rename Truffles the pig
x Pigs will not resurrect after loading a save game after being popped
x Fixed issues with pig racing and auctions to do with paused time
x Fix for Poppyhill Blacksmith where queuing customers could get stuck
x Can feed potions to animals via gift option
x Fix for created items like flour or a pie not counting correctly on certain tasks
x Fix for crashing on feeding pet in player owned store
x Fix for player owned pet interact options not always displaying
x Wooden key now working on the Mellowfields level as intended
x Prevent menu access during pig race viewer mode where the camera could get offset from the player if the player exited via a menu
x Message boxes no longer obscured by other UI elements
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Changelog - v0.1.16.2397
+ Switchover of noticeboard behind the scenes to use new system of triggers that will over time allow a more dynamic variety of requests to appear based on the player's actions
+ Two new noticeboard triggers for tasks introduced to test the system in addition to copying the existing setup for initial testing (currently one might happen on the first day of winter and the other might happen on the 4th/11th of any season)
- Various minor UI/graphical improvements
- Extra logging for keybindings to track down an issue
x Fix for crash at end of year change
x Fixed an issue where NPC's without homes should not have favours and prevented a crash when trying to get the route to their non-existent home
x Fixed an issue where fishing animations wouldn't always play responsively
x Duplicate pets shouldn't show up if on sale in the shop
x Crops can only be planted when in season and will disappear when they go out of season
x Adjusted start locations for pets when loading from a save and when bought


Changelog - v0.1.16.2415

+ Equipment experience system added so each applicable equipment can earn XP to improve its rank (up to Legendary) which makes some small improvements to its ability
ᅠᅠ• This shows in the inventory currently and also in a small bar when XP is gained
ᅠᅠ• For example, the fishing rod will get improved range, line length, and faster reeling in
ᅠᅠ• Plus the sickle will provide greater rewards (including seeds) from harvesting
+ Additional noticeboard triggers setup with money rewards balanced based on their worth to be more rewarding and ones that target items the player may not have found yet
+ Jed and Ned now change to adults when they reach the right age (which also unlocks dating/marriage as an option for them)
+ Setup for items to have star rating changes based on certain conditions
ᅠᅠ• Fish are the first case of this where 2-star fish can now be found depending on matching time conditions
+ Three new recipes added
+ Two NPC traits now functional
- Gifting via NPC's should show what the item is used for and for big requests should show the total items given/required and allow you to gift multiple items for tasks in one go
- Inventory item tab organised by type and herbs/vegetables split into their own types
- Adult player age adjusted to 18, similar for NPC's as well (this should retroactively apply to existing saves)
- Star ratings noted when picking up repeated items when you don't have an item at that rating in your inventory
- Experiment of dandelions picked up in quick succession going in the inventory to make them available to the player earlier
- More farmable areas setup for NPC's
x Can't use sickle on farmable areas the player doesn't have permission for
x Fix for linkup between inventory and slots not saving correctly
x Fix for extra data getting added each time the game is saved (and this should also clean up the extra data)
x Slingshot on same initial target now works as intended
x Fixed an issue in Festival Green where interacting with the lemonade stand could cause keybindings to map which then would cause warnings on the next object interacted with
x Fix for crash caused by interacting with customers on the first day of a newly bought shop
x Some farmable areas were not assigned the right permissions
x Error for larder interaction in other NPC's houses


Changelog - v0.1.17.2459

+ Several new regions forming most of Mellowfields are now accessible (first pass implementation)
ᅠᅠ• New NPC's
ᅠᅠ• New music
ᅠᅠ• Additional shops with the option of player ownership
ᅠᅠ• New items and collectables
ᅠᅠ• New animal featured in the typical haven events
+ Billy and Milly now change to adults when they reach the right age
+ First pass of a new Status Info screen available via Back button controller or L on keyboard (by default)
ᅠᅠ• This gives access to player info including active buffs from food, Goddess effects, and partner info if you've married someone
+ Marriage cutscene includes interactive section where you pick a spirit which gives a bonus to stats for both the player and their partner (for existing marriages prior to this version, a random one is currently assigned)
- Mellowfields seasonal assets setup
- Interact range adjusted to make it easier to interact with a single character in close proximity, even when not facing them
- Farm growables now updated with newer art
- Partner has dialogue while doing some orders and can follow once married instead of seeing info
- Split up NPC status by Vale/Summerdown/etc and arranged by name
- Some polish/refactoring of auction and racing events
- Confirm dialogue for quitting via the Options Screen
x Various fixes for problems with animals not returning to the correct locations on the farm
ᅠᅠ• It is known to resolve several problems that were in the implementation but without having got the exact problem reported it is difficult to be sure it has caught them all
x Fix to improve throwing items into water as used in one NPC request
x Fix for Mr Fairweather cutscene getting stuck when no audio device is present to play sounds
x Fix for loaded saves incorrectly handling multiple glass jars
x Adjustment for contents of jars to show in hotbar/radial slots and the inventory screen to show details of the contents on the selected item panel
x Jed/Ned aging doesn't revert temporarily with loaded savegame
x Fix for cat task being given the day after rescuing a cat but not actually owning one
x Fix for receiving bedside money for tasks that shouldn't (eg. noticeboard/dating/marriage)
x Fix for delivery box image of some NPC's stretching
x Fix for lost items potentially duplicating
x Fix for tavern orders always leading to Candlewych Village
x Loverwood player position now determined via surveying
x Fix for magic bean not growing after being watered
x Fix for tooltips being difficult to read on Options Screen by moving them to the bottom of the screen
x Fix for tool XP not working in some situations with some slight balancing and adjustments to the display
x Fixed several bugs with animal auctions with the auctioneer and bidders (mainly from leaving and returning to the level while in progress)
x All market seeds should now be sold in packs of 4
x Feeding pigs from other farms no longer completes the Feed Pig task
x Reduce doubled up animal names during races
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Question: Is PixelCount still updating this game regularly on GOG as well as Steam? I have had my eye on the game for some time, but I am tired of buying games that developers abandon on one of the platforms. While I get that EA titles are uncertain things, I still see active development going on, and I prefer buying games on GOG whenever possible.

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darkpoetcc: Question: Is PixelCount still updating this game regularly on GOG as well as Steam? I have had my eye on the game for some time, but I am tired of buying games that developers abandon on one of the platforms. While I get that EA titles are uncertain things, I still see active development going on, and I prefer buying games on GOG whenever possible.

Only the changelogs are a little behind on GOG. But the Ingameversion is the same as on Steam.
darkpoetcc: Question: Is PixelCount still updating this game regularly on GOG as well as Steam? I have had my eye on the game for some time, but I am tired of buying games that developers abandon on one of the platforms. While I get that EA titles are uncertain things, I still see active development going on, and I prefer buying games on GOG whenever possible.

Samuraifox: Only the changelogs are a little behind on GOG. But the Ingameversion is the same as on Steam.
Thanks a ton; that helped me decide to buy the game. I love GOG, but sometimes developers really treat GOG customers like second-class citizens (if not worse).