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Noble Paladins!

This thread will be for KotC 2 Game Version Updates, Game Patches, and Game Hot-Fix Information.

Please do not ask questions in this thread. It is only to post Update to Game versions and the change log Information.


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Current Game version:

Windows: v1.28c

Mac: v1.28c

Game version has been updated to v1.28e

Windows Version available via GoG Galaxy Only

Game has been updated to version 1.29

As of this post, still only available via GoG Galaxy

Noble Paladins!

Update Notes for Version 1.29

- Fixes the bug with the Moon Crypt puzzle and other puzzles.

What was wrong: There's a variable called 'Clicked Position' in the script of the puzzles. Normally this variable gets initialised in the earlier parts of the game. However, if the player skips certain parts of the game, it doesn't get initialised, leading to the bug with the Moon Crypt puzzle and elsewhere. That is why only a few people experienced the issue.

How was it fixed: Now the script will automatically create the missing variable if it doesn't already exit (i.e. if it wasn't declared by a script somewhere). As a result, the game is able to record where the player clicks (what moon, etc).

Thank you jgasser, C4MP3R, Matt (from the Matt Chat Youtube channel) and everyone else in the Steam forum for helping resolve the problem!!

My apologies for this issue! Best regards :-)

Windows and Mac version 1.29 are now fully available on GoG.

Knights of the Chalice 2 has been updated to Version 1.30

Windows version available via GoG Galaxy, and via offline game installers.

**** Changelog for 1.30 ****

Noble Paladins!

- Fixed a bug with the feat Point Blank Shot not granting the bonus to ranged attack rolls. Thank you azcore for pointing this out to me!

- During combat, moussing over a character in the information mode will now display the character's Psionic Power Points, if any. Thank you night4 for the suggestion!

- Accelerated the falling-down animation based on the 'Accelerated Combat' setting in the Game Options screen. Try the battles on the stairs in the Tutorial Adventure to see the difference. Thank you Fred for the suggestion!

- Fixed an AI issue when creatures are affected by Stinking Cloud and they need to get out of the cloud quickly. Thank you Frank for pointing this out to me!

- Fixed a bunch of dialogue spelling errors in the High Sewers involving the Spectral Masters. Thank you again Frank for pointing this out!

- Fixed a source of crash involving Quick-bar spells and characters from a different module. Thank you Kai for pointing this out to me!

- Pushing Left Alt + G will now switch on and off the display of the Square Grid. You can do this both in-game and in the Module Editor. Thank you azcore for the suggestion!

- Pushing F1 in the Game Options screen will now open the Help screen.

- In the Module Editor, in the 'Module Data' screen, increased the maximum number of characters you can create and add to the party at the start of the module from 10 to 20. Also, in the same screen, increased the maximum party size (including companions) from 10 to 20 characters.

Thank you, Loyal Knights of the Realm! Rejoice! ^_^
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Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.31

I managed to fix quite a few bugs in the last few days by having the computer fight against itself many times in the goblin-arena battle and in the final battle.

Patch notes for v1.31

- Fixed a source of crashes in combat when the AI selects an opponent.

- Fixed a source of crash when the player uses a scroll or spell-like ability after having triggered someone's ready versus spell status.

- Fixed a source of crash when leaving a game while combat is taking place and then opening the Module Editor.

- Fixed the pathfinding of large creatures. In certain circumstances (the goblin-arena battle) they were crossing dangerous squares needlessly.

- Tweaked a few AI settings in the goblin-arena battle.

- The AI will now use the Coup de Grace action much more often when it's possible to do so.

- Improved the AI when a spellcaster is running out of spell slots or psionic power points.

- Improved the AI when the enemy is very far.

- Added the missing Help Entry for Break Enchantment Check.

-When someone's casting is disrupted due to a condition such as Prone (applied through a Ready Versus Spell action), any 'Damaged While Casting' condition on the caster will be removed.

- Casters who received the Quicksand condition through a Ready Versus Spell action will now lose their spell.

- When a character is knocked out during any out-of-combat situation (and not killed), he or she will recover immediately with 1 Hit Point.

- Fixed a bug with the AI using the Curing domain power spell-like ability on allies who aren't wounded or blinded.
In the Tutorial Module, when you visit the merchants for the first time, your Quest Journal will be updated to let you know what the party needs to do next.

- In the Tutorial Module, added some text providing extra advice before the battle against the thugs who attack you while you're climbing the stairs.

- Fixed a bug when launching a Charge using the combat-actions menu on the left side of the screen.

- Fixed a bug when using the Counterspell option using the combat-actions menu.

- In the modifier-list help for concentration checks, changed "Caster level + 3" to "Caster level + 3 from Difficulty Options".

- Reworked the dungeon map of the Tutorial Module to prevent Filanthir from flying to inaccessible areas while combat is taking place.

- Improved the Help Entry about Game Options.

-Fixed problems with the difficulty settings. Changes made by changing the main difficulty level while playing will now be saved correctly.

- Fixed all of the Robes of Defense. They now correctly provide a bonus to Armor Class between +4 and +8.

- Fixed the reduced-difficulty negative levels on Smurgan in the Tutorial Module (Smurgan has only 3 HD so I've reduced his negative levels from 3 to 2).

- Fixed a text error at the end of the Combat Maneuvers recap in the Tutorial Module.

Thank you, Valiant Heroes of the Realm! Enjoy!! ^_^

Knights of the Chalice 2 Update to game Version 1.32

Hello all! This update focuses on bug-fixing and AI improvements.

The main changes are the following:

- Fixed a source of crash when several characters cast healing spells (and other spells) out of combat.

- Fixed a source of crash in combat and when recruiting companions.

- Fixed an issue with the AI casting Protection from Energy on allies.

- Fixed an issue with large creatures taking a five-foot step when they shouldn't be able to do so.

- Fixed an issue associated with the square targeted by spellcasters when they cast summoning spells.

- Fixed broken links to Psychic Warrior powers and Bard spells in the help system.

- Psychic Warriors wearing armour that grants a better bonus than the psionic power Inertial Armour will no longer use that psionic power out of combat. Also tweaked some AI settings in the goblin-arena battle.

- Added the missing 'prone' sprite for Mimics, which is displayed when they're sleeping.

- Please let me know if you still find crashes and other bugs with this version. Feel free to email me at A saved game will be very useful as part of a crash report.

- I'll post a new Kickstarter update tomorrow.

- Also, a Matt Chat (see Matt Chat on You-tube) about KotC 2 is planned this Friday at 4 pm Paris time.

Thank You, Wise Wizards and Mighty Warriors!! Best regards
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Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.33 is now available.

Hello everyone! This is quite a big update for KotC 2.

- In particular, it should fix the bug in version 1.32 that caused crashes and saved-game corruption. The interface for repeating spells like Magic Missile and Scorching Ray was improved.

- I also made a change to Combat Experience Point awards in the Prologue of Augury of Chaos in order to make Chapter 1 more interesting from the combat challenge point of view. Please read on for details.

Here is the complete list of changes for update version 1.33:

- Fixed a source of crashes when recruiting a new companion and when the party is reunited after a party split. Thank you Paschalis for the bug report and saved game!

- Fixed a bug with the unarmed damage of Human Monks when reaching level 18 and above. Thank you Paisheng for the bug report!

- Fixed a bug with the Finchbury quest 'Ghosts to the North' when you have a Cleric with the Banishment or Turning domain. Thank you Nicola for the report!

- Fixed a rare out-of-combat movement bug when unveiling a map for the first time.

- Fixed a bug when using the Party Formation screen following a party split.

- Fixed a bug occurring when a creature swallows whole a summoned creature and another creature, and other issues with the Swallow Whole ability. Thank you Rida for spotting this!

- Changed the Combat Experience Point awards during the Prologue of Augury of Chaos to 75% of the normal amount. Once you start Chapter 1, the XP awards are restored to 100%. Thank you Fred for this suggestion!

- Improved the Golden Cuirass artifact which you can find in the Water Shrine map, where you fight the Shark Druid. I've reduced the armour penalty to Speed from -10 to -5. I've also given this artifact a new description with a bit of lore. Thank you Fred!

- When casting spells with a repeating effect, such as Magic Missile or Scorching Ray, the game will now indicate the number of the current effect out of the total. For example: Magic Missile 1/5. Thank you Nicola for the suggestion!

- Changed the shortcut keys to Quit to Desktop from Left Control + Escape to Left Shift + Escape. I had to do this because Control + Escape is already used by Windows to open the Windows Start menu. Thank you Nicola!

- The square grid will no longer be displayed during character creation, if you have the 'Display Square Grid' option switched on in the game options.

- Added the Level Cap option in the Module Editor, in the Module Data screen. Also, you can now reset the XPs of party members to the amount required for their level. To do this, use the 'Award' script action and select the option

- 'Reset XPs according to PC level'. Use this command at the beginning of the second module of a campaign to make sure that the level cap of the first module is respected, and the party members begin with just enough XPs for their current level.

- Added a new script action allowing you to edit module properties, including the Combat XP Scale Factor and the Level Cap.

- In the Tutorial Module, fixed problems with the tokens of the Giant Scorpion and the Angel. Thank you Nicola for this bug report!

- In the Tutorial Module, activating the book De Praestigia will remove the book from your inventory.

- In the Tutorial Module, at the end of the adventure, you will receive a single Red Rose Insignia, not one for each party member.

- In the Tutorial Module, I've given a single reduced-difficulty negative level to the two Giant Spider Sorcerers.

- In the Script Editor, improved the 'Search within scripts' function to allow searching for numbers such as the position of an activable zone. The function will also search within instruction names. Also improved the 'Search in filenames' function.

- In the Script Editor, you can now push F12 while mousing over 'Add dialog answer' commands as an alternative to pushing ']', the right square bracket key. That will bring you to the corresponding 'If selected answer' command.

- During the tavern duel, Jorad will no longer use combat manoeuvres.

- Fixed a Script Editor display bug when you switch from windowed mode to full-screen mode (or from full-screen mode to windowed mode) and you then open the Script Editor.

- Fixed a bug with Garret and Perry getting included in player fights after they return from the Mysterious Cave containing the Lava Rift.

- Just before entering the Moon Crypt Death Snare, fixed the treasure chest from which you could get infinite Experience Points.

Thank You, Honoured Knights of the Realm! Have Fun!! :-)

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.34

Hello everyone! This is another important update for KotC 2. Here is the complete list of changes in version 1.34:

- Expanded the Inventory Screen in full-screen mode. You now have much bigger boxes for party members, party items, and items on the floor.

- Added 'Ready Versus' information to the tooltip that is displayed during combat when you mouse over a creature in the information mode. Also added the same information to the tooltip that's displayed when mousing over creatures in the initiative list on the right side of the screen.

- Fixed the game freeze that could occur when the AI was trying to cast Dispel Magic or Greater Dispel Magic. It was quite difficult for me to fix this bug. Fortunately, I was able to create a battle setup that would reproduce the bug 100% of the time. In fact, it was related to scripted spells and the AI setting allowing a creature to help a specific ally. This would create errors when the specified ally is defeated.

- Improved the AI for Dispel Magic and Greater Dispel Magic.

- Fixed a bug in the movement of some monsters like the Giant Bees in the Prologue.

- Fixed an error in the Strength check message when trying to pull the sword in the stone in the Green Cave.

- Fixed an inventory item display problem when picking up a stackable item like a potion of Cure Light Wounds and you already have items of the same type in your inventory. The item was picked up but the inventory display wasn't refreshed, so it seemed like the item disappeared.

- Fixed a crash when switching to the Psionics tab in the Character Sheet in the Windows version only.

- Fixed a display bug when reloading while the player was mousing over the combat-actions menu.

- Fixed bugs in the diplomacy and intimidate dialogue answers when the player asks the Coven of the Four Crones about leaving the sewers.

- Fixed the item check and Experience Point award when you try to cross the chasm leading to the battle arena of the Goblin tribes for the first time.

- Fixed the script that runs after you slay the Giant Spiders in the Mysterious Cave containing the Lava Rift if you've used diplomacy to save Garett and Perry from the Giant Spiders before fighting them.

- Improved the item description for Gold Ingots and other ingots.

- You can now click two times on column headers to sort lists in the reverse order. For example, you can click two times on '#' in the Load Saved Game window to sort the list from low to high, then from high to low.

- Fixed problems with the Spiked Gauntlets. When you equip them, any other weapons and any shield currently held by the character will now be moved to your backpack automatically.

- In the macOS version, fixed a display problem in the Inventory Screen. Also, in the macOS version, when switching from full-screen mode to windowed mode, the window will be centred automatically.

Please feel free to email me at if you find any crashes or freezes in version 1.34, or if you have any feedback or suggestions. A saved game may be very helpful as part of a bug report. Thank you!

Alternatively, please feel free to post in the Steam forum or in the forums.

Thank You So Much For Your Support, Valiant Heroes of the Realm! Enjoy! ^_^

Knights of the Chalice Version 1.35

Hi everyone! Here's a small update mainly intended to fix a couple of issues introduced in version 1.34.

- Fixed a source of crashes during combat when mousing over creatures not taking part in combat.

- Fixed issues associated with sorting in the spell lists, module-selection boxes, file-selection boxes, etc.

- Fixed a bug with Thogar in Chapter 1 when you fight him as part of the main fight with Pizarra.

- Tweaked the AI settings of Thogar and the AI settings of the other fighters in the same location.

Thank You For Your Support, Loyal Knights! Best regards :-)

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.36

Hello everyone! Here's a big update for KotC 2. It's mainly a bug-fixing update, but there are new features too.

The new features include a tooltip informing you about the number of possible targets in range whenever you mouse over a spell icon, and a new shortcut key (Left Shift) to buy five items from any NPC in one go.

In the Module Editor, you can now create party-defeated scripts for any encounter where the story continues after the player is defeated in combat. This can be used when the party is split (see the duel with Jorad for instance) or for any scenario where the party members are captured rather than killed at the end of the fight.

Here is the complete list of changes in version 1.36:

- When selecting spells during level-up, the tooltip and colour information indicating whether you have a scroll of a given spell will now take into account any scrolls placed inside containers.

- The level-up Hit Point roll will now be saved when you close a character's level-up window and then reopen it.

- When opening a treasure chest on the map, or some other container on the map, if the container is empty, the displayed label will include '(Empty)'. For example: << Crate (Empty) >>.

- When mousing over spells in the Character Sheet or in the spell quickbar, for most spells the tooltip will now let you know how many targets are within range of your spell.

- In the Inventory Screen, picking up an item from the floor or from some container on the map will no longer close your inventory's bag slots. Also, buying an item from someone will no longer close your bag slots.

- When trading with someone, you can now buy five items in one go using the Left Shift key. Either push Left Click and click on the item you want to buy, or mouse over the item you want to buy and push Left Shift + B. Also added a mention of this shortcut key in the help system.

- Losing the match against Jorad the Barbarian will not result in losing the game, if you have at least one surviving party member. Also, in the Module Editor you can now set a script that will control what happens after the party loses a battle.

- During combat, when mousing over a creature, the initiative list will automatically scroll to that creature so you can more easily see the creature's position in the initiative list.

- The game will now hide the square grid when displaying spell animations.

- Fixed a source of crashes when the party is split into two groups, if you have inactive recruited companions. Also, when the party is split or exploring special areas (sweltering, freezing or underwater areas), you won't be able to activate or deactivate characters in the Formation Screen.

- Fixed a source of crashes in combat.

- Fixed a couple of Steam/GOG achievements that would not trigger (Shadow Expert and Shadow Master).

- Improved the display of the expected effect of Break Enchantment and Greater Break Enchantment on characters and monsters.

- Fixed a bug when casting a single-target damage spell on a grappling target.

- Fixed the display of energy vulnerabilities in the Inventory Screen.

- Fixed a bug with the 50% energy vulnerability of Wizards who have completed the Wizard transformation.

- Fixed a bug with the 50% electricity resistance of Wizards with the Meril transformation.

- Fixed a bug with the AI when it's using the Bull Rush (Slide) action.

- Fixed a bug with the duration of the Nauseated conditions obtained from Stinking Cloud.

- Fixed a bug with characters getting the Entangled condition even though they have been Swallowed Whole.

- Fixed an AI issue with Grapple / Swallow Whole not being used as often as it should be according to AI settings and feats.

- Fixed a problem with the AI using potions of Greater Restoration and similar spells.

- Fixed an instance where the game would suggest a five-foot step + attack but the five-foot step would lead to a square from which the character couldn't attack the enemy.

- The spell quickbar will now remove spells you no longer have because you've used the Respec option to change your spell selection.

- Fixed a problem with player characters and monsters being able to take an action immediately after receiving the Quicksand condition.

- Fixed a problem with the damage dealt by the Vorpal weapon enchantment.

- Fixed a problem with the display of the expected critical-hit damage on monsters with some Damage Reduction.

- Fixed a problem with the display of psionic powers in the spell quickbar, and other issues with the quickbar.

- Fixed several issues with the display of the ranged-attack arrow path.

- Fixed a problem with the display of threat areas when the party leader has received the Dominated or Controlled condition.

- Fixed a display problem during combat when right clicking on a spell or SLA in the 'Activate Special' menu to open the help, and then closing the help window.

- Fixed a bug with Death Throes and other spells when they inflict more than 30 damage dice.

- When you resolve the Phantom Staircase puzzle, the Mysterious Scroll will now be removed from your inventory.

- Fixed Asharzaelle's missing Fear immunity as a Paladin with an Aura of Courage.

- Fixed problems with the Vanishing Sword quest when the party returns to the inn.

- Fixed a problem when duplicating the Tome of the Dead.

- Fixed a problem with the treasure chest of the Lizardmen near the Coven of the Four Crones.

- Fixed a dialogue when leaving the Soul Sucker Death Snare.

- Fixed a problem in the help entry for the Death Knight Life Drain power.

- Corrected the alignment of Dargil the Dwarf in Chapter 4.

- Fixed a broken link in the description of Psionic Fog.

- Improved the description of the spell Mass True Strike.

- Fixed an issue in the help entry for the feat Combat Reflexes.

- Fixed an issue with the spell Mass Blur.

- Improved the descriptions of the feats White Wizard Improved Widen, Red Wizard Improved Empower, Red Wizard Improved Maximise, Green Wizard Improved Widen and Blue Wizard Improved Widen to clarify that you still need to have the corresponding metamagic feat in order to receive the benefit.

- Fixed a bug in the macOS version in the game options for skipping the animation of Scorching Ray and Produce Flame.

Thank You, Valiant Knights And Wise Wizards of the Realm! Enjoy! :-)

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.37

Hello everyone! KotC 2 version 1.37 is here.

Aside from bug fixes, there are three main new features: a new single-panel dialogue interface (which you can turn off in the game options if you prefer the older one), new buttons in the cryptography screen, and a new checkbox in the weapon/armour enchantment interface allowing you to leave the name of the item (e.g. +2 Excalibur) unchanged.

In addition, it's now easier to take advantage of the Wade In + Mobility feat combination as you can just click on enemies. You no longer have to use the combat-actions menu to alternate between attacks and movement.

Please scroll down and skip the list of changes if you'd like to read about planned new sprites and the other things I've been planning for KotC 2.

********** List of changes in version 1.37 *************

-Reworked the Dialogue Interface in order to display the NPC/story dialogue and the possible answers in a single panel. However, you have the option to revert to the previous dialogue interface. To do so, please look for the option labelled 'Merged Dialogue Interface' in the Game Options screen, under 'Display'. Thank you so much Guido for the interface suggestion and the medieval graphics!

- Improved the Cryptography Interface when mousing over a rune. Also added two buttons: 'Reveal a letter' and 'Resolve'. Reveal a letter will automatically decode a single random rune (if at least one rune hasn't been assigned to a letter yet). The Resolve button simply lets you complete the decoding successfully in one click.

- In the Enchant Weapon or Armour dialogue box, added a checkbox allowing you to keep the existing name of the item you're enchanting. Note: if your weapon's name is in the form 'enhancement bonus + name' (for example +3 Excalibur) and your enchantment is a higher enhancement bonus, then the game will update the enhancement-bonus part of the name (e.g. +4 Excalibur).

- Also reworked the Forge Weapon or Armour dialogue box so that you can use any name for the item.

- Fixed issues with Wade In and Mobility when you attack enemies by clicking on them rather than by using the combat-actions menu. You will now be able to continue your attacks simply by clicking on enemies (as long as you have some attacks left and some movement points).

- Fixed a bug with ranged attacks when you have the feat Wade In, there is a surprise round, and you click on one of the enemies to start your ranged attacks.

- Reworked the Modify Weapon screen slightly in the Module Editor.

- The game will now display the energy type of the Death Throes ability when it's activated. The icon will also be adjusted according to the energy type. Also, both Globe of Invulnerability and Spell Resistance will no longer protect against Death Throes.

- Added the chart of Carrying Capacity in the help system, in the help entry for the Burdened condition.
Given a -4 penalty to initiative checks to the constructs at the beginning of the Tutorial Adventure.

- When combat begins, the game will ignore any party-defeated scripts / scene scripts / tactics scripts associated with the party members (recruited companions may have one of these scripts, but they shouldn't be executed once the character becomes a party member). Also expanded the script command used to set the scripts of a character so that you can now change the party defeated (lost fight) script and other new scripts I'm planning to add (wounded script and turn script).

- Fixed the display of spells with a repeating effect when a metamagic feat is applied.

- Fixed an issue with cover and Reflex-Save Spread spells like Fireball or Shadow Storm. Any targets that do not have line of sight to the centre of the spell will be considered to benefit from Improved Cover, granting them +4 on the reflex saving throw.

- Fixed an issue with the display of spell descriptors in the help system.

- Fixed an issue with the Flat Footed condition remaining out of combat.

- Fixed a problem with tiny status icons disappearing after opening the Formation Screen.

- Fixed the duration of the spell Greater Stoneskin.

- Fixed a problem with the scrollbars of small text boxes in the Module Editor.

- Fixed a bug with the display of the expected effect of Grease on flying creatures that don't have the Prone condition.

- Fixed a bug with certain melee attack paths allowing your character to reach a creature standing atop battlements.

- Fixed a bug with the placement of rectangle spells like Grease near inter-square doors and walls.

- Fixed issues with the Wizard feat Sleep and Hold Magic.

- Corrected the help entry about movement in combat, as it stated that you move through squares occupied by allies at half speed. Actually, you move at normal speed through these squares.

- Corrected an error (a missing word) in the help entry about Critical Hits.

- Fixed a display issue in dialogue screens concerning the highlighting of the moused-over player answer.

Questions most asked:

Are you going to add new sprites?

A few people have been asking me this. I'm definitely planning to add new sprites. I've yet to finalise the list or hire a graphic designer for that. The reason being that, thus far, I've had to dedicate all my time to bug fixing, email replies and the implementation of some requested features that were relatively easy to implement.

Adding new sprites will take time even after I've found the graphic designer, because they are so difficult to create.

Also, new sprites are just one planned feature among many others, such as the upgrade of the Barbarian, Monk, Rogue and Mage Knight, the iconised combat actions menu, new feats, new subraces and new spells. At the moment, no single feature has priority over the others.

I'm going to be making three new modules in coming months, so I'll try to make sure that the first upcoming module brings at least a few new sprites, if possible. You won't have to buy the new module to get the new sprites. But they'll probably be coming around the same time as the new module, which means not right now.

So far, I haven't had the time to reply to people on the forums, but I will. My apologies for giving the impression that I'm not listening to player feedback. Please be sure that your feedback is important and it is really appreciated.

I will post a Kickstarter update soon in order to review this month's KotC 2 updates and the next steps in the development of the game. The KS updates can be found there:

Thank You, Brave Warriors And Mages! Enjoy! Best Regards ^_^
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Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.38

Hello everyone! Version 1.38 is a small update for KotC 2. Here is the list of changes:

- When the game's dialogue interface displays the list of your party members and you have to select one or several party members, mousing over the name of each character will now display the character class and level, and you can right click to open the character sheet of the moused-over character.

- The feat Healing Focus now allows a Psychic Healer to activate Cell Division as a level-1 power. Also corrected the in-game help entry for Healing Focus.

- You can now right click on the spells of a character in the Party Creation Screen to display the help entry associated with each spell.

- Fixed display problems in Puzzle Screens when the single-panel dialogue interface option is turned on.

- Fixed character name display problems in the Level-Up Screen.

- Fixed a bug in the level-up Hit Point rolls above level 20.

- Fixed the Halberd sprite used by the weapon named Severance.

- Fixed a bug with the AI when the enemy uses the Slide action to break the grapple of an allied mage.

- Fixed a typographical error in the help entry for Game Controls Out Of Combat.

- Fixed a bug with picking up items when the party is failing on a hidden search check.

- Fixed the gold amount check when booking a room at the inn after using the skill Word of Honour.

- Allies will now be marked as 'Defeated' (not Unconscious) if their Hit Points drop to zero or below.

Thank You, Valiant Knights of the Realm! Best regards :-)
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Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.39

Hello everyone! KotC 2 version 1.39 has landed. Here is the list of changes:

******************************** Game Changes v1.39 *********************

- Added a new option in the Game Options screen under 'Display'. You can now turn off the calculation and display of the chance to hit of enemy attacks of opportunity in order to accelerate gameplay. Simply click on 'Display Enemy AOO Percentages' under 'Display'. Do this if attack calculations are slowing down your game.

- Fixed a performance issue during combat when a character has many conditions and effects.

- During combat, the game will now display the character class of the acting character and the class of any moused-over character.

- After a charge or a full attack, if your character can perform a swift combat manoeuvre, the game will no longer skip to the next character in the initiative list even if you have the option 'Automatic End of Turn' switched on.

- Fixed a source of crashes occurring when a character is falling down and a script is triggered, such as the dialogue displayed in the tutorial when a character is knocked out for the first time.

- Fixed a bug with the spells Remove Curse and Mass Remove Curse.

- Fixed a bug with the feats Improved Magic Missile and Greater Magic Missile.

- Fixed a bug with Spell Penetration bonuses from items that should apply to the caster level check when targeting enemies that have Spell Resistance.

- Fixed a bug with the number of uses of Barbarian Rage not being reduced properly after activation. Also, you won't be able to start a Rage out of combat.

- Fixed a problem with the five-foot step action ignoring inter-square cover. This problem was more visible in the Hearkenwold module.

- Fixed a problem with the game displaying a five-foot step move + attack when actually you can't take a five-foot step to reach the enemy. That was related to inter-square covers. This problem was more visible in the Hearkenwold module.

- The game will now remove the Monk's 'Flurry Of Blows' condition when combat ends or when your character is knocked out.

- Using the Curing ability on allies when your character also has the Flux domain will no longer require a ranged-touch attack roll.

- Fixed a bug in the box 'Activate Items And Special Abilities' if you click on the heading to change the order of the list of abilities.

- In the 'Activate Items And Special Abilities" box, you can now right click on a line to open the help entry for the associated spell, if any.

Fixed some scrolling issues when using the single-panel dialogue interface.

- Added a bit of text in the help entry about Damage Reduction explaining how 'DR / x AND y' works, as well as 'DR / x OR y'.

- The help entries for spells will now indicate if a spell is a Spread spell, in the list of descriptors.

- When you have to select an item in your inventory as part of a dialogue taking place during combat, you'll now be able to open bags and chests in order to select items contained inside.

- Fixed a display issue in the Weapon or Armour Details screen.

- In the Inventory Screen, fixed an issue with the display of weapon and armour names when mousing over item slots.

- In the Inventory Screen, fixed the comparison tooltip when mousing over Wands and other items with charges.

- In the Inventory Screen, fixed the comparison tooltip when mousing over Shields.

- In the weapon and armour enchantment box, fixed an issue with the expected enchantment cost when it exceeds 10 points.

- Fixed a link to the help entry for the Grease spell in the text of the Tutorial Adventure.

- Added some text in the Tutorial: << Note that Ronja has multiple attacks. Left clicking on a nearby enemy directly, without using the Combat Actions menu, will let her perform all her attacks on the same enemy automatically until the target is defeated or your character has run out of attacks. However, you can use the attack commands in the Combat Actions menu to give more precise orders. You will then be able to select a different target for each one of your attacks. You will also be able to take a five-foot step in the middle of your attacks.>>

- Added some text in the Tutorial: << When you're viewing someone's Character Sheet, pressing the left or right arrow keys will switch the Character Sheet to the next party member. However, if the Character Sheet's active tab is one of the spell tabs (Arcane, Divine or Psionic), then pressing the left or right arrow keys will switch to the next party member that has spells of the same type as the active tab. Therefore, if you want to cycle between all of the characters, and not just magic users of a certain type, you should switch to the Attack tab before pressing the left or right arrow keys. >>

********************************************** End of update patch notes for v1.39 **********************************

Thank You For Your Support, Brave Heroes Of The Realm!! Enjoy! :-)