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Changelog for Patch (added 13 March 2018):

** The Linux version of the game will be updated as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience **

- Upgrade to Unity 2017.1.3p1
- Switch directly between VAB and SPH
- EVA Chute - Kerbals of Level 3 and above have a personal steerable chute
- Advanced Mode added to Messages App - Toggled via Settings menu.
- Added Launchsites to the Map View and Filter
- Engine Sounds updated
- Particle Engine Upgraded to Shuriken.
- VesselNaming - new method to attach naming information to command modules so you can prename portions of a vessel

- Four new languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian
- Added support for Portuguese keyboard layout
- List of bugfixes
- Facility names are now displayed localized in unable to launch dialogs.
- Resource names now display localized in screen messages and apps.
- Debug and settings menus are now fully localized.
- Localized pop-up warning when transmitting experiment data from parts that become inoperable if data is transmitted.
- Fixed unlocalized grammar connectors (and, or, of, etc) coming up unlocalized in Contract descriptions.
- Textbox size adjusted in various UI elements to account for localized text.
- Fixed long vessel names bleeding through the UI in KSC vessel marker dialog.
- Overall revision of display names for parts.
- Overall revision and improvement of autolocs and grammar rules.
- List of KSPedia Fixes and Improvements
- Corrected a wrong key binding that was displayed in the EVA controls section.
- Localized key binding UI.
- Localized example images for most pages.
- Properly set symbols that were showing up as HTML encoding.
- Overall grammar and syntax check.
- Lingoona upgraded to v1.5.6
- TextMeshPro Updated
- Localized Debug Screen
- Fix localization of KSC vessel markers
- Fix Localization of Facility names and strings
- Fix localization on sub assembly UI.
- Fix localization on category filters.

New parts:
- Round radial fuel tank (R-11 'Baguette' External Tank)
- Cylindrical radial fuel tank (R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank)
- TS-37 Stack Separator

Updated Parts (changed part files):
- 2.5m RCS Tank Reskin
- Fairings’ texture

Replaced Parts
- old parts hidden but still included for continuity of saves. They will be deprecated at a later date
- TR-2V Stack Decoupler ? TD-06 Decoupler
- TR-18A Stack Decoupler ? TD-12 Decoupler
- Rockomax brand decoupler ? TD-25 Decoupler
- TR-38-D ? TD-37 Decoupler
- TR-2C Stack Separator ? TS-06 Stack Separator
- TR-18D Stack Separator ? TS-12 Stack Separator
- TR-XL Stack Separator ? TS-25 Stack Separator
- ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank ? R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank
- Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Mk 1-2 Pod ? Mk 1-3 Pod

- Parts can now have variations like textures and models
- The variants can be grouped in Themes

Other Part stuff
- Adjustments to Xenon and Monoprop capacities on stock tanks
- Parts and Vessels now have a PersistentID that lives with them for their entire life
- Add TechHidden attrib to AvailablePart so parts can be hidden from R&D

- Fix alignment of external scenery in VAB/SPH scenes.
- Fix runway not appearing outside the SPH doors when inside the SPH.
- Fix a bug in Warp to Next Morning
- Add guard clauses to detect invalid flightstate on vessel launch returning to the editor.
- Fix applicant hiring costs appearing in games that don’t have funding enabled.
- Improve vessel Jumping/positioning coming off rails.
- Fix asteroid seed causing them to change shape.

- Make dragpanel edge offset configurable
- GameEvents added: onKerbalAddComplete, onKerbalNameChanged, onKerbalTypeChanged, onKerbalStatusChanged, onVesselPersistentIdChanged, onPartPersistentIdChanged, OnGameSettingsWritten, OnScenerySettingChanged, OnExpansionSystemLoaded, onPartUndockComplete, onPartCoupleComplete, onPartDeCouple, onPartDeCoupleComplete, onVesselDocking, onDockingComplete, onPartVesselNamingChanged, afterFlagPlanted, OnPQSCityOrientated, onEditorVesselNamingChanged, onEditorVariantApplied, onVesselRecoveryProcessingComplete.
- DictionaryValuesList updated to expose the list as well as the dictionary
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Changelog for patch (added 29 March 2018):

1.4.2 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
-Variants now support multiple drag cubes. These are calculated automatically on a per-variant basis.
-Updated the parachute model to more accurately reflect a real world ram air chute

-KSPedia fixes: Fixed a wrong key binding in the English EVA controls page

-The Mk1-3 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been reduced for consistency with other parts.
-Fix centering on the Rockomax Jumbo-64.
-Tweaks to the EVA parachute shader and texture.

-Fix kerbals thinking they’re still on a ladder if they get knocked off at high speed.
-Fix players not being able to quicksave when knocked off a ladder at high speed.
-Fix parachute being loaded in at 1.25x the normal size when controlling a kerbal.
-Fix player not being able to repack parachute if they rag dolled with the parachute deployed while hopping across the landscape.
-Revised EVA parachute model and shader.
-Fix kerbal being able to repack chute in the air while performing recovery maneuver.
-Fix surface FX appearing when landing legs deployed even when not on the ground.
-Fix LT-1 landing legs clipping the ground.
-Fix to the loading screen getting stuck between scenes infinitely in some cases.
-Fix contracts app icon to use it’s icon - not the new Missions app icon.
-Fix switch editor button to check facility is open before switching.
-Fix switch editor function to not load backup when all parts on existing vessel have been deleted by the user.
-Fix switch editor symmetry setting.
-Fix tourist contracts not completing correctly and messages for tourist contracts causing NRE and infinite rewards when failing.
-Fix contract parameter completion to catch errors and contract parameters now log info messages when their state changes.
-Fix UI layering for Debug menu.
-Fix the camera IVA Overlay persistence between camera modes.
-Fix NRE spam when vessel destroyed and gameobjects disappear while doing FX.
-Fix icons in map overlapping over the Apps dialogs.
-Fix NRE spam when launching a vessel on the Island Airfield.

1.1 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY
-Show node type icon in the node header of all nodes in the Mission Builder.
-Node category color defaults amended.
-Improve CPU Load performance when placing nodes on canvas.
-Awards display now doesn’t overflow with long texts and improved awards UI design.
-Allow zoom in Mission Builder canvas to go down to 20% - can also be reduced more via settings.cfg.
-Can now delete nodes and connectors in the builder canvas with the backspace key (in addition to the delete key).
-Add mission difficulty setting to allow/disallow vessel recovery in a mission (default - disallow).
-Add ability to go to vessels on LaunchPad/Runway when clicking the Launchpad or Runway in a mission game.
-Add kerbal killed node.
-Reordered Node parameters.
-Upgrade difficulty setting for missions in the Briefing to a slider.
-Stock missions improved (see missions section below).
-Node expand/collapse button now only appears on Node headers when applicable.
-Starting funds now has a text field and slider for setting the value.
-Change vessel viewer in Mission Builder GAP to function like the VAB/SPH camera. Can be toggled via settings.cfg.
-Change Filters in vessel viewer to completely hide/show parts rather than changing their opacity.
-Change mission briefing dialog at start of mission to max-size the text.
-Fix disabled shrouds on parts reappearing when changing vessels.

-Mission meta files now support localization. This indirectly also solves an issue where the expansion folder was not being removed when uninstalling the expansion.
-KSPedia fixes: Localized all images in the Making History section of the KSPedia. Added missing text to Chinese pages.
-Fix localized text for resource name on vessel resource node.
-Translations for GAP descriptions.
-Fix for certain pinned nodes coming up unlocalized.
-Fix missions not supporting non-ascii languages for mission names.


-The Mk2 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been increased for consistency with other parts.
-The Wolfhound engine is now properly centered.
-The truss sections of the 5m fairing and accompanying nodes are now scaled correctly.
-Add IVA window cameras to new command pods.

-Fix revert to last build/editor session in missions not always saving and therefore not allowing revert.
-Fix saving mission when entering mission difficulty settings.
-Fix checking values on time control parameters.
-Fix date handling greater than 235 years.
-Fix orbit parameters when minimized in node display in the Mission Builder canvas.
-Fix launch site being displayed when clicking on a vessel situation node with landed or orbit selected.
-Fix spawning orbiting vessels in missions in some circumstances causing explosions.
-Fix vessel restrictions not updating in Missions App in VAB/SPH when loading a new craft file.
-Fix hovering the mouse on slider parameters in the SAP preventing the user to continue scrolling.
-Fix copy-pasted nodes that spawn things not having unique IDs.
-Fix handling of newline and tab in message nodes to display correctly when playing a mission.
-Fix vessel resource amount node to work with unloaded vessels.
-Fix Orbit Parameter and Orbit node value sliders and max values.
-Fix Start Node activated time being always 0 UT, even when the mission was set to start at a different UT.
-Fix Vessel Naming to set default type to be the parts default type.
-Fix for vessel naming changes not updating ship name in editor scenes.
-Fix node position not been saved when moving groups of nodes.
-Fix mission not progressing when loading a create vessels node checkpoint when testing a mission.
-Fix node name changes not being updated when loading checkpoints when testing a mission.
-Fix music not playing after resuming a mission being played that was last closed in the VAB/SPH.
-Fix arrange nodes function to rescale the canvas correctly so nodes do not go off the edge.
-Scale node line connectors at low zoom levels so the lines can be seen.
-Fix node connector lines not aligning correctly when parameters are pinned/unpinned.
-Change key-combo for Copy Paste in the builder to Cmd-C, CMD-V for OS-X.
-Fix import mission zip extract method for Unix based systems.
-Fix Vessel text to correctly identify Active vs Any vessel.
-Fix node connector pin buttons triggering drag.
-Fix Orbit node to support correct accuracy testing.
-Fix event node and objective hiding so these get hidden from players.
-Fix end mission dialog coming up over a dialog message node that is set to pause the mission.
-Fix vessel viewer filters in Mission Builder GAP to switch off colliders so player can select parts inside other parts.
-Fix when selecting new or load mission in the Mission Builder with a node connector being selected breaking the Mission Builder.
-Fix the Take Kerbal node not triggering correctly after switching vessel in some cases.
-Fix the LAN orientation to match the Mission Editor in the Orbit node.
-Fix the loading screen sometimes getting locked after transitioning between scenes.
-Fix orbits sometimes getting rendered over the Mission Editor canvas after loading the tracking station or flight scenes.

Dawn of the Space Age
-Added missing end conditions.
-Improved instructions with better hints.
-Improvements in the objective lists in all launches.
-Fix scoring for destroyed jebnik 1 in atmosphere.

Trouble In The Void
-Improved instructions.
-Extra test for checking if the wrong kerbal has boarded.
-Fix the explosion sequence.
-Added failure condition.

To The Mun Via Minmus
-Improved instructions.
-Removed time limit.
-Fix a Time Since Node for the second Goo Experiment not working correctly.
-Fix the objective list not updating correctly in the second launch.

Meet Me In Zero G
-Improved instructions.
-Fix craft not exploding.
-Low fuel message now appears in the second launch.
-Fix orbit accuracy parameters having incorrect values.
-Fix splash down not triggering successful mission.

Blue Moon
-Improved instructions.
-Added 3 tons to the mass limit.
-Changed the values for the fuel efficiency bonus.

Munar 1
-Added failure conditions.

Acapello 15
-Fix Time Since Node in splash test had an incorrect value causing a 5 min wait for the mission to complete.
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Changelog for patch (added 27 April 2018):

BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
=================================== v1.4.3 ============================================================

+++ Improvements
* Log messages improved on startup.
* Tweak camera system to reduce the green line over water.
* Clicking on Launchpad and Runway no longer check/clear them of vessels until you click launch on the vessel launch dialog.
* Vessel ground positioning for landed vessels improved (Default is true).
* Added kerbal animations when parachute is deployed.
* Added ability to deploy parachute when kerbal is in command seat so that players can create paragliders.
* Default terrain settings for low detail have been increased to reduce terrain and object issues using this setting.
+++ Localization
* Fix display name for Crater Bay biome on Laythe.
+++ Parts
* Gave the white fairing a good washing - it is now a brighter white and more consistent with other similar shaded parts.
* Adjusted the node size on the “Dawn” Ion Engine.
* Decouplers will now properly remove their icon after staging
+++ Bugfixes
* Fix an issue that was causing excessive drag in fairings.
* Fix UI for Linux offset issues.
* Fix Contracts parameter completion log and SMS App firing in all cases.
* Fix suspension for wheels and legs when vessel coming off rails from bouncing.
* Fix landing legs sometimes exploding on contact with ground.
* Fix the context menu when single click on orbits lines allowing to set target.
* Fix persistence of data when switching to unloaded vessel via map view.
* Fix vessel MOI not being correct when control from here is not the root part of the vessel.
* Fix reentry VFX being broken by parts which don’t have a scale of one.
* Fix IVA overlay camera showing artifacts on high specular parts.
* Eliminate possibility of having two tourist/recovery contracts with Kerbals with the same first name.
* Fix for missions or saved games names containing invalid characters freezing the game.
* Fix for music system to play tracks from the beginning when changing scenes. Music now also correctly pauses when game is paused.
* Exclude parts with no crew capacity from recovery contracts.
* Fix NRE on flagpole when SC buildings are destroyed.
* Fix ground positioning on Tutorials and Scenarios that start with landed vessels.
* Fix for KSC markers overlaying launch dialog on return from Astronaut Center.
* Fix some Z-Fighting issues with the Rockomax 64 tank
+++ Mods
* Fix vessels disappearing from map view when procedural drag cubes are generated from root part.
* Correct the order of text returned in ConfigNode.ToString.
* Allow bypass of PatchedConics CheckEncounter log message for mods.
* Add onWillBeCopied and onWasCopied to Part and PartModule class.
* Improved difficulty settings scroll panel to accommodate many mod entries.
Making History ChangeLog:
====================================== v1.2.0 - Requires KSP v1.4.3 ===============================
+++ Improvements
* Add Astronauts to the available avatars for dialog message nodes and starting briefing node and added more animations.
* Add ability to set placeable launch pads in missions onto the water’s surface with auto-switchable model components.
* Add Dessert Runway and Launch Site (available in any game mode with Making History (Installed).
* Add ability to select The Sun and Jool on science experiment node.
* Improve tutorial highlighters for better ease of use
* Mission Difficulty is now more easily visualized with icons for each level
* Addition of new ActionGroup node so you can control the action groups from inside a mission
* Created an icon with a tooltip in the Missions App for additional information, such as timestamp on objective completion.
* Addition of an Advanced Tutorial for the Mission Builder
+++ Localization
* Fix some translation issues for part failures in the PAW.
* Fix localization of Woomerang mini-biome.
+++ Parts
* Corrected the model scale of the size 4 fairing
* The textures on the various structural panels are now symmetric
* Fixed the airlock camera, resolving an issue where some kerbals had a black portrait.
* Fixed off-center thrust on the Wolfhound and Cheetah engines.
* Corrected the node sizes on the 3.75m structural tube
* Removed obsolete test command module from SM-25 - Plenty of space inside for player added equipment.
+++ Bugfixes
* Fix NRE when stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and vessel has kerbals that were hired during mission play.
* Fixed an NRE caused when a 2.5m service module was the only part on a vessel
* Fix mission not progressing after stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and the player leaves the mission and later returns and continues the mission.
* Fix ladder on Woomerang Launch Site.
* Fix mobile launch sites from not being cleaned up fully when quit to main menu from a mission.
* Fix mobile launch sites orientation to match placement in the GAP.
* Fix test orbits not being shown and spamming log when going from Mission Builder to Tracking Station.
* Fix scroll view on Tracking Station Mission Objectives list.
* Fix infinite loading screen if Tracking Station button is pressed in Mission Builder with default mission (not saved).
* Fix Null Reference Error when placing part node in mission builder and active mission has no vessel nodes.
* Fix warning on launchpad lights when not started.
* Fix no revert save being saved when mission only has creator defined vessels on the start node.
* Fix no revert save being saved when creator defined vessels spawn during the mission and are set to focus the view on these vessels.
* Fix for localization keys appearing on the UI in many places in the mission editor and flight apps.
* Fixed the impossibility of renaming new missions after a stock one had been open in the Mission Builder.
* Corrected de-clutter message when debris is removed from non-KSC launch sites.
* Fix Launch Site MapNodes in GAP being at the center of the planet.
* Fix value clamping when large number entered in Int field in SAP.
* Fix for handling corrupted zip files during mission import.
* Fix Undo/Redo behaviour with text fields and Node deleting.
* Fix for Mission Briefing saving changes when you press Cancel.
* Fixes to change mission detection for the unsaved changes warnings.
* Fix OrbitParameters node not updating all its information properly on the node text.
* Fix to SpawnVessel node to use degrees instead of radians in its Mean Anomaly values.
* Fix to the TakeKerbal node where it was getting triggered in the air for biomes and areas.
* Fix check for vessel recovery enabled in mission when clicking the launchsite facilities.
+++ Missions
*All stock missions fully localized.
*Adding Sally-Hut 1 mission.
*Adding Acapello 13 mission.
*Adding Ziggy Kerman and the Spiders from Duna mission.
Munar 1
* Fix Gold Award cannot be earned.
* Fix an incorrect fail condition.
* Grammar and punctuation corrections.
Acapello 15
* Fix Gold Award cannot be earned.
* Fix mission can be completed without bringing Valentina back to Kerbin.
* Changed vessel to any/active to avoid nodes not firing when undocking/docking.
* Changed difficulty to intermediate.
* Changed crew experience level.
+++ Known Issues
* During missions sometimes vessels and kerbals can suffer additional forces when a vessel is spawned in the middle of a mission
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