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Changelog for Patch (added 13 March 2018):

** The Linux version of the game will be updated as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience **

- Upgrade to Unity 2017.1.3p1
- Switch directly between VAB and SPH
- EVA Chute - Kerbals of Level 3 and above have a personal steerable chute
- Advanced Mode added to Messages App - Toggled via Settings menu.
- Added Launchsites to the Map View and Filter
- Engine Sounds updated
- Particle Engine Upgraded to Shuriken.
- VesselNaming - new method to attach naming information to command modules so you can prename portions of a vessel

- Four new languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian
- Added support for Portuguese keyboard layout
- List of bugfixes
- Facility names are now displayed localized in unable to launch dialogs.
- Resource names now display localized in screen messages and apps.
- Debug and settings menus are now fully localized.
- Localized pop-up warning when transmitting experiment data from parts that become inoperable if data is transmitted.
- Fixed unlocalized grammar connectors (and, or, of, etc) coming up unlocalized in Contract descriptions.
- Textbox size adjusted in various UI elements to account for localized text.
- Fixed long vessel names bleeding through the UI in KSC vessel marker dialog.
- Overall revision of display names for parts.
- Overall revision and improvement of autolocs and grammar rules.
- List of KSPedia Fixes and Improvements
- Corrected a wrong key binding that was displayed in the EVA controls section.
- Localized key binding UI.
- Localized example images for most pages.
- Properly set symbols that were showing up as HTML encoding.
- Overall grammar and syntax check.
- Lingoona upgraded to v1.5.6
- TextMeshPro Updated
- Localized Debug Screen
- Fix localization of KSC vessel markers
- Fix Localization of Facility names and strings
- Fix localization on sub assembly UI.
- Fix localization on category filters.

New parts:
- Round radial fuel tank (R-11 'Baguette' External Tank)
- Cylindrical radial fuel tank (R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank)
- TS-37 Stack Separator

Updated Parts (changed part files):
- 2.5m RCS Tank Reskin
- Fairings’ texture

Replaced Parts
- old parts hidden but still included for continuity of saves. They will be deprecated at a later date
- TR-2V Stack Decoupler ? TD-06 Decoupler
- TR-18A Stack Decoupler ? TD-12 Decoupler
- Rockomax brand decoupler ? TD-25 Decoupler
- TR-38-D ? TD-37 Decoupler
- TR-2C Stack Separator ? TS-06 Stack Separator
- TR-18D Stack Separator ? TS-12 Stack Separator
- TR-XL Stack Separator ? TS-25 Stack Separator
- ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank ? R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank
- Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank ? same name
- Mk 1-2 Pod ? Mk 1-3 Pod

- Parts can now have variations like textures and models
- The variants can be grouped in Themes

Other Part stuff
- Adjustments to Xenon and Monoprop capacities on stock tanks
- Parts and Vessels now have a PersistentID that lives with them for their entire life
- Add TechHidden attrib to AvailablePart so parts can be hidden from R&D

- Fix alignment of external scenery in VAB/SPH scenes.
- Fix runway not appearing outside the SPH doors when inside the SPH.
- Fix a bug in Warp to Next Morning
- Add guard clauses to detect invalid flightstate on vessel launch returning to the editor.
- Fix applicant hiring costs appearing in games that don’t have funding enabled.
- Improve vessel Jumping/positioning coming off rails.
- Fix asteroid seed causing them to change shape.

- Make dragpanel edge offset configurable
- GameEvents added: onKerbalAddComplete, onKerbalNameChanged, onKerbalTypeChanged, onKerbalStatusChanged, onVesselPersistentIdChanged, onPartPersistentIdChanged, OnGameSettingsWritten, OnScenerySettingChanged, OnExpansionSystemLoaded, onPartUndockComplete, onPartCoupleComplete, onPartDeCouple, onPartDeCoupleComplete, onVesselDocking, onDockingComplete, onPartVesselNamingChanged, afterFlagPlanted, OnPQSCityOrientated, onEditorVesselNamingChanged, onEditorVariantApplied, onVesselRecoveryProcessingComplete.
- DictionaryValuesList updated to expose the list as well as the dictionary
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Changelog for patch (added 29 March 2018):

1.4.2 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
-Variants now support multiple drag cubes. These are calculated automatically on a per-variant basis.
-Updated the parachute model to more accurately reflect a real world ram air chute

-KSPedia fixes: Fixed a wrong key binding in the English EVA controls page

-The Mk1-3 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been reduced for consistency with other parts.
-Fix centering on the Rockomax Jumbo-64.
-Tweaks to the EVA parachute shader and texture.

-Fix kerbals thinking they’re still on a ladder if they get knocked off at high speed.
-Fix players not being able to quicksave when knocked off a ladder at high speed.
-Fix parachute being loaded in at 1.25x the normal size when controlling a kerbal.
-Fix player not being able to repack parachute if they rag dolled with the parachute deployed while hopping across the landscape.
-Revised EVA parachute model and shader.
-Fix kerbal being able to repack chute in the air while performing recovery maneuver.
-Fix surface FX appearing when landing legs deployed even when not on the ground.
-Fix LT-1 landing legs clipping the ground.
-Fix to the loading screen getting stuck between scenes infinitely in some cases.
-Fix contracts app icon to use it’s icon - not the new Missions app icon.
-Fix switch editor button to check facility is open before switching.
-Fix switch editor function to not load backup when all parts on existing vessel have been deleted by the user.
-Fix switch editor symmetry setting.
-Fix tourist contracts not completing correctly and messages for tourist contracts causing NRE and infinite rewards when failing.
-Fix contract parameter completion to catch errors and contract parameters now log info messages when their state changes.
-Fix UI layering for Debug menu.
-Fix the camera IVA Overlay persistence between camera modes.
-Fix NRE spam when vessel destroyed and gameobjects disappear while doing FX.
-Fix icons in map overlapping over the Apps dialogs.
-Fix NRE spam when launching a vessel on the Island Airfield.

1.1 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY
-Show node type icon in the node header of all nodes in the Mission Builder.
-Node category color defaults amended.
-Improve CPU Load performance when placing nodes on canvas.
-Awards display now doesn’t overflow with long texts and improved awards UI design.
-Allow zoom in Mission Builder canvas to go down to 20% - can also be reduced more via settings.cfg.
-Can now delete nodes and connectors in the builder canvas with the backspace key (in addition to the delete key).
-Add mission difficulty setting to allow/disallow vessel recovery in a mission (default - disallow).
-Add ability to go to vessels on LaunchPad/Runway when clicking the Launchpad or Runway in a mission game.
-Add kerbal killed node.
-Reordered Node parameters.
-Upgrade difficulty setting for missions in the Briefing to a slider.
-Stock missions improved (see missions section below).
-Node expand/collapse button now only appears on Node headers when applicable.
-Starting funds now has a text field and slider for setting the value.
-Change vessel viewer in Mission Builder GAP to function like the VAB/SPH camera. Can be toggled via settings.cfg.
-Change Filters in vessel viewer to completely hide/show parts rather than changing their opacity.
-Change mission briefing dialog at start of mission to max-size the text.
-Fix disabled shrouds on parts reappearing when changing vessels.

-Mission meta files now support localization. This indirectly also solves an issue where the expansion folder was not being removed when uninstalling the expansion.
-KSPedia fixes: Localized all images in the Making History section of the KSPedia. Added missing text to Chinese pages.
-Fix localized text for resource name on vessel resource node.
-Translations for GAP descriptions.
-Fix for certain pinned nodes coming up unlocalized.
-Fix missions not supporting non-ascii languages for mission names.


-The Mk2 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been increased for consistency with other parts.
-The Wolfhound engine is now properly centered.
-The truss sections of the 5m fairing and accompanying nodes are now scaled correctly.
-Add IVA window cameras to new command pods.

-Fix revert to last build/editor session in missions not always saving and therefore not allowing revert.
-Fix saving mission when entering mission difficulty settings.
-Fix checking values on time control parameters.
-Fix date handling greater than 235 years.
-Fix orbit parameters when minimized in node display in the Mission Builder canvas.
-Fix launch site being displayed when clicking on a vessel situation node with landed or orbit selected.
-Fix spawning orbiting vessels in missions in some circumstances causing explosions.
-Fix vessel restrictions not updating in Missions App in VAB/SPH when loading a new craft file.
-Fix hovering the mouse on slider parameters in the SAP preventing the user to continue scrolling.
-Fix copy-pasted nodes that spawn things not having unique IDs.
-Fix handling of newline and tab in message nodes to display correctly when playing a mission.
-Fix vessel resource amount node to work with unloaded vessels.
-Fix Orbit Parameter and Orbit node value sliders and max values.
-Fix Start Node activated time being always 0 UT, even when the mission was set to start at a different UT.
-Fix Vessel Naming to set default type to be the parts default type.
-Fix for vessel naming changes not updating ship name in editor scenes.
-Fix node position not been saved when moving groups of nodes.
-Fix mission not progressing when loading a create vessels node checkpoint when testing a mission.
-Fix node name changes not being updated when loading checkpoints when testing a mission.
-Fix music not playing after resuming a mission being played that was last closed in the VAB/SPH.
-Fix arrange nodes function to rescale the canvas correctly so nodes do not go off the edge.
-Scale node line connectors at low zoom levels so the lines can be seen.
-Fix node connector lines not aligning correctly when parameters are pinned/unpinned.
-Change key-combo for Copy Paste in the builder to Cmd-C, CMD-V for OS-X.
-Fix import mission zip extract method for Unix based systems.
-Fix Vessel text to correctly identify Active vs Any vessel.
-Fix node connector pin buttons triggering drag.
-Fix Orbit node to support correct accuracy testing.
-Fix event node and objective hiding so these get hidden from players.
-Fix end mission dialog coming up over a dialog message node that is set to pause the mission.
-Fix vessel viewer filters in Mission Builder GAP to switch off colliders so player can select parts inside other parts.
-Fix when selecting new or load mission in the Mission Builder with a node connector being selected breaking the Mission Builder.
-Fix the Take Kerbal node not triggering correctly after switching vessel in some cases.
-Fix the LAN orientation to match the Mission Editor in the Orbit node.
-Fix the loading screen sometimes getting locked after transitioning between scenes.
-Fix orbits sometimes getting rendered over the Mission Editor canvas after loading the tracking station or flight scenes.

Dawn of the Space Age
-Added missing end conditions.
-Improved instructions with better hints.
-Improvements in the objective lists in all launches.
-Fix scoring for destroyed jebnik 1 in atmosphere.

Trouble In The Void
-Improved instructions.
-Extra test for checking if the wrong kerbal has boarded.
-Fix the explosion sequence.
-Added failure condition.

To The Mun Via Minmus
-Improved instructions.
-Removed time limit.
-Fix a Time Since Node for the second Goo Experiment not working correctly.
-Fix the objective list not updating correctly in the second launch.

Meet Me In Zero G
-Improved instructions.
-Fix craft not exploding.
-Low fuel message now appears in the second launch.
-Fix orbit accuracy parameters having incorrect values.
-Fix splash down not triggering successful mission.

Blue Moon
-Improved instructions.
-Added 3 tons to the mass limit.
-Changed the values for the fuel efficiency bonus.

Munar 1
-Added failure conditions.

Acapello 15
-Fix Time Since Node in splash test had an incorrect value causing a 5 min wait for the mission to complete.
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Changelog for patch (added 27 April 2018):

BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
=================================== v1.4.3 ============================================================

+++ Improvements
* Log messages improved on startup.
* Tweak camera system to reduce the green line over water.
* Clicking on Launchpad and Runway no longer check/clear them of vessels until you click launch on the vessel launch dialog.
* Vessel ground positioning for landed vessels improved (Default is true).
* Added kerbal animations when parachute is deployed.
* Added ability to deploy parachute when kerbal is in command seat so that players can create paragliders.
* Default terrain settings for low detail have been increased to reduce terrain and object issues using this setting.
+++ Localization
* Fix display name for Crater Bay biome on Laythe.
+++ Parts
* Gave the white fairing a good washing - it is now a brighter white and more consistent with other similar shaded parts.
* Adjusted the node size on the “Dawn” Ion Engine.
* Decouplers will now properly remove their icon after staging
+++ Bugfixes
* Fix an issue that was causing excessive drag in fairings.
* Fix UI for Linux offset issues.
* Fix Contracts parameter completion log and SMS App firing in all cases.
* Fix suspension for wheels and legs when vessel coming off rails from bouncing.
* Fix landing legs sometimes exploding on contact with ground.
* Fix the context menu when single click on orbits lines allowing to set target.
* Fix persistence of data when switching to unloaded vessel via map view.
* Fix vessel MOI not being correct when control from here is not the root part of the vessel.
* Fix reentry VFX being broken by parts which don’t have a scale of one.
* Fix IVA overlay camera showing artifacts on high specular parts.
* Eliminate possibility of having two tourist/recovery contracts with Kerbals with the same first name.
* Fix for missions or saved games names containing invalid characters freezing the game.
* Fix for music system to play tracks from the beginning when changing scenes. Music now also correctly pauses when game is paused.
* Exclude parts with no crew capacity from recovery contracts.
* Fix NRE on flagpole when SC buildings are destroyed.
* Fix ground positioning on Tutorials and Scenarios that start with landed vessels.
* Fix for KSC markers overlaying launch dialog on return from Astronaut Center.
* Fix some Z-Fighting issues with the Rockomax 64 tank
+++ Mods
* Fix vessels disappearing from map view when procedural drag cubes are generated from root part.
* Correct the order of text returned in ConfigNode.ToString.
* Allow bypass of PatchedConics CheckEncounter log message for mods.
* Add onWillBeCopied and onWasCopied to Part and PartModule class.
* Improved difficulty settings scroll panel to accommodate many mod entries.
Making History ChangeLog:
====================================== v1.2.0 - Requires KSP v1.4.3 ===============================
+++ Improvements
* Add Astronauts to the available avatars for dialog message nodes and starting briefing node and added more animations.
* Add ability to set placeable launch pads in missions onto the water’s surface with auto-switchable model components.
* Add Dessert Runway and Launch Site (available in any game mode with Making History (Installed).
* Add ability to select The Sun and Jool on science experiment node.
* Improve tutorial highlighters for better ease of use
* Mission Difficulty is now more easily visualized with icons for each level
* Addition of new ActionGroup node so you can control the action groups from inside a mission
* Created an icon with a tooltip in the Missions App for additional information, such as timestamp on objective completion.
* Addition of an Advanced Tutorial for the Mission Builder
+++ Localization
* Fix some translation issues for part failures in the PAW.
* Fix localization of Woomerang mini-biome.
+++ Parts
* Corrected the model scale of the size 4 fairing
* The textures on the various structural panels are now symmetric
* Fixed the airlock camera, resolving an issue where some kerbals had a black portrait.
* Fixed off-center thrust on the Wolfhound and Cheetah engines.
* Corrected the node sizes on the 3.75m structural tube
* Removed obsolete test command module from SM-25 - Plenty of space inside for player added equipment.
+++ Bugfixes
* Fix NRE when stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and vessel has kerbals that were hired during mission play.
* Fixed an NRE caused when a 2.5m service module was the only part on a vessel
* Fix mission not progressing after stay in editor is selected during mission vessel building and the player leaves the mission and later returns and continues the mission.
* Fix ladder on Woomerang Launch Site.
* Fix mobile launch sites from not being cleaned up fully when quit to main menu from a mission.
* Fix mobile launch sites orientation to match placement in the GAP.
* Fix test orbits not being shown and spamming log when going from Mission Builder to Tracking Station.
* Fix scroll view on Tracking Station Mission Objectives list.
* Fix infinite loading screen if Tracking Station button is pressed in Mission Builder with default mission (not saved).
* Fix Null Reference Error when placing part node in mission builder and active mission has no vessel nodes.
* Fix warning on launchpad lights when not started.
* Fix no revert save being saved when mission only has creator defined vessels on the start node.
* Fix no revert save being saved when creator defined vessels spawn during the mission and are set to focus the view on these vessels.
* Fix for localization keys appearing on the UI in many places in the mission editor and flight apps.
* Fixed the impossibility of renaming new missions after a stock one had been open in the Mission Builder.
* Corrected de-clutter message when debris is removed from non-KSC launch sites.
* Fix Launch Site MapNodes in GAP being at the center of the planet.
* Fix value clamping when large number entered in Int field in SAP.
* Fix for handling corrupted zip files during mission import.
* Fix Undo/Redo behaviour with text fields and Node deleting.
* Fix for Mission Briefing saving changes when you press Cancel.
* Fixes to change mission detection for the unsaved changes warnings.
* Fix OrbitParameters node not updating all its information properly on the node text.
* Fix to SpawnVessel node to use degrees instead of radians in its Mean Anomaly values.
* Fix to the TakeKerbal node where it was getting triggered in the air for biomes and areas.
* Fix check for vessel recovery enabled in mission when clicking the launchsite facilities.
+++ Missions
*All stock missions fully localized.
*Adding Sally-Hut 1 mission.
*Adding Acapello 13 mission.
*Adding Ziggy Kerman and the Spiders from Duna mission.
Munar 1
* Fix Gold Award cannot be earned.
* Fix an incorrect fail condition.
* Grammar and punctuation corrections.
Acapello 15
* Fix Gold Award cannot be earned.
* Fix mission can be completed without bringing Valentina back to Kerbin.
* Changed vessel to any/active to avoid nodes not firing when undocking/docking.
* Changed difficulty to intermediate.
* Changed crew experience level.
+++ Known Issues
* During missions sometimes vessels and kerbals can suffer additional forces when a vessel is spawned in the middle of a mission
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=================================== v1.4.4 & MH 1.3============================================================
1.4.4 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)

+++ Improvements
* Improve wheel suspension micro-oscillation and sliding.
* Added steam controller profiles for officially supported controllers (XB1, PS4) as well as a generic profile for HOTAS-like joysticks.
* Added Steam Workshop support for craft files.
* Added Steam cloud support for saves (Career, Science and Sandbox) and craft files, as well as helper files.
* Increase PQS cache on startup and performance improvements.
* Added vessel position data to debug menu.
* Updated map nodes to be visually different when behind a celestial body.
* Added version display in game to include installed expansion versions.

+++ Localization
* Localization string changes for German.
* KSPedia updates for German.

+++ Parts
* ModulePartVariants now supports cost and mass modifiers for variants. Note that if this is added to existing variants, the mass of crafts in flight will be preserved at the old value. Only new vessels are affected.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix smoke plume VFX issues across all smoke types.
* Fix missing Jetpack EVA jets for rotation groups in all suits.
* Fix Rapier Smoke plume.
* Fix splashdown VFX being on wrong world axis.
* Fix splashdown VFX being under the surface.
* Fix Smoke VFX velocity being changed by engine input (ie once its emmited its in the world space).
* Fix lower quality reentry VFX not displaying.
* Fix reentry VFX being too compacted.
* Fix reentry VFX showing from hidden side of vessel (ie. showing through the vessel).
* Fix various other VFX emitter issues: Flameout VFX, SRB Engine flame VFX, Explosion VFX
* Fix screen resolutions list in the main KSP game settings.
* Fix timing issue in startup of cargo bays sometimes occluding parts they shouldn’t.
* Fix parachute breaking RCS when P is pressed while kerbal is EVA in space.
* Fix Gilly and Bop scaling in map mode.
* Fix Kerbal (EVA) occlusion inside cargo bays, fairings, etc.
* Fix Resource contracts unable to complete (in non-English games) due to localized resource name being persisted in saves.
* Fix Craft Thumbnails not rendering when tall launchclamps in use.
* Fix Tylo crater biomes.
* Fix launch site display being unlocalized in tracking station widgets.
* Fix fairings and shroud displacement when switching to vessels.
* Fix open URL calls so that Steam doesn’t think KSP is still running once shutdown and a URL link has been opened.
* Fix advanced tweakables in PAW to correctly display all text in Asian languages.

+++ Mods
* Allow ScenarioModule’s to start at MainMenu scene.

* Added internal ability to filter and display game settings by DLC Expansion.
* Removed Red Shell.

1.3 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY

+++ Improvements
* Add SPH camera panning to the GAP when SPH camera controls are set.
* Add Making History stock launch sites to Career game Points of Interest list.
* Add parameter details for any action nodes in the Missions App during mission play.
* Add validation error for nodes that have part selectors and the selected part is invalid.
* Add incompatibility checks to mission files for a range of checks including version issues and action or test modules that aren’t available.
* Improve information displayed in node body for repair node.
* Add Steam Workshop support for mission files.
* Added Steam cloud support for missions.
* Improved Mission file size and load performance.
* Reworked builder canvas and camera to improve performance
* Change line connectors in the builder to improve visual quality.
* Added GAP camera settings and canvas zoom setting to game settings.
* Added ability to set launch sites as targets for vessel crashed and landed nodes.
* Auto-recover vessels on launch sites when spawning creator defined vessels to launch sites during a mission.
* Remove launch clamps from vessels spawning splashed on liquid surface.
* Added key binding to focus the search bar in the mission builder.
* Added Escape key binding for closing all dialogs in the mission builder.
* Added tab and shift-tab key binding to move between SAP input fields in mission builder.

+++ Localization
* Localize values and status for no active vessel on test nodes.

+++ Parts
* Updated the M1-F rover wheel suspension to resolve an issue with ground bounce / jitter and increased the suspension stiffness and ground clearance.
* Structural tubes now vary mass and cost based on length/diameter. Note that mass updates only apply to new instances of these parts - vessels in flight will not have the mass of these parts adjusted.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix mouse scroll in the GAP to work when mouseover GAP, and not require a click first.
* Fix mission browser from locking up whilst a pending delete confirmation dialog is open.
* Fix error when docking nodes in the mission builder and selecting Undo.
* Fix NRE when deleting nodes in mission builder in pressing Delete key twice.
* Fix crew dialog list/assignments in editors (VAB/SPH) when stay in editor is selected during mission play.
* Fix spawning vessels during mission play and whilst in the flight scene.
* Fix bug when attempting to test mission from the mission builder with the default mission loaded.
* Fix destructible building log errors when changing scenes during mission play.
* Fix crew assignment test node when using multiple instances of the same craft file in a mission.
* Fix mission node updates in mission builder for nodes that have number range parameters.
* Fix resource drain node not draining resources correctly in some circumstances.
* Fix part failure and repair node display in the mission builder and missions app.
* Fix localised resource names used in the part resource drain and part resource amount nodes.
* Fix localized resource names display in mission builder node bodies.
* Fix Point Of Interest bonus being awarded for reaching new launchsites if you are able to launch directly there.
* Fix Mission Objectives Flow from missing some branches in logic.
* Fix launch site display name in mission builder canvas nodes UI.
* Fix test vessel situations against launch sites.
* Fix Mission Builder music on returning from Editor.
* Fix flag spawning at start of mission when player created vessels on start node.
* Fix stuck at loading orrery on play mission under certain conditions.
* Fix infinite loading screen if user tries to test/play an empty mission.
* Fix mission browser dialogs cancel button being not interactable after deleting a mission.
* Fix automatic completion of kerbal recovery node when set to Any kerbal.
* Fix launchsite rotation to match model rotation.
* Fix possible lock-up if mission banners are missing.
* Fix NREs when spawning vessels with RCS.
* Fix not saving a revert checkpoint when spawning vessels in flight during a mission and vessel is not set to switch to that vessel.
* Fix deleting missions and possibility to have inoperable cancel button.
* Fix builder dragging at non-100% UI scaling.
* Fix vessel spawning in a mission during flight.

+++ Missions
* Fix localized text in Mission - To the Mun Via Minmus.
* Fix localized text in Mission - Munar 1.
* Fix localized text in Mission - Sally-Hut 1.
* Fix localized crew names in Mission - Acapello 13.

* Corrected prices for structural tubes.
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=================================== v1.4.5 & MH 1.4============================================================

1.4.5 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
+++ Improvements
* Make mapnode behind body transparency configurable and improve behavior for pinned/hovered nodes (MAPNODE_BEHINDBODY_OPACITY in gamesettings).
* Pop dialogs can now be closed/dismissed with ESC key.
* Improvements to wheels/legs bouncing/sliding and oscillations. (Particularly when overloaded).
* Removed pop-up which offers to delete incompatible saves and craft files and replaced with a pop-up which only warns of incompatibility when incompatible save/craft files are attempted to be opened.

+++ Localization
* Fix RnD Archives Biome Filter not showing spaces in biome names.

+++ Parts

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix populating steam items into the wrong tabs in the craft browser/play missions dialog if the user switches tabs whilst waiting for responses from Steam.
* Fix Steam Workshop Craft will not download if deleted when subscribed to then resubscribed to when in the VAB.
* Fixed a bug where EVA facial animations were corrupted when the kerbal was mid-air and a quicksave was loaded.
* Fix settings showing for expansion when expansion not installed.
* Fix log message text for gathering subscribed Steam Workshop craft files.
* Handle steam item lists with correct Steam Workshop status in craft browser.
* Save craft file before exporting to steam to persist Steam Workshop Item Id into the craft file that is shared on steam.
* Update Steam Workshop Item Steam Author automatically in UI dialogs.
* Fix wheel explosions on docking landed vessels.
* Fix vessels jumping when docking landed to a large mass vessel.
* Fix Engineers report not taking variants into account for size dimensions.
* Fix Engineers report not showing correct part/mass/size restrictions when swapping between different level VAB/SPH using the switch editor button.
* Fix Kerbal on EVA occlusion inside all cargo bays as well as when the enter/leave command seats inside cargo bays.
* Revised the initial state of the Exploring Gilly scenario, so that vessels don’t bounce off the surface out of control on start.
* Fix vessels splashed inside another splashed vessel being removed when outside physics bubble.
* Fix undo in VAB/SPH not working when you delete all but the root part.
* Fix Reentry FX on Fairings.
* Adjust SRB Engine FX and Sparks.
* Fix NRE on PQSCity if transform has not been parented to a CelestialBody.
* Fix Aero FX appearing in IVA mode inside the models.
* Fix a localization issue that caused the Station One scenario to be corrupted in asian languages.

+++ Mods
* Added localScale param and behaviour to EffectDefinitions: PREFAB_PARTICLE, PREFAB_MULTI_PARTICLE, MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE and MODEL_PARTICLE

* Add distinguishing titles between Steam Workshop Author and in-game user supplied Author in UI.
* Add warning messages for craft browser craft UI Steam Workshop items.
* Add cloud available space and file count checks when exporting craft and mission files to Steam Workshop.
* Add Steam Workshop subscribe/unsubscribe button to craft browser VAB/SPH tabs.
* Better handling of Steam Workshop items that are not in a valid state to be used in dialog UIs.
* Add option to delete in progress mission files when deleting a mission.
* Add Unity Analytics dialog and link to the players Unity Privacy Data page for personal data opt-out management.
1.4 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY
+++ Improvements
* Allow minimum of 10m on fly through node.
* Added checks for vessel compatibility when loading missions.

+++ Localization

+++ Parts
* Added ModuleTestSubject for all of the MH Parts.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fixed Mission Builder exiting in some cases not closing the "Launch New Test" dialog.
* Fix mission breaking and PauseMenu lockup when a node is deleted from end of mission path.
* Fix nodes using Launch Sites as targets not detecting all Launch Sites.
* Fix missing string for Snap to Grid tooltip in Builder.
* Fix steam missions being out of sort order in mission lists.
* Fix Asian fonts not showing in mission list for Steam Workshop Items.
* Fix failure when going to the Tracking Station from the Mission Builder when there are no vessels.
* Fix persistence for Ignoresurfacevelocity setting on nodes.
* Fix Out of Range error when Vessel Explode action fires and disintegrates craft to separate vessels.
* Fix where on the Mission App it was not displaying correctly the target Launch Site name with the nodes: Vessel Destroyed and Vessel Landed.
* Some additional Loop protection in MEFlow Parser.
* Fix SnapToGrid locking in Mission Builder.
* Fix FlyThrough nodes waypoint being at surface and not the target location.
* Fix Test Distance node throwing log spam when target vessel may not have spawned yet.
* Fix slider percentage entries for part failure multipliers in Builder .
* Fix canvas objects not scaling with the UIScale settings.
* Fix DirectoryNotFound exception when playing a mission from Main Menu after previously testing a mission from the Mission Builder.
* Removed Invalid “none” option on Resource Drain node creating KeyNotFound exceptions.
* Fix when creating a new mission GAP size no longer resets to default.
* Fix test Kerbal EVA node when assigning specific vessels to the node for EVA test.
* Fix vessel landed node detection of launch sites.
* Fix for GAP rendering in an incorrect scale for the Landed Vessel node

+++ Missions

* Add Steam Workshop subscribe/unsubscribe button to Mission Play dialog on Community tab.
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=================================== v1.5.0 ============================================================
1.5 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog)
+++ Improvements
*Optimized the game for 4K resolution and increased the UI scale to 200%
* Added higher impact tolerance to retracted solar panels.
* Deployable parts now use separate value for their impact resistance when retracted.
* Implemented a new version of the kerbal suits for the base game. This includes IVA suits for recruits and veterans as well as EVA suits.
* Revised the behaviour of asteroids within Kerbin's SOI and gave them better VFX.
* Added a "What's New" dialog to the main menu, where you can quickly see the highlights of the release as well as the full change log. (you're probably reading this from that very dialog).
* Improved Burn Time information on Maneuver nodes. Includes correctly calculated burn time and Stage Information; Burn bar indication when vessel does not have enough DeltaV to perform the maneuver.
* Staging of docking ports now available in flight. Changing staging of docking ports allows the player to change the Delta-V of the vessel for docked vessels which changes the Burn Time Information on Maneuver nodes.
* Kerbals can now be placed in external command seats in the VAB/SPH.
* Wheel suspension now has auto spring/damper to combat bouncing wheels. This can be turned on and off via Advanced Tweakables per wheel (in symmetry).
* Added a Burn Time Indicator slide to KSPedia.
* In editor (VAB/SPH) switch symmetry mode back to what it was set to after hovering over a node.
* Allow pinning of PAWs and resource transfer for highlighted parts from Resources App.

+++ Localization
* Fix lingoona gender tags in resource names in PAWs.
* Localization of bulkhead size and other automatic search string tags.
* Fix community localization feedback for the Fly Through? Node pt.2
* Fix Community localization feedback for fly through Node pt. 2 in Japanese.
* Fix German community localization feedback for "Schwerkraft mindern", changed to "Sanfte Schwerkraft Aktivierung"
* Did a general grammar and lexical pass on KSPedia.
* Localized Debug menu UI titles.

+++ Parts
Updated Parts (reskinned):
* Mk1 Command Pod
* RoveMate
* Stayputnik
* FL-T100
* FL-T200
* FL-T400
* FL-T800
* RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster
* RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster
Color Variants:
* Mk1 Command Pod (New "Dark", "White" and "Gray and White" color variants)
* Mk1 Command Pod (New "Dark", "White" and "Gray and White" color variants)
* RoveMate (New "White", "Silver" and "Gold" color variants)
* FL-T100 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants)
* FL-T200 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants)
* FL-T400 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants)
* FL-T800 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants)
* RT-5 Flea (New “White”, “Orange” and “Yellow and White” variants)
* RT-10 Hammer (New “White”, “Orange” and “Yellow and White” variants)
Other Part changes:
* Some parts now take advantage of the new "Bumped Specular (Mapped)" shader which achieves significantly better metallic reflections.
* Fix issue where engine shrouds were becoming offset on vessel focus.
* Improved OKTO and OKTO2 mesh colliders to fit them better.
* Improved Stayputnik attach node positions to make better contact with other parts.
* Rotated the RoveMate ninety degrees to make it match with its Navball orientation; also added 4 new attachment nodes to the sides.
* HECS rotation fixed - rotated 30 degrees. - NB:This does rotate the control orientation for old vessels using this part.
* Fixed Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank normal map alignment issue.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix issue where incorrect tooltip icons were being displayed in the R&D scene.
* Fix icon blurring for flags, icons, tutorial images (and more) at different texture settings.
* Fix mini-biomes persisting after touching one and then moving vessel away from it.
* Fix mini-biome structure detection around the KSC.
* Fix log spam and messages related to stock launch sites if Making History DLC is not installed.
* Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged via the Part Action Window.
* Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged separately.
* Fix transparent materials in Part Picker Icons.
* Fix Gigantor XL panel when using Undo in editor.
* Fix transparent materials showing in part highlighting in editor.
* FIx for ship orbit line not rendering when burning straight from a physics bounce on flight load.
* Music volume settings are now applied as soon as the player leaves the settings menu in the KSC.
* Ambient noise in KSC and VAB/SPH is now controlled by ambient volume setting and not the music setting.
* Fix music problems when switching between VAB and SPH.
* Remove Gender on Resource displayName in PAW.
* The game no longer locks up when attempting to create a save file, vessel or mission using a reserved DOS name.
* Fix for Kerbal EVA's clipping through vessel model when forcefully dismounted from an external command seat.
* Fix for auto localization keys coming up in the target icon when a vessel with a localized name was targeted and moused-over'd.
* The sun flare no longer shines through Jool.
* Fix for reentry VFX disappearing when the camera is far from the vessel.
* Fix for asteroids not displaying reentry VFX.
* Fix bug where kerbal parachute lifting surfaces weren't active when loading a quicksave.
* Fix camera positioning on entering editor scene/loading vessel to show vessel correctly.
* Fix bulkhead filter strings to work for all valid sizes.
* Fix when a part is selected and the user attempts to write a ship description the hotkeys will still trigger.
* Fix In the editor-based tutorials, Werhner's window overlaps the ship so you can't place parts.
* Fix hard points reporting the wrong stage to the StageManager.
* Fix wheel friction being applied incorrectly based on Celestial Body G. Stops sliding on slopes.
* Fix wheel suspension bouncing.
* Fix exploding landing legs when docking/undocking.
* Fix landing legs applying massive spring setting when fully compressed.
* Fix Engine plates for all engine plates now show short on their first variant choice.
* Fix Stations in orbit now complete contracts as they should.
* Fix Map nodes, Maneuver nodes and other elements display correctly when changing the UI Scale while playing.
* Fix Part filters with size 1.5 not being filtered when selecting size 1.
* Fix double carets displaying in some Scenario text descriptions.
* Fix log error removing wheel debris.
* Fix error in docking tutorial when player unsets target vessel.
* Fix jetpack rotates correctly in all scenes

+++ Mods
* ModuleDeployablePart now has KSPField impactResistanceRetracted.
* ModuleWheelSuspension now has KSPField maximumLoad.
* Added IsUIShowing property to UIMasterController.

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1.5 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY
+++ Improvements
* Improved the Builder canvas system and connectors for speed and performance.
* Fly through node volumes can now be set with negative values for the volume to work with submarines.

+++ Localization
* English grammar, spelling, and punctuation fixes.

+++ Parts
Updated Parts (reskinned):
* SM-18 Service Module.
Color Variants:
* Structural Panels (Improved "Gold" variant and added a new "Silver" variant).
Other Part changes:
* SM-18 bottom lid uses the new "Bumped Specular (Mapped) shader".
* Fix issue where engine shrouds were becoming offset on vessel focus.
* Fix size 1.5 items showing in size 1 sort filter in VAB/SPH.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix Updating Steam Workshop Missions were creating duplicated workshop items.
* Fix for NRE when saving a mission where the craft files used in vessel situations have been deleted
* Fix Kerbals Exploding when resuming a test mission checkpoint taken on a Kerbal EVA node
* Fix issues with connector lines in Builder when changing planets in the GAP
* Fix where when boarding the EAS command seats were not triggering when a kerbal boarded for the node to pass.
* Fix when a vessel is spawned in an orbit, the orbit was getting the reference of the celestial bodies rotation, giving different results like a rotated orbit with the same orbit values on another node.
* Fix connector lines when in some cases they were badly rendered.
* "Selected part" option now appears when selecting one part in the repair node.
* Don't reset available and unavailable part lists when changing the part filter and update the list to handle the required parts nicely.
* Fix weights and costs of all the engine plate variants being the same.
* Solved discrepancy between the start mission time in the Mission editor and in the actual mission.
* Fixed GAP parts filter on some nodes so they work similar to the part restrictions on Vessel Spawn Node.
* Fixed normal map on mobile launchpads, Woomerang and Dessert launchpad.
* Fix for localization tags for localized vessel and node names coming up in various parts of the UI.
* Fix for incorrect information about docked nodes order of evaluation in intermediate tutorial.
* Fix mission Builder banners appear in low resolution with the 'Texture Quality' setting lowered.
* Fix Clicking “Stay on Editor” in the Mission Builder, no longer auto-fills empty pod seats with available kerbals.
*Fix *Clicking “Stay on Editor” in the Mission Builder, no longer removes the assigned kerbal on the EAS-1 Command Chair.
* Fix Assigned crew dragged and dropped on the VAB and SPH, updates the crew count correctly.
* Fix NRE when "Kerbal Rescued" node with "Any Crew/Tourist" option is activated during Missions.

+++ Missions
* Removed erroneous info about event node processing order from intermediate tutorial.
* Added the Part Count node, so player can check a vessel's part count, even if the vessel is unloaded.

* Implemented new text for agent descriptions and mentality.
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===================================v1.5.1======================================================== ====

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix Aero body lift in flight integrator.
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Changelog for Patch (added 21 December 2018) - Part I:

** 1.6 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) **

- DeltaV Readouts added to Stage Icons/Groups as well as DeltaV App. DeltaV available in Editor (VAB/SPH) and Flight scenes as well as a more detailed Debug menu option.
- Stock and mobile launch sites are now navigable in all game modes.
- Performance improvements for DV calculations that are used by Burn Indicator.
- Recommended UI Scale for the current resolution is now checked on the Settings Screen, working the same as the mini settings where a not recommended UI scale will turn the text red.
- Performance improvements for craft browser menus.
- Craft browser menus now check for craft compatibility.
- Added keyboard arrows navigation for main dialogs and menus. Highlight items with the directional arrows, Accept with the Enter and Space keys, and Cancel is Escape key.
- Generate reflections of the environment to be displayed on shiny parts.
- Improved part search in the editors to give more relevant results with short search terms.
- Adjusted shadows from The Sun to be more precise.
- Add new idle animations when the kerbal is standing in the ground.
- The command parts now have an option to change their 'forward' direction in the PAW.
- Kerbals helmet and neck ring can now be removed by right clicking the Kerbal while on EVA if it’s in a breathable atmosphere.
- Automatic warp to next maneuver node now takes the player to a margin before the start burn time rather than the node itself. Said margin can now be overridden from the default 1 minute via GameSettings.WARP_TO_MANNODE_MARGIN.
- Allow wheel spring and damper advanced tweakables to be set up to a value of 3.

- Localize the phrase “Advanced Message App:” in the Mini-Settings dialog.
- Some Community feedback for localization strings applied.

Updated Parts (reskinned):
- Mk2 Lander Can
- 48-7S Spark
- RE-L10 Poodle
- LV-909 Terrier
- FL-A10
- FL-A5
- ADTP-2-3
- Rockomax Brand Adapter
- Rockomax Brand Adapter 02
- TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler
- TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler
- TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler
- TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter
- TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter
- TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter
- Small Nose Cone
- Aerodynamic Nose Cone
- Advanced Nose Cone - Type B
- Advanced Nose Cone - Type A
- Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7

Color Variants:
- Mk2 Lander Can (New “Lander” and “Rover” color variants)
- 48-7S Spark (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants)
- LV-909 Terrier (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants)
- FL-A10 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants)
- FL-A5 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants)
- ADTP-2-3 (New “White”, “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- Rockomax Brand Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler (New “White”, “Dark” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants)
- Aerodynamic Nose Cone (New “Black and White”, “Dark” and “White” color variants)
- Advanced Nose Cone - Type B (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants)
- Advanced Nose Cone - Type A (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants)
- Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 (New “Black and White”, “Orange” and “White” color variants)

Other Part changes:
- Fixed the normals maps on the Stayputnik.
- Fixed the normals maps on the Okto.
- Fixed the visible texture seams on the Rockomax X series fuel tanks orange variant.

- Fix SAS on all probes in Sandbox and Science game modes to operate as per their config files. Game setting allows player to toggle SAS functionality on probes in these game modes.
- Fix handling of docking ports and multiple nuclear or ion engines for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
- Fix handling of stages with multiple engines and asparagus staging for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
- Fix flashing Burn Indicator and display of DV when vessel are prelaunch.
- Fix Vernor Engines now correctly use Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on the Engineering report.
- Fix all engines now say "Engine stops under: xx%", instead of "Flameout under: xx%" on their part extended info tooltips.
- Fix Tutorials unable to proceed when the player has a part selected (attached to the mouse) in the editor scenes (VAB/SPH).
- Fix fuel being drained from tanks when fuel availability icon is double-clicked.
- Fix partially executed maneuver nodes gets the closest approach to the same orbit parameters.
- Fix double quotes in stock craft descriptions.
- Fix Contract/Parameters not updating for vessel ownership (such as rescue kerbal) when not in flight mode.
- Fix Drills can operate and generate ore only when deployed and proper surface contact.
- Fix Kerbal IVA crew mass calculation on crewable parts where user/mods have changed IVA crew mass to be > 0 (the default).
- Kerbal IVA crew mass now reported in DV and Engineers report mass totals in editor (VAB/SPH).
- Fix TVR-300, TVR-300L, Moving parts in symmetry works correctly.
- Removed unnecessary horizontal slider in the mini settings UI.
- Fix Summary window no longer appears empty when recovering a vessel with the UI scale at more than 150%, when in a non recommended UI Scale range.
- Fix flickering of fairings in editor scene.
- Further tweaked the sun behavior to stop it from dimming unnecessarily in the Jool Airbreak scenario.
- Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial does not require confirmation when loading the required vessel.
- Fix NRE is no longer generated when rockets crash on the Launchpad.
- Fixed a shader issue that caused the Mk16 parachute to become transparent when within Aero FX.
- Fix cost of fairings shells now is included with initial vessel load.
- Landing gear LY-01, LY-05, LY-10, LY-35, LY-60 and LY-99 can no longer be the first part when you are building a ship.
- Fix last part of interstage fairings not having correct variant applied when vessel is loaded.
- Assigned the correct category to the cfg of all engines.
- Limited the amount of undo/redo steps in the editors to prevent excessive use of memory while building large, complex vehicles. The amount of steps can be adjusted via GameSettings.EDITOR_UNDO_REDO_LIMIT
- Fix Vessel without name cannot be saved in the editor and no longer generates an error.
- Fix part hover highlighting no longers shows from inside IVA or Internal camera.
- Fix inverted interstage fairings not being able to activate when a decoupler below them has activated.
- Fix KSC building upgrade text padding on KSC Building marker UI for scroll bars.
- Fix potential NRE when completing an orbital survey.
- Fix Words no longer duplicate on contracts.
- Fix Burn Bar and Orbit stays the same when a new target is selected.
- Fix An NRE is no longer generated when trying to select the last save game in the save game menu after deleting previous saves.

- Call OnWillBeCopied and OnWasCopied for children parts when their parent is copied in the editor scene.
- Variants can now disable animations and events.
- Alternative control point orientations can be configured on ModuleCommand.
- Kerbal Helmet check values are controllable via cfg using stock rules or an extra step by overriding code methods: CanSafelyRemoveHelmet, WillDieWithoutHelmet, CanEVAWithoutHelmet
- Kerbals now EVA with a set initial temperature equal to “room temperature” - I mean they were inside with no helmets - can be reverted via GameSettings.EVA_INHERIT_PART_TEMPERATURE

- Personal parachute kerbal unlock level requirement is accessible for modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point for Engineers and Scientists.
- Stock craft have been revised so that they no longer use deprecated parts. The revised vessels are: Aeroequus , ComSat LX , Dynawing , GDLV3 , Ion-Powered Space Probe , Jumping Flea , Kerbal 1 , Kerbal 1.5 , Kerbal 2 , Kerbal X , Learstar A1 , Orbiter 1A , Orbiter One , PT Series Munsplorer , Rover + Skycrane , Science Jr , Slim Shuttle , Space Station Core , Super-Heavy Lander , Two-Stage Lander , Z-MAP Satellite Launch Kit ,Rocket-power VTOL , Satellite Launcher , Stratolauncher.
- Kerbals who board a command seat will make the command seat the vessel reference point only when no other part has control of the vessel.
- The flight camera near clip pane is automatically adjusted when in IVA to correctly display external visuals.
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Changelog for Patch (added 21 December 2018) - Part II:

** 1.6 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY **

- Open mission menus now check for craft file compatibility.


- The following LFO engines were rebalanced : Wolfhound, Cheetah, Kodiak, Mastodon, Cub, Skiff, Bobcat.
- The following Engine Thrust Plates were rebalanced: EP-25, EP-37, EP-50
- The following Structural Tubes were rebalanced: T-25, T-37, T-50

- Removed the text “Not played yet” from the tutorial missions buttons in play missions dialog.
- Fix to remove the add button in the Modify Score and Change Score nodes if there are no more options left.
- Fix Kerbals now appear swimming in the correct position on the water when spawning.
- Fix undo function will no longer ignore copied nodes in mission builder.
- Fix handling of engine plates and self-decoupling parts for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator.
- Fix NRE in Mission builder : Changing the "Location" settings in the "Spawn Vessel" node with the described procedure does not generate an NRE.
- Fix Localization description of craft Valkshod 2 on trouble in the Void mission.
- Fix Localization name and description of craft Soy-Ooze 10 on Sally-Hut 1 mission.
- Fix Localization name and description of craft SWM-94 Communications Satellite on Trouble in the void mission.
- Fix Copying Spawn vessel nodes with specific crew creates nodes without crew so they are not cloned.
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+++ Bugfixes

* Fix collider on Stayputnik.
* Fix issue with partdatabase.cfg - Drag cubes and Mods causing issues with Mk-2 landercan and associated NREs.
* Fix unable to launch old ships with old Mk-2 landercan in career and science sandbox games.
* Fix What's new screen - Don't show again text disappearing when hovering.
* Fix some issues on high gravity or heavy vessels suspension stability introduced in 1.6.0 by changing maximum suspension damper clamp back to a value of 2.
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1.6.1 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix NRE when jettisoning SM-25 doors.
* Fix issue with failure nodes not working on Making History Stock missions.
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Official Forum Accouncement
Official Forum Discussion

=============================================== v1.7.0 ========================================

+++ Improvements
* Upgraded Galaxy Textures.
* Add new flight UI mode that includes in-depth orbital information.
* Add advanced maneuver node editor, allowing player to edit maneuver nodes more precisely.
* Add an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter. The altitude modes can be switched between AGL and ASL.
* Part Action Windows (PAW)s now generate scrollbars and keep themselves within the bounds of the screen when there is more data than will fit the screen.
* Automatic AGL/ASL toggle values when in orbit. The altimeter value is set as ASL while in orbit, the AGL/ASL setting is preserved.
* The altimeter AGL behaviour when underwater calculates the vessel altitude from the sea floor.
* Update Addons and Mods external site link from Main Menu.

+++ Localization
* A localization tag is no longer displayed in the status section of the PAW of the Advanced Grabbing unit in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 2 tutorial.

+++ Parts
Updated Parts (reskinned):
* 24-77 Twitch
* LV-1 Ant
* LV-1R Spider
* O-10 Puff
* Place-Anywhere 7
* RV-105 Thruster Block
* Vernor Engine
Color Variants:
* 24-77 Twitch (New "Orange" and "Gray and Orange" color variants)
* LV-1 Ant (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)
* LV-1R Spider (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants)
Other Part changes:
* Add a 3.75 nose cone.
* Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS,Vernor.
* Fix IVA external cameras in Mk1 Command Pod, MK2 Lander Can, Mk2 Command Pod.
* Fix EVA range on Cupola, HECS2, RC-001S, RC-L01 science containers.
* Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. Parts revamped in 1.4:
- TR-2V Stack Decoupler -> TD-06 Decoupler
- TR-18A Stack Decoupler -> TD-12 Decoupler
- Rockomax brand decoupler -> TD-25 Decoupler
- TR-38-D -> TD-37 Decoupler
- TR-2C Stack Separator -> TS-06 Stack Separator
- TR-18D Stack Separator -> TS-12 Stack Separator
- TR-XL Stack Separator -> TS-25 Stack Separator
- ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank -> R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank
- Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank -> same name
- Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank -> same name
- Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank -> same name
- Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank -> same name
- Mk 1-2 Pod -> Mk 1-3 Pod

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix PQS normals, stops planets from having mismatched seams when seen from orbit.
* Fix bug where symmetry would break animations on some parts.
* Fix input locks on Return to KSC button at top of altimeter in flight scene.
* Fix typographical error in the description of the vessel 'ComSat Lx'.
* Fix typographical error in the Suborbital Flight training tutorial description.
* Fix UI issue for purchase button on part tooltips.
* Fix vessel default name in rename vessel dialog displaying as an autoloc.
* Fix manufacturer localization on the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank.
* Fix jitter in heading readout on Navball for vessels in prelaunch state.
* Fix "Learn More" text exceeding size of window in the Asteroid Redirect scenario descriptions.
* Fix flag decal on Male Kerbals Jetpack being off-center.
* Fix Kerbal falling off the launchpad flagpole causing the flagpole to explode.
* Fix bulkhead profile part filtering on MK-0, 2 & 3 fuel tanks, J-90 "Goliath", Communotron 16-S, RA-2, RA-15, and RA-100 relay antenna.
* Fix thermal overlay rendering on parts that have lights.
* Fix Debug tool saying LPE for orbit param when its applying Arg of Periapsis.
* Fix Atmosphere line appearing from the surface of planets.
* Fix Flags and Kerbals loading above terrain (flying) and flags being removed from game.
* Fix NaN bug in DV calcs when in orbit around CBs with no atmosphere.
* Fix site node waypoints duplicating every scene change.
* Fix service bays unable to click parts inside after jettison when part loads.
* Fix allow staging of interstage fairings after they are decoupled.
* Fix Mk3 cargo bay registering collisions and blowing up parts of vessels inside them.
* Fix Engine Plate handling in dV calculations.
* Fixed UI scale issue where setting high scale in UI, navball and altimeter would clip off some elements.
* Fix Kerbal helmet shadow rendering in "Simple" rendering setting.
* Fix decouple node function on docking ports in space.
* Fix shrouds being left attached to docking nodes when decoupled (now becomes separate debris).
* Fix Responsiveness audio setting appearing in red text in settings menu.
* Fix NRE on interstage procedural fairing in editor scenes.
* Fix AOORE when Kerbal leaves a command seat on a vessel that has an active ISRU.
* Fix issue where Delta-V app menu could become unresponsive in editor scenes.
* Fix Navball, funds, science and reputation gauges disappearing when UI scale set > 170% on some resolution settings.
* Fix NRE in resources app that could occur when moving the mouse over resources in the app.

+++ Mods
* Changed Animation behavior of ModuleDeployablePart, ModuleDeployableRadiator, ModuleDeployableAntenna and ModuleDeployableSolarPanel to be WrapMode.ClampForever instead of WrapMode.
* ModuleDecouple and ModuleAnchoredDecoupler rebased to a common class - ModuleDecouple.
* Add FXModuleAnimateRCS - handles emissives on RCS part modules.
* Add EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped part shader.
* Make class DoubleCurve annotate Serializable.
* Fix version dependency checking for mods.
* None at this time.

========================= Making History v1.7.0 - Requires KSP v1.7.0 =========================

+++ Parts
* Added a 5m nose cone.

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix cursor disappearing behind Gilly while moving the camera around the planet in Mission Builder GAP.
* Fix export filename not updating when mission is renamed and re-exported.
* Fix user being able to select nodes from the left hand toolbox in the Mission builder even when that panel is hidden.
* Fix the Steam Select Craft to Load dialog window which generated NREs when using Menu Navigation on the Steam tab and launching in the VAB.
* Fix message dialog in Meet Me in Zero G stock mission.

+++ Missions
* The "Craft incompatible" text is no longer shown in the stock missions.
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Official forum announcement
Official forum discussion page

=================================== v1.7.1============================================================
+++ Improvements
* Implemented Cargo part category and Inventory processing.
* Implemented PAW UI drop-down grouping functionality.
* Implemented scrollbars to PAW UI windows.
* Added a new type for PAW fields, a double slider to set ranges with a min and max values
* Kerbal Portraits now available on EVA.
* Implemented Axis groups.
* Implemented Action/Axis group override sets (if 'Activate Action Sets' is enabled)
* New game setting - Shadow casting for CBs.
* Add and apply High Gee settings to wheel suspension.

+++ Localization

+++ Parts
* Fix Bobcat, Wolfhound, Kodiak, Poodle, Terrier, Spark, Flea, Hammer SRBs not recognising thrust obstructions.
* Fix Twitch, Spark ISP engine value.
* Fix Flea and Hammer white variant using incorrect texture

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix for maneuver mode UI being interactable while the Pause Menu is active
* Fix for maneuver nodes collapsing to delete mode if moused-over quickly after switching nodes with the maneuver mode UI.
* Fix maneuver node data being copied across nodes in some circumstances when using the maneuver node editor.
* Fix NRE when root part is delete and fuel overlay is turned on.
* Fix Menu Navigation when in the Game Difficulty > Advanced menu.
* Fixes to wheel suspension spring and damper settings.
* Fix wheel damage on docking, undocking and loading on high Gee CBs.
* Fix wheel friction.
* Fix engineer report showing incorrect mass for vessels containing parts with variable part module mass.
* Fix simply clicking on maneuver node resetting the node burn.
* Fix science experiment overwrite dialog text.

+++ Mods
* Added GameSettings.SaveSettingsOnNextGameSave method to flag the settings dirty and trigger a settings save next time the game is saved.
* New GameEvents.onPartActionUIShown when PAW window is shown.
* PartLoader no longer clears modules and resources from preconfigured parts.
* Contracts - contract definitions Nodes are now processed additively. Before subsequent Contract nodes encountered on loading would override each other.
* Experience Trait nodes can now handle multiple Effect nodes in different cfg files.
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Official forum announcement
=================================== v1.7.2============================================================
1.7.2 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Breaking Ground changelog)
+++ Improvements
* Redesign the Action sets icon during flight to make the current action number more visible.
* Made engine thrust limit, and cargo bay deploy limit, and control surface and airbrake authority limits bindable to axis groups.
* MainThrottle axis can be bound, but only in absolute mode.

+++ Localization
* Fix shadow casting string not displaying correctly if player doesn’t have the Breaking Ground Expansion.
* Localize the strings for the Axis Actions in the Settings under the vessel Tab.

+++ Parts

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix kerbal flags clipping into backpacks.
* Fix lowest part of vessel calculations for Wheels when coming off rails.
* Fix localisation for survey waypoint contract objectives.
* Fix NRE in maneuver node editor.
* Fix PAW displayDirty not working in the editor.
* Fix symmetry counterparts (bow-tie) autostrutting.
* Fix cutoff string in recovery science report screen.
* Fix null reference on ship load when parts have changed their attach nodes.
* Fix missing string in Absolute Control / Incremental Control tooltip.
* Fix science value of repeat experiments.
* Fix EVA portrait clipping in some situations.
* Fix EVA portrait texture being transparent

+++ Mods


1.7.2 Changelog - Breaking Ground DLC ONLY

+++ Improvements
* Implement random orientation for surface features.
* Add a scale variable in the rocsdef.cfg.
* Increase unfocused range on deployed science Part Action Windows to 20m.
* Add screen message for seismometer science if in sandbox game.
* Kerbals can now change their future suit emissive colors via their PAW and persists to save game roster.
* Kerbals can now interact with Deployed science parts (interaction animation).
* Increased interaction range of science experiments on arms so that they match folded arm length.
* Add Robotics radio button to SteamWorks Craft exporter. Will add Robotics Steam Tag and requires Breaking Ground DLC to workshop items exported with this radio button set on.
* Add Geyser and Cryovolcano Sound FX.

+++ Localization
* Localise attach nodes in rotor PAW.
* Localise surface feature debug menu.
* Localise extended information for robotics modules.
* Fix localization issue in the kspedia for Breaking Ground where Chinese and japanese were incorrect.
* Fix localisation for contracts in Japanese being slightly incorrect.
* String fixes in all languages.

+++ Parts
Color Variants:
* 1P2 Hydraulic Cylinder (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* 3P6 Hydraulic Cylinder (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* 1P4 Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* 3PT Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder(New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* EM-16 Light Duty Rotor (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* EM-32 Standard Rotor (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* EM-64 Heavy Rotor (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* G-00 Hinge (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* G-11 Hinge (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* G-01L Alligator Hinge (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* G-12L Alligator Hinge (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* G-32W Alligator Hinge (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* Rotation Servo F-12 (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* Rotation Servo M-06 (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* Rotation Servo M-12 (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).
* Rotation Servo M-25 (New “Gray with Stripes” color variant).

+++ Bugfixes
* Fix Surface Feature frequency math. Should be much easier to find now.
* Remove crater bay from Laythe surface feature biomes.
* Made scanner arm retraction more linear to avoid collisions.
* Fix kerbal flags clipping into backpacks.
* Fix for animation pop when deploying deployed science parts.
* Fix correct scale of the surface features.
* Fix scan sound not stopping when scan is interrupted for scanner arm.
* Fix Future suits emissive toggling correctly with Lights action button.
* Fix Cargo Backpack visibility in external command chairs.
* Fix dropped deployed science parts in VAB/SPH not launching with main vessel.
* Fix potential NRE in Deployed Science when changing scenes.
* Fix deployed science deployment on some slopes.
* Fix flags getting stuck to scanner arm when they're planted too close.
* Changed "Current extension" in piston paw to only display two digits after the decimal point to avoid numbers changing all the time.
* Changed the kerbal name in the female future prefab to fix the prefab being wrong in the partInfo.
* Fix ROC finder arrows.
* Update laser position for scanner arm every frame to avoid gaps if vessel shifts.
* Fix black lines appearing on the sides of the Hydraulic and Telescoping pistons, Rotation Servo M-25 and G-32W Hinge.
* Fix visible texture seams in Laythe Boulders and Eeloo AliensGlaciers.
* All the Surface features now display correct normal maps and shading.
* Fix the flashing lights projected on Kerbal faces when walking while wearing the Breaking Ground EVA suit.
* RCS jets now line up properly with the jetpack while wearing the Breaking Ground EVA suit.
* Fix PD-3 Weather Analyzer “Deploy” and “Retract” animations mismatch sound effects.
* Fix "Remove from Symmetry" PAW option not appearing for original part when attached to vessel in editor.
* Use localised deployable part name as vessel name. Will only affect newly deployed parts.
* Fix scanner arms being audible across the known universe.
* Fix surface attachments on the moving part of the pistons.
* Fix servo limits getting messed up when loading a craft file or reverting to the editor.
* Fix bad piston behavior when pressed against its limits.
* KSPedia fixes.
* Fix piston servo locking not working.
* Fix NRE when starting a mission with Making History and Breaking Ground installed and vessel contains rotor and wheels.
* Fix servo limits resetting every time the PAW was opened in the editor.
* Fix hinge target angle updates in the editor causing child parts to pull apart.
* Fix deploy cargo part icon appearing at the correct time in Kerbal’s PAWs for all Kerbal states.
* Fix autostruts handling on craft/vessels that have robotic parts for known use cases.
* Show all the tylo dark boulder science results messages.
* Fix incorrect message displayed when attempting to pick up a second ROC.
* Fix deployed science sounds heard from 200m+ distance.
* Fix deployed science part “Deployable Science Part” subcategory duplicated.
* Fix Ionographer PD-22 search tags.
* Fix HG-48 antenna search tags.
* Fix scanner arm interfering with parachute deployment.
* Robotics part category size changed to be more appropriate.
* Fix Deployed Science contracts displaying incorrect completion amount and not completing properly.
* Fix Deployed Science not ever transmitting last 10% of science generated.
* Fix Deployed Science science generation calculations.
* Fix Science report UI not displaying correct color bars information for Surface feature arm science.
* Fix Deployed Science contracts sometimes being given for the wrong CB.
* Adjust tolerance for determining if a robotic hinge is moving.
* Reduce log messages when Deployed Science tries to transmit and has no CommNet or power.
* Fix Surface feature and Deployed Science contracts being offered when EVA is not unlocked at the Astronaut complex.
* Fix Surface feature contracts being offered when Surface features are not enabled in the current save game.
* Fix NRE quickly deploying a cargo part when a kerbal just started holding it.
* Fix Deployed Science contracts counting experiment science on other CBs than the CB the contract is for.
* Fix Deployed Science Solar Panels producing zero power when loaded by game is in time warp.
* Fix hinges not using EC when target angle updated via incremental axis group binding

*Improved detail on the neck ring texture of the Breaking Ground EVA suit.

+++ Mods
* Add Game events for robotic parts locking/unlocking.