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As I've already written in some other topic, I've written a little launcher program.

It searches for blocking processes in case there are some preventing you to play the game (hello setpoint.exe ...) and you can configure it to automatically end those processes and restart them after playing.

The main point I've written the launcher was the resolution switching to 640x480. This messes up my second monitor and sometimes I like watching some streams while playing turn based games.

Now I can do it with King of Dragon Pass too.

It uses a similar approach as the Python script mentioned somewhere here in this forums:
KoDP is started in windowed mode. But instead of just fixing the window boarders, a borderless full screen window is created, that displays the scaled content of the game.

Even though I've written the launcher a while ago, I haven't opened a new topic for it since I haddn't have played enough of the game yet. That has now changed.

You can find the launcher on Github (search for "KoDP-Launcher"). I cannot provide you a link to it here, sorry.

I really hope this works out for anyone having similar troubles as me.
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It is here:
HunchBluntley: It is here:

I've just added a simpler version, that just does the fullscreen windowed part without searching for blocking processes.
I recommend using the new version whenever possible.
No problem.

I probably won't use the program myself, but +1 for creating it for those who want or need such a thing.
how to use this
Yes, please explain how to match your launcher to my installation. I'm not a tech-head at all.
Thanks for writing this program, works great on Windows 8.1! For those who find it intimidating to install, I'll just copy from the installation instructions:

#### Current Release

### Update: Simple Version

I just added a simpler version of the launcher, that only does he scaling after launching the game.
I recommend the KoDP-launcher-fullscreen-only.exe whenever possible, because it doesn't search through
your running processes.

#### Installation
Just drop the KoDP-Launcher-fullscreen-only.exe inside your King of Dragon Pass installation directory.
Remove the "Launch with 640 x 480" setting from the compatibility tab of your KoDP.exe.
And you are ready to go.

### Blocking-Processes-Version

The version that searches blocking processes is still available in the master branch.

WARNING: This program may messes a lot with your processes running. Use at your own risk!

Initial idea comes from a Python script found at a forum post:

#### Installation:
Just unpack into you King of Dragon Path folder.
Remove the "Launch with 640 x 480" setting from the compatibility tab of your KoDP.exe.
Thank you very much for the launcher.
It didn't work for me at first (heard music, had black screen and anything like Task Manager was getting plastered all over).
I got it to play nicely by unticking not only Launch with 640x480 but also other display compatibility options on KoDP.exe. Only Disable visual themes was left ticked (plus run as admin and compat for Win XP SP3).

Well done on isolating the process of analyzing the wait chain for us, as well as the scaling. The launcher is relatively big and the code is not pretty, but it works!
Thanks so much for this! Really makes a huge difference with it either being full screen or windowed with those huge black borders! Thanks again!
Great, thanks!
Excellent! Allowed me to identify what was stopping it loading (in my case, JRiver Media Center!).
Sorry, but the Fullscreen launcher just doesn't seem to be working for me. Every time I start it up, I get this: 'Window not found; this version does not search for blocking processes...' I have to exit out of the program, and when I do, the game starts up, but still windowed with those giant black orders. Does anyone have any ideas on what's going on here? Because I've no clue how to fix it, and I'd really like to play the game in fullscreen if possible.

EDIT: OK, new problem. It turns out that if I let the program run long enough, it will find the enough and switch to fullscreen, but then the game just goes black. The music's still running, but I can't actually see anything, and I've got no clue what to do about it. Any help here?
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Thank you :D
Don't get what the point of this
Still launches in dysfunctional 640x480