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So this is based on my experiences using the original PC version GOG used to sell ( not the newer mobile-to-PC remakes. It might be different for the newer versions.

First up is getting over the issue of having that small 800x600 (i think?) screen in the center of your display surrounded by huge black borders.

There are a number of options here:

1. add -w after the end of the 'Target:' path details when you right-click and select 'Properties' on the GOG game launcher for KoDP. Make sure to include a space, then type -w in the Target path field. Then click 'Apply'.

This will run the game in a clunky window thing. You can resize it to a point, then you have to drag the left edge of the window off the screen to move the game screen to the top left hand corner (just to make it look tidier). Not great but better than a poke in the eye, just.

2. Use JaiiDerHerr's Fullscreen Launcher fix here:

Get the 'KoDP-Launcher-fulscreen-only.exe' from github here:

When you run it it will force a full screen mode (if a little pixely, luckily the art in KoDP does not suffer much from it).

3. Use Noir_CZ's true window mode patch here:

This is what i have been using. It takes the default screen settings (800x600) and pushes it from the center of the screen to the top left of the screen, within it's own window. It needs a little adjustment (click and drag) to get the full screen in view, but other than that it is now my preferred method for running the game. Each time you launch you will need to drag the screen over a bit (especially in relation to running recording software for it etc).


Recording Software:

I use Dxtroy nearly all the time. It won't record KoDP though (that i have been able to work out).

I sometimes use MSI Afterburners inbuilt recording (mostly for quick tests if other software won't work). It also does not record KoDP (that i have been able to work out).

FRAPS was the first recording software i used, but now i use it on rare occasions when Dxtory won't display the FPS in a game. Fraps did not work in recording KoDP (that i have been able to work out).

So Dxtroy, Afterburner and Fraps were not able to pick KoDP up to be able to record it. It might not be the case on the newer mobile-port versions of the game? So i suspect it is due to the rather unique display software the original game used.

I have seen let's play that used Bandicam (for the original version of the game), so that seems to work, i just don't own it.

In the end i had a look at OBS, and that did work, if rather painful to setup for each session of recording, and i'll go through some details next.

Using OBS to record windowed KoDP:

As i mentioned i now run KoDP using Noir_CZ's windowed mode fix. Once you have that up and running (basically put the 'KoDP-Windowed_64b.exe' in the GOG install location for KoDP and give it a shortcut to the desktop to run the game windowed), these are the OBS settings i used to record the game and sound.

Launch the game now. Enjoy the music while we work the rest out :)

1. First up make sure to launch OBS as an Administrator (right-click on the launch icon and set to 'run as administrator' in the 'Compatibility' tab).

2. Right-click and 'Add Scene' in the 'Scenes:' box/tab. Give it the name 'KoDP'
3. Right-click and 'Add>Window Capture' in the 'Sources:' box/tab. Give it the name 'KoDP'

So when looking at the 'Scenes:' and 'Sources:' box/tab you will see a KoDP for both.

4. Click 'Settings' and under:

General: Add a setting Profile 'KoDP'. Also tick the box for 'Enable Cursor over projector'

Encoding: x264/use CBR/Max Bitrate: 8000 (leave Audio on default settings)

Broadcast Settings: File Output Only (unless you want to do a Stream) and set the file path for your recordings to where you want them.

Video: Custom = 1400 x 1050/FPS=60

Audio: make sure both your screen/speakers out and mic are set up here. For my Mic i needed to set 'Mic/Aux Boost(multiple): 8' (from 1) as the game sound in balance with the mic audio was off (the mic was super quiet on default value of 1 for me). So depending on your mic you may have to experiment with this value.

I leave the other settings as they are.

5. Now we go back to the 'Sources:' box/tab. Right-click on the KoDP (tickbox should be set) entry>Properties

'Window Capture': (will be the title of this screen)

Window: mTropolis Windows Player - mPlayer
Inner Window (selected)
Capture mouse cursor (selected)
Sub-Region (tick box)>Select Region (will pop up a white box over the game screen you can drag to get the desired window capture for the recording). I have these values in this section:

'Position:' 4/28
'Size:' 653/491 (then click ok when all that is set to close the window).

6. If nothing is displayed when using 'Preview Stream' (you use this to test your setup before recording), like you just get a total black screen after pressing 'Preview Stream'; go to 'Edit Scene' which allows you to adjust the screen size for the recording. You want to drag this to fully fill the black space. This is set as that 1400x1050 (4:3) screen setting we set up in the video section of the main settings.

Things are not super clear here. Sometimes you will see just a blank black screen when pressing 'Preview Stream' and in that case you sometimes have to close and relaunch the game, or go into the main settings and re-check all the stuff we set above.

Sometimes you will see the game screen in the 'Preview Stream' screen but it will just be a small section in the top left corner and we then use 'Edit Scene' to click and drag it to fill the whole screen space.

It's a messy process. And to add insult to injury, it seems each time we want to record a session we have to go through all or parts of all the above! OBS does not seem capable of saving or remembering all the settings we have made to make it work with KoDP?

Still it can and does work, it's just a little flakey and prone to forgetfulness! Just go back through the process above and fiddle when needed to get that full-screen (and audio) capture of the windowed KoDP.
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