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Changelog for Patch 0.8.4 (added 14 October 2019):

- Time to outsmart hell itself! The major 0.8.4 update is now live and most notably introduces a full overhaul of Jupiter Hell's AI system! Enemies now can hear you, smell you and humanoids know the value of cover!

Infernal Intellect
- The AI system has been completely rewritten - humanoids will now take and stay in cover if close, and most of the enemies will react to the noise you and other enemies make! To make things more interesting, fiends and ravagers can now track you by smell - there's nowhere to hide from them! The new AI increases the general difficulty, but makes (especially the early levels) the game more interesting - just standing behind cover and mashing "F" is no longer the best tactic - sometimes you need to retreat to bait the enemies to follow you, and often you'll be ambushed by enemies following you by scent, or interested in the noise you made.

Weapon Perks
- The other big update is the introduction of weapon perks on ADV weapons. Take careful note of them as they might prove much better than regular modded weapons or exotics especially if the perk requirements are met. Perks for example can increase damage based on the type of enemy, your distance to them, whether they are wounded or make reloading of the weapon really fast if its empty, or even automatically reload on move! The perk list will be slowly expanded both in variety as well as adding them to other items in the future!

Quality of Life
- Two "quality of life" features have been added - an audible click on wait, and highlighting the last enemies on the level on the minimap (doesn't trigger on levels with summons). We also made "swap time" actually work propely, which also changes a lot - we reduced the 200% swap time weapons as this might be a bit much, especially for seasoned players.

Balance Changes
- Due to the AI changes we made some enemy nerfs - Callisto formers are less accurate, and the UV enemy buff of accuracy has been reduced to +10%. Speaking of UV, we also made it so that there are no "lucky drops" of early late game weapons - to provide for a more consistent early game.
- We nerfed P-mods a bit, as they basically reduced endgame to P3-modding a rapid-fire weapon - to offset that, summoner armor has been nerfed and now everyone can single-mod ADV weapons and everyone has two levels of Whizkid. This is subject to change soon, as we'll be doing a full mod overhaul in the near future, so stay tuned!

Full Changelog
- NEW #852 - ADV weapons now may have unique perks!
- NEW #812 - Major AI overhaul! (see other issues for details)
- NEW #812 - humanoids will now consider (and stay in) cover!
- NEW #841 - most enemies will hear and investigate sounds!
- NEW #840 - fiends and reavers now can follow player scent!
- NEW #850 - waiting now plays an audible click
- NEW #851 - last 3 enemies may be revealed on the minimap
- CHANGE #812 - enemies will no longer ignore you if they saw you
- CHANGE #839 - AI aware state resets after losing target
- CHANGE #833 - UV enemy accuracy bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
- CHANGE #833 - Callisto formers have even lower accuracy
- CHANGE #833 - wall cover now gives 70% cover instead of 80%
- CHANGE #834 - p-mods give +1 on multishot bullet weapons (smg/auto)
- CHANGE #834 - nerfed summoner armor slightly
- CHANGE #834 - everyone can single mod ADV items
- CHANGE #834 - Technician can mod every item twice by default
- CHANGE #834 - every class has two levels of Whizkid
- CHANGE #835 - min depth for some items added - no early UV chainguns
- CHANGE #732 - reduced the emissiveness of lava cave rocks
- CHANGE #732 - improved terrain rendering performance
- CHANGE #847 - crash handler will work when Vulkan device is lost
- CHANGE #842 - crash handler will work when assertion fails
- CHANGE #824 - Aim modifier is always lost when switching weapons
- CHANGE #823 - Aim resets if loosing sight of enemy
- CHANGE #852 - Point Blank now gives +80% crit chance
- CHANGE #732 - optimized terrain rendering
- CHANGE #845 - decreased 200% swap-times to 150% to prevent surprises:
- FIX #845 - swap time now works properly
- FIX #853 - fixed targeting related crash on level change
- FIX #732 - ADV auto rifle now uses proper sprite
- FIX #732 - minor spelling/grammar fixes
- FIX #831 - fixed crash on trying to drop with empty inventory
- FIX #849 - pad trigger will no longer lock on use from ground
- FIX #846 - 0-damage sources (smoke screen) wont "benefit" from SoB
- FIX #830 - reset enemy number after wipe (fixes enemies left)

Next Update
- Due to Game Industry Conference coming next weekend, the next update (0.8.5) will come in around three weeks time, although you can expect a bugfix version or two within the next few days :P

Help us out!
- Please tell us what you think of the recent changes, in the comments, on the Forums or on Discord

Standalone installers updated (0.8.3b hfx ⇒ 0.8.4): 15 October 2019.
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Hey, thanks for posting this! We missed to post the 0.8.4 announcement on GOG because it was really hectic - next announcement will appear here too as it should :)
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epyoncf: Hey, thanks for posting this! We missed to post the 0.8.4 announcement on GOG because it was really hectic - next announcement will appear here too as it should :)
Glad I could be of help.
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Changelog for Patch 0.8.7 (13 January 2020):

- Annoyed by drones getting in your way? Tired of those turrets chipping away your health? The big bad security bot giving you nightmares? Time to turn the tables!
- You can hack any mechanical enemy by bumping into him. This brings up a hacking menu, where if you have enough multitools (which replaced repair kits) you can either disable the enemy (cheap) or hack it to convert it to your side (expensive). Scouts and Technicians have access to the Hacking trait which dramatically reduces the cost of bot disabling and hacking. Finally technician only has access to an Active trait that can perform a hack remotely!
- Both a successful disable and hack gives you the enemies experience (hack twice as much!) and the items he had. The hacked enemies continue their previous wandering - later we'll probably introduce a way to make them follow you or even take more direct control :).'

- Terminals now appear not only on levels that have a vault. The reveal map option has been boosted, and marks stations and loot boxes on the level. A new option allows you to download tracking data, permanently revealing the enemies on the minimap. Finally through a terminal you can remotely mass disable/hack the turrets on a given level!

Technical stations
- Dismantling is no longer reserved to the Technician, anyone can perfectly dismantle a modded weapon as a new option in tech stations. Additionally you can extract the new multitools from them.

- As an option for the utility slot you can find a Backpack raising your inventory space. So does (although to a lesser degree) a new perk for armors!

Scouting skills
- Each class gets its own scouting trait - which reveals more info on the minimap. The Technician has one to sense terminals and stations, the Scout has one to sense loot chests, and the Marine gets Bloodhound, allowing it to regain minimap info on enemies he already saw (useful for baiting!).

- We've done quite a bit of minor UI improvements (full list in the changelog). Most notably you can ESC-exit out of most in-game menus now, and items created are put directly into your inventory if space is available. You can also reorder your weapons on the Equipment screen!

- Not to leave the trusty Marine underpowered due to all those hacking changes, we've given him Ironman back, and moved to him the Field Medic perk!

- We've done a significant balance pass that should make EASY and MEDIUM difficulties easier. We've also buffed SMG's and pistols and made cells stack up to 100. Ammo found in boxes is in larger stacks, and gray lootboxes drop more stuff!

- There haven't been many bugs introduced in the last update but we still nailed a few :)

- NEW #015 - bot hacking! - you can disable or hack bots, drones and turrets using multitools (bump into them)
- NEW #015 - Trait - Hack skill for Scout/Tech reducing hack cost
- NEW #015 - Remote Hacking active skill for Technician
- NEW #894 - multitools - replace repair kits, used also for hack
- NEW #946 - Music - new menu theme
- NEW #939 - technical stations allow anyone to dismantle modded items for the cost of 2 charges
- NEW #938 - revealed stations and terminals marked on the minimap
- NEW #938 - revealed unopened lootboxes marked on the minimap
- NEW #949 - Trait - Marine - Bloodhound (track met enemies)
- NEW #949 - Trait - Scout - Golddigger (reveal loot boxes)
- NEW #949 - Trait - Tech - Networking (reveal terminals/stations)
- NEW #579 - CRI backpack! To be found randomly, but maybe Tyre...
- NEW #579 - Compartments perk for armor (+2 inv capacity)
- NEW #950 - Terminals - can enable tracking for enemies (3multi)
- NEW #015 - Terminals - can mass hack/disable turrets
- NEW #015 - Terminals - appear on non-vault maps
- NEW #894 - Terminals - you can extract tools from tech stations
- NEW #770 - UI - you can rebind UI keybindings
- NEW #935 - UI - Home, End, PgUp and PgDown keys work
- CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a mod or dismantle menu
- CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a station or terminal menu
- CHANGE #926 - UI - items created by stations are put to inv if space
- CHANGE #937 - UI - SHIFT-view of stacked items shows stack/carried
- CHANGE #937 - UI - character screen kills moved to bottom
- CHANGE #937 - UI - damage is colored if affected by target health
- CHANGE #937 - UI - use weapon slot key to reorder weapons in equip
- CHANGE #937 - UI - default minimap size a bit larger (config later)
- CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal costs 1 multitool (0 with hacking)
- CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal reveals chests and stations
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine has Ironman back (possibly temporarily)
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Field Medic is now a Marine trait (50%->30%)
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine loses Spray'n'Pray
- CHANGE #015 - Technician starts with 3 multitools instead of mod
- CHANGE #937 - vault doors now magenta, red card doors now red
- CHANGE #936 - audio feedback on weapon swap
- CHANGE #907 - more walls on the Callisto platform generator
- CHANGE #907 - changed one Europa generator to doublewidth corridor
- CHANGE #943 - Balance - removed accuracy penalties from most SMGs
- CHANGE #942 - Balance - reduced amount of enemies on Europa L1
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced amount of enemies
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - reduced accuracy of Callisto/Europa formers
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced health of C/E formers
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - bumped pistol and revolver damage +2
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - Son of a Gun gives +20% accuracy and crit/lv
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - more ammo per stack from boxes
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - cells stack now up to 100
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - general boxes drop 1 more, ammo boxes 1 less
- CHANGE #944 - Balance - ravager melee is now pierce
- FIX #941 - fixed visibility of poison, freeze, disable effects
- FIX #932 - fixed "Sustained" status being too long
- FIX #940 - Tyre Outpost reward list is now stable
- FIX #948 - fixed terminal visuals

What's next
- Next version should drop at the end of the month (or beginning of the next), and will either be about Melee or Dualgunning :). We want to wrap those two up, so before February ends we can finally implement a long awaited feature - Master Traits! If need be, hotfixes will be deployed within the next days. See you next version, and help us spread the word :)

Standalone installers updated (0.8.6 ⇒ 0.8.7): 14 January 2020.
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Changelogs up to v.0.8.10 have been posted by the devs as individual threads.

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Changelog for Patch 0.8.11 (31 March 2020/added 09 April 2020):

The much awaited Jupiter Hell update 0.8.11 a.k.a. Berserker is live! The theme is unsurprisingly melee combat, but new general traits have also been added and the gameplay flow of the player classes improved! Read all about it below!

Melee - Rip'n'Tear!
- Apart from return of the chainsaw, we've added a couple more melee weapons (katanas in space anyone?), added melee focused traits and improved melee synergy of others.
- A disclaimer first though - Jupiter Hell is a game of ranged combat - trying to play it melee only is much harder than any ranged build. That said, melee excels in late game in dishing huge amounts of damage! Right now it's almost viable to main melee late game, and once Masters hit next release this will definitely be true! Now however it's quite useful as a hybrid build - if they get too close, they're toast!
- There is a new Melee help topic in the game with all the needed information! Especially if you want to try out Angel of Berserk, the obvious challenge addition for this release :)

Melee arsenal
- Apart from the aformentioned chainsaw, you can find several tiers of melee weapons, some of which even have ADV variants (anyone want an ADV machete?). Bladed melee weapons are special, utilizing Melee Guard mechanic - if you're close to enemies you get an extra dodge bonus. Speaking of mechanics - you both can bump into and "F"ire a melee weapon to attack (also diagonally), and you'll move to the enemy space at kill. If you want to prevent that (i.e. not stepping out of cover), you can hold SHIFT when pressing attack to prevent that.

New traits
- In the melee department, Marine gets Rip'n'Tear that generates more Fury on melee kills and provides a damage bonus based on how much current Fury you have. Tech gets Bladedancer which doubles or even triples Melee Guard values, and Scout gets Swashbuckler that instantly switches to a melee weapon if one is present on melee attack and Energy Leech that produces Energy on melee kills.
- Apart from that we added new traits useful in melee builds, but also useful in general - Scout gets Dash which makes consecutive moves in a given direction be twice as fast (and a critical bonus at L2 if dashing into melee), Tech gets Juggernaut which reduces enemy damage when moving towards the targeted enemy and Powerjack that allows to siphon Power from Terminals, and Marine gets Running, similar to the now removed Scout Running, but fueled by Fury instead of once per level. Angry Motherfucker now gives bonus damage based on missing health, not pain.
- Lots of smaller changes in the Changelog below, we also removed some less used traits to make room for new and future stuff.

New special level
- We've removed Arena from Beyond (it was kinda boring, it might return in an improved form!), and in its place there's a hidden new special level. No spoilers :P

GFX pass
- We've improved performance a bit, and also improved visual quality (esp. normal maps). Addionally we did an improvement pass on enemy animations and FX (work in progress). Finally some of you might notice the game running smoother, even within the same FPS range.

- And of course the regular batch of bugfixes, the major ones listed below. Two things of note is that AI will no longer without provocation perform infighting, and that the guaranteed plasma weapon drops on Io L1 will now be present on higher difficulties.

- Beta 0.8.11 - Berserker - March 31, 2020
- NEW #0508 - Melee is in, Rip and Tear!
- NEW #1039 - Melee - melee weapons added!
- NEW #1038 - Melee - Melee guard (dodge bonus if enemies close)
- NEW #1044 - Challenge - Angel of Berserk!
- NEW #1054 - New hidden special level added in Beyond!
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Rip and Tear for Marine (Melee)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Bladedancer for Tech (Melee)
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Dash for Scout (General), loses Running
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Energy Leech for Scout (Melee)
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Juggernaut for Tech (Close range/Melee)
- NEW #0976 - Trait - Swashbuckler for Scout (Hybrid)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Running for Marine (Fury based)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Powerjack for Tech (+30 Power/Terminal)
- CHANGE #1048 - Trait - Angry Mo-fo % based on missing health
- CHANGE #1042 - Tech - Extra Batteries removed, +10 per Skilled
- CHANGE #1042 - Marine - high-health enemies generate 2 Fury
- CHANGE #1036 - Scout - activating stealth no longer costs a turn
- CHANGE #1036 - Marine loses Focused Fire
- CHANGE #1036 - Scout loses Reloader (Shottyman req Gun Hoarder)
- CHANGE #1036 - Tech loses TaN, Hunker Down base, GH req Packrat
- CHANGE #1053 - you will no longer accidentally melee barrels
- CHANGE #1059 - melee killing bots/turrets wont proc explosion
- CHANGE #1059 - Dodgemaster removes dodge decay from melee
- CHANGE #1059 - evasion (dodge+guard+others) caps at 95%
- CHANGE #1041 - Challenge - Shotgunnery converts to current ammo
- CHANGE #1054 - removed Arena from Beyond L1, might return later
- CHANGE #1051 - GFX - improved animation and FX of enemies
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved general color/light quality
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved volumetric lighting
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved roughness (bumpiness/normals)
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - performance improvement pass
- FIX #1050 - GFX - fixed animation blending with empty states
- FIX #1053 - AI - unintended infighting removed
- FIX #1038 - AI - enemies will no longer try impossible charges
- FIX #1053 - Loot - guaranteed plasma weapons on Io L1 working
- FIX #1035 - Melee - weak melee no longer damages armor

What's next
- We're slowly reaching 0.9.0 Masters - the release everyone is waiting for that will introduce Master Traits :). The release is scheduled for April 27th, but we may squeeze in a smaller 0.8.12 update before that! Keep your eyes open and tell us what you think of this new release!

Standalone installers updated (0.8.10b ⇒ 0.8.11): 09 April 2020.
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Changelogs up to v.0.9.1 have been posted by the devs as individual threads.

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Changelog for Patch 0.9.2 (27 July 2020 / added 29 September 2020):

After a longer break (much needed since we've been crunching since launch), we present 0.9.2 Vision! The three biggest additions this time is the enabling of the head slot, with various associated items that have their ADV versions too, changing the vision range on some levels (lower or higher) and two new special levels!

Helmets, Visors and Gasmasks
- The head slot is finally functional! While the base helmet just protects from critical hits (like the imp or reaver charge attack), stronger helmets carry a slight armor bonus. ADV versions come with a subset of armor perks. Visors and gasmasks however drop always ADV and have their own brand new pool of perks related to vision, scouting and hacking!

Vision range
- Up until now vision range was hardcoded. Now you'll often encounter levels with reduced vision range - carry a shotgun and beware of melee enemies! Or, find a nice visor with Nightvision. Some caves have a higher vision range, giving more strength to long range weapons. Further along we might reduce the sight range of some enemies and make them operate on scent and sound alone, but that's for a future update! We took this occasion to tinker with the default camera settings too - the camera will adapt to vision range, and show stuff at a slightly better range.

New special levels
- We've added one alternative level that can spawn instead of the Warehouse on Io, with a strong theme, new mechanics and an unique reward. On Europa, Refueling Base can also be swapped for a new level, The Pit. To avoid spoilers I'll end this paragraph here :).

- 7.62 sidearm got a damage buff, and assault rifle got it's range nerfed a bit. We've also significantly increased the duration of the EMP effect. Also melee weapon drops are now more common.

Other changes
- Drones can now actually fly over gaps, so don't be surprised if you're flanked on Callisto Spaceport :). Also, while adding helmets we noticed that green/blue/red as a descriptor is kind of boring - both armor and helmets now follow a new naming - basic (green), marine (blue), combat (red).

Full changelog
- NEW #1182 - head slot functional now!
- NEW #1182 - basic/marine/combat helmets (also ADV) added
- NEW #1182 - ADV gasmask added, ADV visors/headsets
- NEW #1182 - ADV visors/headsets have their own new perks
- NEW #0992 - new special level alternative to Warehouse
- NEW #1012 - new special level alternative to Refueling Base
- CHANGE #1000 - flying enemies can now fly over gaps
- CHANGE #1182 - green/blue/red armor -> basic/marine/combat
- CHANGE #0337 - levels may have different vision distances
- CHANGE #0337 - some caves have vision 8, dark places 5-6
- CHANGE #0337 - camera zooms based on vision distance
- CHANGE #0337 - improved default zoom
- CHANGE #1180 - 7.62 sidearm damage 10->12
- CHANGE #1180 - 7.62 assault rifle max range 10->8
- CHANGE #1180 - increased EMP effect duration by 66%
- CHANGE #1180 - Tyre lost one special lootbox (manufacture is op)
- CHANGE #1180 - increased drop rates of melee weapons
- CHANGE #1170 - Mimir Habitat reward is no longer guaranteed
- CHANGE #1166 - lights/lamps are destructible (no gameplay effect)
- FIX #1124 - fixed visual gap in basalt levels

What's next?
- This update is on the lighter side, the next one might be much beefier. 0.9.3 Nightmare is coming! Apart from obvious content for the high level players, we'll also add signifcant changes for everyone :). The update should land in 3-4 weeks from now.

Standalone installers updated (0.9.1 ⇒ 0.9.2a): 04 August 2020.

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Changelog for Patch 0.9.3 (07 September 2020 / added 29 September 2020):

It's time to face the ultimate challenge in 0.9.3 Nightmare! Apart from the eponymous difficulty level, we have added Platinum and Diamond level badges, level events, gibbing (fun for everyone, life-saving in Nightmare), ADV AMPs and more - read all about it below!

- The borderline unfair and punishing difficulty level from DRL returns! While the balance is close to UV (and there's no accuracy boost for the enemies), each biological enemy that dies leaves a summoning circle. Leave that circle alone and out of sight for a while, and the enemy will respawn... as a progressively-stronger, exalted variant.
- This difficulty is not for the faint of heart, but is beatable. Different tactics need to be applied, gibbing enemies becomes a valuable tool, and exploring all of the map might become a death trap. You've been warned!

Platinum and Diamond badges
- To make your Nightmare exploits count, we added a fourth and fifth tier of the badge system. While Platinum badges can be achieved on UV difficulty for some challenges, Diamond is all about Nightmare. Platinum badges are all achievable through careful and masterful play; Diamond ones, however... well, let's say that we're interested ourselves in how many of those are actually achievable! ;)

- Borrowing the old Doom term, gibbing might happen when, you deal enough damage in a single attack to overkill an enemy. Depending on how much overkill happens, the gibbing chance goes up (damage equal to twice their health guarantees a gib). To quickly enjoy the lovely visuals, walk up to a former human and sell him a shotgun blast into the face. Note that some weapons (explosive ones and melee) have a hidden factor that makes gibbing easier!

Level events
- Probably the most interesting addition for people who're afraid of the Nightmare are level events - modifiers that might happen when entering a regular level. There's currently 8 of them, ranging from simple ones (the level has many more barrels...) to ones that expect you to do something within a turn-based time limit to gain extra experience. Not all events generate on every level branch, and we will be adding more of them in further releases of the game!

- While the initial idea was to ditch the old AMP system altogether, as the first step we're introducing ADV AMPs with random stats for pistols (inlcluding SMGs), auto weapons (rifles and chainguns), and shotguns. The perk pool for them is currently quite shallow; once we improve on it, we will probably remove the old regular AMPs.

Plasma grenade
- The ultimate overkill tool, packing a whopping 200 plasma damage in a single grenade. Useful in Nightmare for gibbing, and in all difficulties for making sure that big dude dies. Don't bother saving them for the summoner though (see below).

- The seed line below the level name has been changed. It now states the difficulty (by single letter), the challenge abbreviation (if present), and the general seed of the run. Apart from helping streamers not answer the basic questions each time, it will help us have all the needed information in a screenshot when reporting issues with level generation.
- Additionally, as requested, we've added head slot durability to the UI, and removed the armor name, as usually you remember what you're wearing and you can always shift-compare with what's on the ground.

Balance changes
- Summoner now has a damage gate - if you deal more than 80 damage before he takes his turn, all further damage is negated until that time. If you're faster than him, you might notice his health turning violet - don't bother shooting him then (later we'll add a nice shield effect once shields are in!).
- Barrel damage has been increased - this makes for more gibbing fun, but also might prove fatal if you're not careful!
- We've increased the amount of loot, too - common chests always drop at least 3 items, with special tier 1 chests and vaults appearing more often.
- Finally some more minor changes and the regular supply of bugfixes which all can be summed up in the full changelog below:

Full changelog
- NEW #1186 - Nightmare!
- NEW #1156 - Level events! 8 initial events, more to come!
- NEW #1188 - Gibbing! Overkill destroys corpses (useful in N!)
- NEW #1187 - Platinum and Diamond badges - requiring N!/UV
- NEW #1191 - plasma grenades - when a krak is not enough
- NEW #1192 - ADV AMP's - pistol, auto and shotgun
- CHANGE #1194 - HUD - short armor info, added helmet info
- CHANGE #1193 - challenge, diff, and world seed under level name
- CHANGE #1190 - Summoner damage gate (max 80 damage between turns)
- CHANGE #1188 - improved some death animation timing issues
- CHANGE #1191 - increased barrel damage values (be careful!)
- CHANGE #1191 - ADV helmets always have at least 3 mod capacity
- CHANGE #1191 - special tier 1 chests more common
- CHANGE #1191 - common chests drop at least 3 items
- CHANGE #1191 - increased the frequency of vaults
- CHANGE #1156 - player data skill ranks above "Captain"
- FIX #1191 - CAL L1 - removed some "not enough chests" cases
- FIX #1165 - Tyre Outpost headgear now properly AV3
- FIX #1165 - Entrenchment now displays proper resistance values
- FIX #1165 - fixed passing 100% kills for some requirements

What's next?
- We're working on a bigger feature, but it's taking more time than anticipated, so in the meantime we'll do a smaller content-focused release next. In hopefully two weeks you'll get 0.9.4 Europa, with various additions to level generation and other new stuff to explore. Until then, try not to fall victim to the Nightmare!

Standalone installers updated (0.9.2a ⇒ 0.9.3b): 11 September 2020.
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Changelog for Patch 0.9.4 (28 September 2020):

High time to attempt (no?) landings on Europa! 0.9.4 brings visual improvements to the snow-covered moon, along with revisiting of all it's generators, improvements to lighting and a brand new branch with a new special level! Additionally we added ice fiends and hyperblasters for ultimate splatter - read all about it below!

Asterius Habitat
- New Europa branch has been added - similarly to Callisto's branches two out of three will be generated, but for this patch only we made Asterius Habitat guaranteed to appear. As all branches it comes with its own special level, and apart from variations of old Habitat generators it actually has two new generator types that are currently fully unique to the branch.

Ice fiends
- Europa specific strain of the fiend has been added, pretty obviously cold-themed. This gives a nice counterpart to everyone's favorite cryoreavers and cryoberi :P

- The addition of the cell-powered chainfire weapon leaves us with only one basic weapon that still needs to make an appearance (no cookie for guessing which, but it will come ;) ). The hyperblaster correctly works with all chainfire related traits.

Nightmare balance
- We're generally pretty happy with how Nightmare turned out, it seems that almost all Diamond badges (apart from two) have already been acquired. However, two slight changes have been added. Respawned exalted will now only give experience on the first respawn (to prevent boring exp farming on level 1). To make the earlier levels more doable and less RNG-dependent, exalted soldiers on levels before Callisto L4 will now have worse equipment. This also applies to early regular game exalted spawns.

Masters and Traits
- We buffed two underpowered scout masters - Ghost now reduces Stealth cost to 15 (10 at Level 2) and Assassinate keeps your dodge value after the attack (which makes spamming it much safer). We also are looking to buff Wizard and Fireangel, the former will get stronger with the hack changes coming next patch, the latter will need to wait for Fire related changes in an upcoming status effect related patch.
- Marine's Furious now also generates +1/+2 Fury on kills that gib, making it a bit more useful and interesting trait, while Running cost is now 20 Fury independent of difficulty level.

Apart from the above we did some more balance and visual changes, full list below:
- NEW #1201 - Asterius Habitat branch added to Europa!
- NEW #1202 - Asterius Breach special level!
- NEW #1200 - ice fiend added!
- NEW #1199 - hyperblaster, and ADV hyperblaster! (plasma chain)
- CHANGE #1203 - ALL Europa generators revisted, improved visuals
- CHANGE #1204 - increased amount of generated lootboxes
- CHANGE #1198 - Refueling Base - better (weapon based) reward
- CHANGE #1198 - AoNYR - all enemies drop weapons (except respawns)
- CHANGE #1198 - weaker exalted soldier weapons pre-CalL4 (N! also)
- CHANGE #1198 - Nightmare - only the first respawn gives XP
- CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Ghost stealth costs now 15/10
- CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Assassinate buffed and keeps dodge
- CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Furious now generates +1/2 Fury on gib
- CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Running now costs a flat 20 Fury
- CHANGE #1198 - Europa L1 - less enemies on all difficulties
- CHANGE #1168 - improved Callisto mines caves lighting
- FIX #1198 - Limbo - safe zone added for reaver spawn

What's next?
- This was a slightly thinner release as we need some time to build up background tech for upcoming releases. Next up in 3-4 weeks we'll have 0.9.5 Terminal which will bring improvements to hacking and terminals in general, stay tuned!

Standalone installers updated (0.9.3b ⇒ 0.9.4): 29 September 2020.
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# JMB: As the game is near to end Early Access with coming final release version 1.0 on 05th August 2021,
#           I try to put the missing changelogs here so everyone can follow the progress ...
#           So look at the date of release for the changelog - not the date it was posted ... ;)


Jupiter Hell 0.9.5 - Advance!
Posted: Thu, October 29, 2020 @ 6:00 PM CET

Time to bring the game to the next level with 0.9.5 "Advance"!
Three major pillars of this release are new Traits (and improvements to old
ones), fully perk-based ADV equipment, and a new perk-based item modding
system - read all about it below!

Character Advancement

Four new traits have been added, each with an important role to fill.

Marine got Army Surplus, which is his way to deal with ammo shortage.
Useful on challenge runs, and when Bulletstorm is eating way to many bullets.

Scout gets two new traits - first is Executioner, which buffs both early-
(and late-) game melee, and also close-range shotgun or SMG play as well!
That trait is borderline overpowered right now, so be sure to play around
with it before we nerf it :). The other trait is Stealth Hack - which starts
off a possibility of hacking builds for Scout - these will become more
powerful with the next release (Terminal).
Tech gets Toxicologist, which we hope will become a base of builds of its own -
starting what we hope will be elemental builds for the various classes
(more such traits will come later). Changing your defensive Smoke screen
skill to a offensive toxic cloud can be quite fun!
Apart from that, there are slight changes in some traits (i.e. Dash and
Assassinate got slight nerfs due to Executioner), some overhauls (Tough as
Nails now grants raw armor value, like it did in DRL), and improvements
(Bloodhound has a short-range heat vision, Powerjack works with stations and
ammo terminals), as well as a big buff to Adrenaline - now costs 30 Fury
irrespective of difficulty and grants a 5-second buff that protects from pain.

ADVanced Equipment

We removed all non-perk based stat changes for ADV equipment - all stat changes
are now based on perks and the perk amount (and quality) depends on the ADV
item tier. Those perks are now also displayed in the postmortem for you to
brag about if you find a particularly broken piece.

All non-ADV AMPs have been removed, and instead ADV general AMPs have been

The perk pool has been significantly increased, mostly for general AMPs but
also for headgear, armors and weapons.

ADV Perk-based Modding

The old trio of Accuracy, Bulk and Power packs is still present, but instead
of increasing stats, they provide a choice of perks you can apply to your
equipment. Usually you pick one of two, but Whizkid increases the pool size.
The perk pool is deterministic and depends on the item type and group.

ADV weapons have the regular amount of mod slots, so this can get to a
ridiculous number of perk counts.

We are aware that this, along with the ADV changes, actually makes the game
a bit harder, but also allows for more diversity in items (instead of just
counting on a high-damage ADV pumped with P-mods). The trait changes offset
this a bit, and further balance changes should bring the difficulty back to
what it was.

Medkit and Stimpack Improvements

All medkits and stimpacks clear all negative buffs. Additionally, stimpacks
protect the user from negative buffs for the duration of the Stimmed buff.

Other Balance Changes

We buffed all mid-tier melee weapons to make the progress between them more
fluid. Knife and Demonic Sword stay the same, chainsaw got a small nerf -
all others do more damage.

Angel of Mercy now won't reduce health from exalted kills which should bring
it a bit closer to "doable" on Nightmare.


Most notably, enemies won't accidentally melee each other - which prevents
unintended infighting and protects the player from friendly melee attacks.
Assassinate now properly works on the secret level, and there won't be any
more secure vaults on Asterius (which could block game progress completely).
Read the full changelog below for more:

Full changelog
Beta 0.9.5 - Advance - October 29, 2020
NEW #1210 - Trait - Marine - Army Surplus!
NEW #1208 - Trait - Scout - Executioner!
NEW #1097 - Trait - Scout - Stealth Hack!
NEW #1208 - Trait - Tech - Toxicologist!
NEW #1205 - mods overhaul - mods now grant keywords!
NEW #1192 - general utility ADV AMPs added
NEW #1192 - several new AMP, armor, head perks added
NEW #1192 - ADV perks displayed in post mortem
CHANGE #1216 - all med and stimpacks clear negative status effects
CHANGE #1216 - stims protect from all status effects for duration
CHANGE #1205 - Whizkid increases also perk selection when modding
CHANGE #1192 - ADV weapons may roll with multiple status effects
CHANGE #1192 - removed all non-ADV amps, AMPs are perk-only
CHANGE #1192 - all ADV armors, helmets, visors are perk-only
CHANGE #1192 - all ADV weapons are perk-only
CHANGE #1208 - Nerfed Assassinate due to Executioner
CHANGE #1208 - Dash no longer provides a crit-chance bonus
CHANGE #1097 - Scout loses packrat, Scavenger now reqs Gun Hoarder
CHANGE #1210 - Adrenaline now adds buff that protects from pain
CHANGE #1210 - Adrenaline costs 30 Fury independent of difficulty
CHANGE #1210 - Bloodhound additionally detects enemies at range 2
CHANGE #1210 - Tough as Nails grants armor instead of pain reduct
CHANGE #1210 - Reloader - L1 is -50% when empty, L2 gives 50% DR
CHANGE #1210 - Powerjack - works with stations and ammo terminals
CHANGE #1215 - buffed all mid-range melee weapon damage a bit
CHANGE #1212 - Angel of Mercy wont reduce health for exalted kills
FIX #1208 - Energy Leech was giving 1 point too much energy
FIX #1207 - Assassinate now properly works on secret level
FIX #1208 - no more secure vaults on Asterius
FIX #1209 - enemies will no longer accidentally melee attack
FIX #1214 - fixed cleared events/levels on Nightmare!

What's next?
Initially, this update was supposed to be "Terminal" with improvements to
terminals and hacking, but we got sidetracked with a revamp of the ADV and
modding system. Hence, 0.9.6 Terminal is coming next - expect it within
3-4 weeks from now!

P.S. There are some issues with OSX builds, we're working on them right now!

EDIT : 0.9.5a hotfix!
FIX - fixed values for Critical, Molten, Barbed and Guarded mod perks
FIX - ADV dual shotgun has now proper amount of mod slots
CHANGE - single shot auto weapons now have perks at level 4 instead of 1
CHANGE - armors can be modded multiple times with the same mod (Whizkid)
CHANGE - Assassinate nerfed - no more refund, no critical damage bonuses

Note to OSX users on Steam - Mac version should now work, however the
directory structure has changed, hence did the location of the player data.
If you want to restore your player data you need to copy it from the
old location:
$HOME/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Jupiter Hell/
$HOME/Library/Application Support/ChaosForge/JupiterHell

You'll be interested mostly in player.dat, maybe configuration.lua.

# Source:

Offline installer (Lin): 0.9.4 (41586) => 0.9.4 (41941) => 0.9.5a (42428) [14. Oct. / 05. Nov. 2020]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.6 - Terminal!
Posted: Tue, December 22, 2020 @ 7:00 PM CET

It's been a bit longer than usual, but we're back to present you a new release
of Jupiter Hell - 0.9.6 Terminal! This release features upgraded terminals,
enhancements to hacking, stacking elemental damage, 20 new weapon/armor perks,
revisited mod pack perk lists and more!

Terminal upgrade
Apart from obvious visual changes, there are also new options, as well as
reorganizing old options into modules. You can extract multitools from
terminals and stations with charges, but you also can charge terminals with
the multitools you have - hence multitools become a universal currency that
can be traded for terminal bonuses, health upgrades, mods, ADV equpiment,
'nades or ammo :). You'll also notice that terminals now have more information
about their options and the environment. We're also preparing everything for
further expansions, expect at least one more top-level module!

Hacking upgrade
Most notably we added the Broadcast option, with information on currently
hacked bots, and the ability to mass send commands. Remote Hack will bring up
the Broadcast interface if no valid target for hacking is present.
Additionally, we improved the behavior of the current commands like HUNT and
WAIT. Finally, and probably the most important QOL change gameplay-wise -
you won't accidentally hit your bots, nor will they accidentally hit you!
Oh, the glory of IFF protocols :P.

Stacking elemental damage
Fire, Bleed and Poison now stack. Be wary as this is a very double-edged sword!
This brings elemental perks, items and skills to a whole new damage potential,
and gives more value to protection perks, stims and medkits. Let's just say
that after the first iteration we had to give the Summoner some poison
resistance, as he tended to die from just one gas grenade :P.

New perks and mod pack lists
Each of the 3 basic mod packs (power, bulk and accuracy) now has 5 possible
perks - to get to the last (usually strongest) perk, you'll need Whizkid 2.
We noticed our perk pool was quite weak with some options - especially
shotguns, launchers and helmets, so we added 20 (!) new perks to the pools.
18 of those are accessible via standard mod packs.

The new perks have also been added to the ADV weapon/armor/headslot potential
roll lists too!

Finally, as this seems to be a release where Technician finally gets some love,
we decided to give him a new Grenadier trait as an icing on the cake :).

Minor changes
The FAST keyword on exalted enemies (especially reavers) has been nerfed.
Acid and plasma damage won't damage armor as much as it did. Also, grenades
will no longer accidentally hit cover right in front of you (sorry Blind!).

Beta 0.9.6 - Terminal - December 22, 2020
NEW #1223 - Broadcast (command all) option added to hacking
NEW #1223 - Broadcast and hack UI gives info on current bots
NEW #1223 - Remote Hack will Broadcast if no target
NEW #1220 - you can now mass hack drones at terminals
NEW #1220 - you can initiate purge mode from terminals
NEW #1220 - Recon module in terminals shows exist in branch
NEW #1217 - fire, poison and bleed damage now stacks/degrades!
NEW #1232 - Tech Trait - Grenadier!
NEW #1227 - 20 new weapon/armor/helmet perks!
NEW #1227 - expanded power, bulk and accuracy pack perk lists!
CHANGE #1227 - new perks added to current ADV perk lists
CHANGE #1218 - you can now charge stations with 1 multitool/charge
CHANGE #1218 - you can now extract stimpacks from medical stations
CHANGE #1218 - manufacture stations have more options
CHANGE #1222 - Protocol - HUNT tracking improved
CHANGE #1223 - Protocol - WAIT will not try to chase enemies
CHANGE #1222 - improved pathfinding for enemies
CHANGE #1219 - grenades will no longer hit cover right in front
CHANGE #1224 - hacked bots will no longer hit allies and player
CHANGE #1224 - player will no longer accidentally hit allies
CHANGE #1223 - using a multitool to repair bot fully repairs it
CHANGE #1229 - enemies alerted by sound event will "idle" sound
CHANGE #1217 - acid and plasma will damage armor a little less
CHANGE #1221 - FAST exalted only affects movement speed
CHANGE #1217 - FAST reavers will start to appear 4 levels later
FIX #1223 - Wizard L2 description and summon name fixed
FIX #1217 - fixed negative status lingering after level change
FIX #1217 - fixed min-range coloring

What's next
Next release will be 0.9.7 Expanse, where we will expand the length of
the episodes to 7 levels each, add a new tileset, new branches, and
overhaul the exotic weapons! The release should be out the 11th or 18th of
January - stay tuned!

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Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.5a (42428) => 0.9.6 (44150) [14. Feb. 2021]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 - Expanse! + full release date announcement!
Posted: Mon, February 22, 2021 @ 7:01 PM CET
Game got larger! Longer moons, 4 new branches, many new generators,
4 new special levels and a massive trait rework too!

Took us a bit more time, but this release is HUGE! Jupiter Hell 0.9.7 Expanse
features larger moons, mid-point levels, new generators for second halfs of
the moons, 4 new branches and 4 new special levels, much improved monster
placement and lists, and on top of that a huge rework of traits!
But before we go into detail - there’s an important announcement we need
to make.

Full release date and new publisher

Jupiter Hell
has been in Early Access for 18 months now, and we’ve been providing you with
a - more or less - steady stream of updates featuring new content, bug fixes,
polish, and implementations of your feedback. It’s about time we announce our
full release plans.

With 5 more regular monthly updates to go, we’re getting ready to release
Jupiter Hell 1.0 on the 5th of August, 2021. To make the most of the full
release, we’re teaming up with Hyperstrange, the developer of ELDERBORN and
POSTAL: Brain Damaged, who will assume the role of the publisher.

Hyperstrange are good old friends and great fans and supporters of Jupiter Hell.
Their ELDERBORN is an Early Access success story, and we’re convinced that
if an indie dev needs a publisher at all, they should bring some unique
perspective and understanding to the table. Hyperstrange does.
They’re already around our Discord, so if you have any questions for them -
don’t hesitate to ask!
The first obvious question we can answer right here, right now:
yes, we do have updates planned beyond the full release, which also aligns
us with Hyperstrange, who also support and expand their games post-launch.

So, there it is - six more months until full release. We’re excited, and we’re
shifting gears on the development. Now, back to regular programming!
Here's what the Expanse update brings to Jupiter Hell:

Expanded moons
Each of the three moons now sports 7 levels. Each moon has a midpoint level,
with dedicated generators at level 4. Each moon has different new generators
for its latter half, to provide for a more varied and interesting experience
when traveling the main route. Additionally, due to the moons being larger,
each moon will connect to three branches.

New branches
A total of four branches have been added - Callisto Rift, Europa Ruins,
Shadow Halls and Noxious Mines. Each new branch has a new special level,
Noxious Mines use the old Noxious Hollow, while Infernal Lock has been added
to Io main route. Especially of note are Europa Ruins and Shadow Halls which
feature a brand new tileset, and especially interesting special levels ;)

Expanded traits
As if that were not enough there is a HUGE expansion of traits. Every trait
has now 3 levels, and while some higher levels are just additional stats,
among the expanded traits some have completely new (or significantly
revamped) effects!
Listing every change in this department would make this post longer than
anyone would care to read so either read the descriptions in game,
or the massive changelog below!
Interesting traits to note are the new Sysop trait, the Headshot trait
enhancements (and changing it to a on cooldown effect so you can now take
it with Wizard), 3 levels of Toxicologist, the scout Infiltrator trait,
the really fun 2 new levels of Remote Hack, the redesigned Swashbuckler
trait, the new Cover Master trait... actually, you'd just better fire up
the game and read the trait descriptions anew :D
You'll be able to take advantage of the new trait levels, as the expanded
moons result in more XP!
As we merged some traits together, and removed a few underused traits,
we're left some space to add new exciting traits in the future too!

Monster generation
The game we all know is known for its huge fights, and Jupiter Hell can't
be any different! Monsters now more often get generated in larger packs,
especially at higher difficulties, leading to more exciting fights and
a better challenge once you're already rocking that Master Trait of
choice ;). We also balanced late game spawns better - Io and Beyond won't
be a cakewalk anymore.

Full Changelog
That's no moon, it's the changelog!
Beta 0.9.7 - Expanse - February 22, 2021
NEW #1235 - all moons are an extra level longer
NEW #1235 - Callisto Hub midpoint level
NEW #1235 - Callisto - second part has new generators
NEW #1244 - Callisto - new branch - Callisto Rift
NEW #1247 - Callisto - Callisto Rift special level
NEW #1235 - Europa - Concourse midpoint level
NEW #1235 - Europa - second part has new generators
NEW #1245 - Europa - new branch - Europa Ruins
NEW #1248 - Europa - new special level - Frozen Temple
NEW #1235 - Io - Nexus mipoint level
NEW #1235 - Io - second part has new generators
NEW #1235 - Io - Noxious Mines branch added (Noxious Hollow)
NEW #1253 - Io - Infernal Lock special level added (Io main)
NEW #1246 - Io - Shadow Halls branch added
NEW #1249 - Io - new special level - Dark Cathedral
NEW #1235 - toxic fiend added
NEW #1262 - enemies will appear in mixed packs and swarms
NEW #1237 - all traits have now 3 levels! See below:
CHANGE #1236 - master traits are available now at levels 8,11,14
CHANGE #1237 - Skilled perk goes up to level 3 with more bonuses
CHANGE #1240 - Juggler is now a 3 level trait with more bonuses
CHANGE #1238 - Gun Hoarder and Packrat merged into 3 level trait
CHANGE #1237 - Networker and Tinkerer merged into 3 lev Sysop
CHANGE #1241 - Son of a Gun and Gunslinger go up to level 3
CHANGE #1241 - SoG and Gunslinger affect optimal range (not acc)
CHANGE #1241 - Headshot now a 3 level skill used on cooldown
CHANGE #1241 - Headshot no longer blocks Wizard
CHANGE #1237 - Toxicologist now 3 levels (more damage, nades!)
CHANGE #1237 - Energy Leech now 3 levs (lootbox energy, nonmelee)
CHANGE #1237 - Stealth Hack -> Infiltrator (loot/term detect)
CHANGE #1237 - Remote Hack gets 3 levels (autohacking!)
CHANGE #1237 - Golddigger merged into Infiltrator
CHANGE #1238 - Scout Whizkid requires Eagle Eye (usable on AoLT)
CHANGE #1237 - Whizkid now 3 levels, L2 and L3 increase capacity
CHANGE #1237 - Executioner now 3 levels (value nerf, inc range)
CHANGE #1237 - Swashbuckler up to 3 levels (critical buff!)
CHANGE #1237 - Juggernaut, Rip'n'Tear and Bladedancer now 3 levs
CHANGE #1237 - Blademaster buff- melee damage bonus at L2 and L3
CHANGE #1237 - Hellrunner modified to 3 levels, dodge adjusted
CHANGE #1237 - Dodgemaster now 3 levels (L2 min dodge, L3 max)
CHANGE #1237 - Dash gets 3 levels, adds damage reduction
CHANGE #1237 - Running now 3 levels (cost and cooldown reduced)
CHANGE #1237 - Bloodhound now 3 levels (up to full reveal)
CHANGE #1237 - Angry Mofo now 3 levels (more damage and resist)
CHANGE #1237 - Powerjack and Field Medic now 3 levels
CHANGE #1237 - Scavenger now 3 levels (convert to cells/rockets)
CHANGE #1237 - Grenadier has now 3 levels (more,gibs,explosion)
CHANGE #1237 - Eagle Eye has now 3 levels (different ranges)
CHANGE #1237 - Reloader and Army Surplus has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1237 - Ironman goes up to level 3 (for +60 health total)
CHANGE #1237 - Tough as Nails and Hacking has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1237 - Sustained Fire and Furious has additional L3 level
CHANGE #1242 - Pinpoint merged into Deadly Precision (3 levels)
CHANGE #1237 - Hunker Down, Steady Shot and Incoming merged into
a 3 level trait for both Marine and Tech
CHANGE #1237 - Cancel/Escape when modding returns a menu level up
CHANGE #1235 - ice fiend health buffed
CHANGE #1237 - removed Gun Kata accuracy penalty
CHANGE #1237 - removed +1 opt from Sharpshooter
CHANGE #1237 - Vampyre L1/L2 heals less but minimum 5hp
CHANGE #1237 - removed Shottyman, Reload Dance and Second Wind
CHANGE #1237 - removed Die Hard
CHANGE #1237 - swapped Momentum and Vampyre mod tier for melee
CHANGE #1251 - balanced the enemy lists, Hard+ late game harder!
CHANGE #1251 - earliest reaver infestations 2 levels later
CHANGE #1251 - more exalted will spawn on Hard+ on Io/Beyond
CHANGE #1251 - EASY has same amount of enemies as MEDIUM
FIX #1235 - fixed issues with inaccessible floors in Beyond
FIX #1235 - Beyond L3 will properly reveal last 3 enemies
FIX #1237 - medical station states its 160 health max
FIX #1237 - medical health inc wont eat a charge at 160 health
FIX #1237 - skills that reveal will work with ammo terminals
FIX #1237 - zero-time weapon swap will update target info
FIX #1257 - exalted fiends with ranged attack fixed
FIX #1261 - Gun Kata no longer works in the Abyss
FIX #1260 - SHIFT-F will trigger Swashbuckler melee in-place
FIX #1235 - fixed a few rare issues with BSP generators

What's next
Next release is tentatively named 0.9.8 Resolve, will be out within the next
month, and will bring a lot more agency to the player ;)

That’s it for today. May RNG be forever in your favor!


Chaosforge & HyperStrange

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Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.6 (44150) => 0.9.7a (45141) => 0.9.7b (45343) => 0.9.7c (45619) [24. Feb. 2021/05. March 2021/16. March 2021]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.8 - Message!
Message brings you terminal messages, Journal, intermission screens,
improves Exotics, AV items, item perks and more!
Posted: Mon, April 12, 2021 @ 6:58 PM CEST

Jupiter Hell 0.9.8 "Message" is live! The four major features of this version
are the terminal messages (and their Journal storage!), intermission screens,
buffed AV items and improved exotic weapons! See for yourself!

Terminal messages
Apart from being a lore source, this is also the first stage of Jupiter Hell's
take on "quests". Some of the messages you'll find will have information on
items, events or other content that is available later in the levels,
possibly affecting your branch choice. In later versions these will become
more complex, up to full "quest" chains.
Don't worry, the important shit is highlighted, so you can safely ignore all
the useless flavor text immersive narration ;)
All messages that have information related to the gameplay world can be
downloaded to your journal. All plot exposition-only messages are grayed out.

Intermission screens
What would be a Doo^D^D^D... shooter roguelike
without intermission screens? At the end of each moon you get a screen
highlighting your kill, loot and special level completion count, along
with a rolling tally.

AV items and perks rework
When was the last time you were excited by a AV1 drop? Well, from this version
on you might decide to take a closer look at all of them.
We decided that AV weapons will have fewer traits but definitely stronger
(in particular stronger effects than those you can get from mods).
AV1 weapons have one common perk, AV2 have two, and AV3 weapons have one
common and one advanced perk. Oh, didn't mention - perks have now rarity
tiers - common, advanced and exotic ;).

Exotic weapons
Not only did we do a balance pass on all the exotic weapons to make them
something a lot more exciting to find, we also gave EACH exotic its
dedicated unique perk. Some of those are really interesting and fun,
and give each exotic its own personality.

Balance changes
We nerfed a bit the two outlier perks in the mod selection to make builds
less reliable on Whizkid, and decreased the modability of some weapons,
especially AV ones as they roll with much stronger perks now. We've also
split elemental immunity sources into resistance and full immunity.
Two resistance sources will usually give you immunity. As far as buffs go,
there's a lot more terminals, stations etc in the game, as well as extra
stuff to find from message sources, and a guaranteed Mk1 manufacture
station on Europa L1. This is even more useful, as now you can manufacture
some rarer base weapons (the orange kind) at those stations too.
Oh, and the non-AV findable melee weapons got buffed!

Several small things have been fixed, but most importantly we've addressed
various issues related to inaccessible rooms and vaults blocking paths to

Beta 0.9.8 - Message - April 12, 2021
NEW #1322 - Data module in terminals with messages!
NEW #1321 - Journal screen with important message store!
NEW #1319 - storable information messages with world effect
NEW #1323 - big set of flavor messages for terminals
NEW #1285 - Intermission screens between moons and on win!
NEW #1233 - exotics have their dedicated perks + 1 random!
NEW #1311 - AV items now have 1 or 2 perks, but stronger!
NEW #1310 - couple new perks available through modding
NEW #1310 - item perks now have tiers (common, adv, exotic)
CHANGE #1233 - exotic weapons once again drop from special boxes
CHANGE #1309 - base weapon manufacture at manufacture stations
CHANGE #1309 - Europa L1 has a Mk1 manufacture station
CHANGE #1315 - reload times equal or greater to 2 turns buffed
CHANGE #1295 - most resistance sources are only part effective
CHANGE #1310 - removed advanced perks from regular mod lists
CHANGE #1306 - non-ADV-capable melee weapons buffed slightly
CHANGE #0642 - fixed most outstanding ASCII mode bugs
CHANGE #1310 - mod capacity of ADV weapons 1 lower than regular
CHANGE #1310 - high mod capacity of many weapons reduced by 1
CHANGE #1310 - item view shows total mod capacity incl. Whizkid
CHANGE #1316 - terminals are guaranteed on events that use them
CHANGE #1323 - Callisto L2, Europa L2 and Io L2 have terminals
CHANGE #1314 - auto weapons split into semi, auto and rotary
CHANGE #1314 - semi weapons now have their own level rewards
CHANGE #1233 - massively increased the start ammo on AoHubris
FIX #1323 - terminal will always be reachable from the entry
FIX #0642 - broadcast wont trigger powerjack anymore
FIX #1324 - extra stealth shots will now properly stack
FIX #1295 - partial resistances fixed
FIX #1295 - archreavers properly acid-resistant
FIX #1312 - fixed sustain perk overflow and shot cost bug
FIX #1307 - vaults will no longer block paths to elevators
FIX #1308 - Europa Ruins inaccessible rooms fixed

What's next
We're going to bring you a content patch next, in around 3 weeks, with
basically "more!" - more actionable message stuff, more exotics, more events
and more perks, stay tuned!

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Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.7c (45619) => 0.9.8a (46357) [16. April 2021]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.9 - More!
Posted: Mon, May 3, 2021 @ 7:04 PM CEST
More brings you more messages, more mini-levels, more animation, more trait
usage options and more exotics!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.9 "More" is live! We bring you more message-objectives, more
objective mechanics, more animation improvements, more trait and station
usage options, and many, many, MANY more exotics! Want to know more?
See for yourself, and read all about it below!

Our unique objective system moves to stage 2 - now one of the three branches
per moon is locked, and a message will tell you how to unlock it.
More importantly, we introduced mini-level quests, also found through messages,
that pose bite-sized optional challenges with potential for really good loot!
There are four types of mini-levels of different challenge, rewards and
rarity, and all of them have randomized layouts.

The amount of exotics in the game has been more than DOUBLED! Among many new
exotics, each with their own unique and interesting perk, you'll notice that
now you can find exotic armors and exotic headgear. Some of these are class
specific, giving class specific perks - don't worry, they only appear in
the loot pool if you play the matching class :).
Oh, almost forgot - there are two REALLY powerful and rare exotic mods to
be found!

Several internal improvements to the animation system have been made.
The out facing effects are much better directional tracking (like in Onslaught
or enemy bot turrets), finally the intended door animations, camera movement
improvements and actual elevator doors. Most notably however the player and
human enemies will now lean when shooting from behind a corner!

Also ... the player can also be gibbed, so don't throw plasma grenades
under your feet.

Trait options
The first thing you'll notice is that you can now delay trait choices for
later - maybe you want to decide what build to go for based on the messages
found in the Callisto L2 terminal? Maybe you're keeping a Ironman level
in store for a small emergency heal? Anyway, you can store trait points and
spend them any time in the trait view of your player menu.
The other thing is buffs to three master traits - Onslaught (apart from
improved animation) will now work with automatics and SMGs, and will benefit
from Sustained Fire. Additionally, the L1 dodge penalty has been reduced to
-30%. Survivor now grants a critical chance bonus dependent on your HP
(and has changed prereqs), and Blademaster/Bladedancer have now kinda
switched places. You can dual wield blades using Bladedancer and Blademaster
gives you automatic attacks after move (Blade-kata? :P).

Station options
Manufacture stations now have the dismantle option, so if you bring an extra
multitool to charge them you can manufacture a new weapon and transfer your
old mods to it at the same time.
Technical stations now have an Auto-calibration option. For the cost of one
charge you can add a very interesting perk to your weapon, check it out
(auto-calibration comes also in a kit form). Oh, and repairing at technical
station always fully repairs at the cost of that single multitool!

New enemy generation algorithm
Enemy count and type that is placed in a level is now based on the experience
they give - hence we get a much more consistent level progression and danger
level. XP gains between difficulty levels have also been normalized.
As a bonus, Callisto L1 is now guaranteed to give you your first trait if
you clear all enemies!

Angel of Exaltation
We noticed that all existing challenges have been beaten on Nightmare, so
we're adding Angel of Exaltation for the 1% of crazy marines out there.
Like Nightmare, this Challenge isn't even remotely fair! You've been warned!

Minor changes and fixes
Knives have now 50% swap time (why didn't they?), the special loader mod is
no more, but a sustain mod is in its' place! Whizkid L2 doesn't grant an
extra mod slot, but mod slot counts have been improved.

Quite a few bugs have been squashed, including most importantly one that's
been with the game since 0.9.0 that produced an invisible player duplicate.
Several Vulkan memory leaks have been squashed, improving stability.

Full Changelog
Beta 0.9.9 - More - May 3, 2021
NEW #1243 - message destinations - 4 kinds (mini-levels)!
NEW #1243 - 1 of the 3 branches on each moon we'll be locked!
NEW #1336 - 6 new exotic armors with unique perks!
NEW #1337 - 6 new exotic headgear with unique perks!
NEW #1339 - 4 new exotic weapons with unique perks!
NEW #1338 - 2 rare new exotic mods to be found!
NEW #1330 - you can store trait choices for later!
NEW #1264 - Angel of Exaltation!
NEW #1317 - XP based monster generation!
NEW #1218 - auto-calibration at tech stations and in kits!
CHANGE #1282 - leaning animation for around corner shots
CHANGE #1317 - player always gets level 2 if clearing Cali L1
CHANGE #1294 - Bladedancer is now the blade dual-wield trait
CHANGE #1294 - Blademaster allows free attacks after a move
CHANGE #1331 - Onslaught works with autos and SMGs
CHANGE #1331 - Onslaught now works with Sustained Fire
CHANGE #1331 - Onslaught L1 dodge penalty reduced to -30%
CHANGE #1333 - Survivor grants critical chance bonus
CHANGE #1333 - Angry Mo-fo and Survivor changed prereqs
CHANGE #1329 - technical station now fully repairs armor
CHANGE #1218 - manufacture stations now have dismantle option
CHANGE #1327 - all base items now have 4 mod capacity
CHANGE #1327 - AV1 items have 1 less, AV2+ have 2 less capacity
CHANGE #1327 - only Whizkid L3 grants extra mod capacity
CHANGE #1338 - loader mod pack removed, sustain mod pack added
CHANGE #1328 - knife has 50% swap time
CHANGE #1334 - door animations now look as intended
CHANGE #1100 - better visual rotation tracking
CHANGE #0101 - elevators have animated doors
CHANGE #1203 - camera behavior changed
CHANGE #1203 - player can be gibbed
CHANGE #0068 - camera zoom/pan modes (WIP)
FIX #1335 - fixed some Secure Vault events clearing on enter
FIX #1332 - fixed barrel direction for Onslaught
FIX #1327 - ADV armor and helmets properly inherit stats
FIX #1332 - fixed rare issue with duplicate invisible player

What's next
Next update, 0.9.10 "Unique" will come to you around May 31, and will feature
unique items (duh!), improvement to graphical effects, and some non-unique
stuff that I'm sure you'll enjoy ;)

# Source:

Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.8a (46357) => 0.9.9 (46807) => 0.9.9a (46860) => 0.9.9b (47025) [04. May 2021/06. May/13. May 2021]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 - Medusa!
Posted: Sat, June 5, 2021 @ 6:53 PM CEST
Medusa brings you the eponymous first true endgame enemy, the BIG gun,
the railgun, melee exotics and more!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 "Medusa"* is live! The highlights of this release are
the eponymous enemy, the BIG gun everyone has been waiting for, melee
exotics and AMPs, the railgun, UI and FX improvements, rerolling AV perks
in manufacture stations, new message-quests, trait upgrades and more!
See for yourself and read all about it below!


Jupiter Hell has been lacking truly endgame enemies, since our lovely Summoner
subs for the end boss currently. Well this changes today, with the Medusa and
its far more dangerous Archmedusa cousin. Be careful, as even a optimized
build that steamrolls the endgame may find themselves in a tricky situation
when faced with this foe! Oh, and in the meantime, the Summoner didn't want
to stay behind, so he got a buff too!

The BIG guns!

Yes, you know what I'm writing about. The Big F*cking you know what is finally
here. Small hint - search for it in CRI Armory or Black Site Vaults.
Oh, and another golden era weapon makes its appearance too - the railgun ;).

Melee exotics and AMPs

Melee weapons finally got the treatment of their ranged counterparts - 7 new
exotic melee weapons are too be found, as well as dedicated melee AMPs!

Perk rerolling

Get more control over your AV items (and non-exotic exotic item perks) with
the new option available at Mk2 and Mk3 manufacturing stations. A fistful of
multitools is the only thing standing between you and your god roll.

UI and FX improvements

Enemy health bars flash indicating the max damage your weapon can do. Barrel
explosions nicely chain now. FPS drops from massive amounts of debris are
reduced, dissapearing lights have been fixed (though reduce your simple light
count in the options if you're on a low-end GPU), top-right damage info for
weapons with crit has been improved, and a few minor changes here!

Trait upgrades

Several minor changes have been made (see changelog below), but the major ones
are a much more interesting and powerful Infiltrator L2 and L3, a much more
user friendly Juggernaut, Vampyre with armor regeneration, and Swashbuckler
finally working as intended!

New message-quests

Each release we improve on the message-quest system, and each release the
objectives become more complex. We will always keep them keyword based, and
always picking the message up will be optional. This time however, you might
want to stick to some, to know what you're getting yourself into ;)

Minor changes and fixes

Several major bugfixes have been made. Most notably the Volatile Storage crash
should happen no more, and the event looks way more fun too. Several small
buffs have been added (i.e. Point Blank now works in ranges 1-2). Oh, and
Nightmare! got it's enemy accuracy buff back. No longer will anyone say it's
easier than UV ;).

Full Changelog
Beta 0.9.10 - Medusa - June 5, 2021
NEW #0683 - Medusa - dangerous end-game enemy!
NEW #1353 - new exotic - the big gun you've been waiting for!
NEW #1352 - new exotic - railgun!
NEW #1370 - 7 new exotic melee weapons!
NEW #1371 - added melee AMPs with appropriate perks
NEW #1258 - UI - enemy health bar flashing damage indicator
NEW #1383 - Mk2 m-facture stations can reroll basic perks
NEW #1383 - Mk3 m-facture stations can also reroll adv perks
NEW #1320 - 30 new message-"quests"!
CHANGE #1369 - SPACE now reactivates station you're standing on
CHANGE #1386 - Mk2 stations moved post-Callisto, Mk3 post-Europa
CHANGE #1386 - AV3's generally not present on Callisto
CHANGE #1379 - Nightmare once again has UV enemy accuracy buff
CHANGE #1384 - Infiltrator L2 and L3 much more interesting!
CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut protects from all frontal attacks
CHANGE #1384 - Juggernaut values slightly lower to offset
CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre reduced to 5%/5%/10%
CHANGE #1381 - Vampyre L2+ heals armor on mech/semi-mech kills
CHANGE #1378 - Summoner fight made harder (esp UV+)
CHANGE #1357 - SusFire, Onslaught are not reset by free actions
CHANGE #1359 - Point Blank perk works in range 1-2
CHANGE #1359 - Retailiate adds full pain percentage to damage
CHANGE #1359 - Durable perk now doubles durability
CHANGE #1358 - bullet visuals match game effects (not physics)
CHANGE #1365 - improved light and sprite fade effects
CHANGE #1373 - removed unused Feet slot from equipment
CHANGE #1373 - added world seed to mortem
CHANGE #1368 - light defaults changed (shotgun light artefacts)
CHANGE #1377 - no reaver infestations on Callisto
CHANGE #1375 - ongoing sounds very quiet on menus and endgame
CHANGE #1292 - changed turret AI and buffed CRI turrets
CHANGE #1258 - better damage info for Crit > 100%
CHANGE #1382 - barrel explosion chains properly chain
CHANGE #1382 - physics properly throttle and chain
CHANGE #1328 - most melee weapons have their swap time halved
CHANGE #1328 - Swashbuckler buffed to compensate for swap time
CHANGE #1384 - damage resist effects properly reduce pain
CHANGE #1385 - AoLT - no extra gun, doesn't block Hoarder
CHANGE #1372 - red keycards more common
FIX #1385 - fixed Swashbuckler zero-time swap not working
FIX #1213 - volatile storage level crashes fixed
FIX #1213 - Volatile Storage has a barrel count cap
FIX #1213 - mass explosions won't kill the music anymore
FIX #1372 - CRI bot Mk2 properly uses his weapons
FIX #1361 - fixed t-pose after teleport
FIX #1376 - disabled enemies no longer progress calibration
FIX #1375 - fixed rare edge case of rotary sound after death
FIX #1292 - enemies properly detect that they are attacked
FIX #1385 - hidden special levels wont show up on Recon
FIX #1384 - you can no longer re-hack/disable from Security
FIX #1384 - sentries in CalSec can no longer be hacked
FIX #1384 - fixed red-locked/active-locked branch elevators
FIX #1384 - drones hacked via terminal will have control

What's next

We're slowly leading to the 1.0 release, but keep your eyes open for 0.9.11
with balance changes, more content, generator improvements, and possibly
bigger features ;)

The game is now available 20% off, only until Monday, June 7, 9:00AM PST.

*Yeah, we remember the update was supposed to be called "Unique", but
"Unique" isn't as unique as "Medusa", wouldn't you agree?

# Source:

Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.9b (47025) => 0.9.10d (47673) [11. June 2021]
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Jupiter Hell 0.9.11 - Curio!
Posted: Mon, June 28, 2021 @ 6:59 PM CEST
Curio brings us potentially run-changing rare drops: unique items & relics!
UI FX improvements, balance changes & more!

Jupiter Hell 0.9.11 "Curio" is live!
The highlights of this release are potentially run changing new powerful
drops - unique weapons, armor and helmets and minor and major relics for
the new relic slot! Additionally UI/FX improvements and the regular update
of balance changes and fixes (yes, we fixed the Apple M1 white background
finally!). See for yourself and read all about it below!
Note that the changelist might be a bit smaller than the previous updates -
we've been working hard this release cycle to make Jupiter Hell fully
translatable - you'll be hearing more about this soon!

Unique items

A whopping total of 26 unique items have been added to the game!
These are not your run of the mill advanced items, or even exotics.
Each unique item comes with its own unique perk, and moreover can be
improved by using it. Each item is potentially a game winning item,
and even if it doesn't fit your build, it might make you consider changing it,
or be a great backup tool.

One unique item is guaranteed to appear if you clear out all encountered
special levels. Another may rarely show up in the wild (sometimes more,
especially on the lower difficulties). And there's one more guaranteed way
to obtaining a unique item - secret, but a hint may be found in the changelog
below ;).

Additionally, for those privy to the secrets of the Shattered Abyss -
the demonic sword was elevated to Unique status ;).

Finally there's a new Player Data page that lists all the uniques and relics
you've found, additionally to exotics too (although unfortunately this is
not retroactive, as we didn't gather this data before).


Relics are basically magical monster guts. Who doesn't like magical monster
guts? They come with their own equipment slot and each one provides both
a buff and a downside. Be careful, as dropped relics will be destroyed!

Relics may significantly change the way you play a run, especially ones of
the major variety. You do however need to keep in mind their downsides as
one can easily drown in the power given by some of them. Just like with
uniques, an early interesting relic drop may even change your build!

Other additions

Single shot rifle fans didn't have an upgrade post-sniper rifle, so we added
the CRI rail rifle - basically a nerfed railgun (which coincidentally got
a buff too!).

If you can't find one, you can probably manufacture one at a station, whose
weapon lists have been tiered towards the moon they generate on. You can also
manufacture red keycards there (under Manufacture base items), if you're
going for the big weapon in CRI Armory/Blacksite Vaults!

CRI backpack is now a permanent upgrade. If you pick it up, it shows up in
a section below equipment dedicated to permanent effects - where also things
like Wish effects and Medusa's Curse appear.

As a quality of life change we added revealing all icons that are on explored
space when you clear the level.

UI/FX improvements

Most prevalently we've added an interline to the UI font rendering, made it
pixel-perfect and toned down the chroma abberation. New options for UI window
transparency and minimap transparency have been added.

In-game FX also got a facelift - most notably the in-world icons will nicely
appear and disappear from view and rocket-like effects have got improved too.

Localization implementation had a few nice side-effects - the mortem kill list
respects proper plural forms and is rendered in nice sorted dual columns,
and everywhere the game refers to keybindings (tutorial, help, hints),
it will respect your non-default keybindings. Oh, and you can disable
the written profanity too!

Balance changes

We've noticed that people sometimes fear the regular medusae more than
the arch and exalted variants, so we nerfed the regular variant a bit and
buffed the special ones. We also nerfed the EXPLOSIVE ravager exalted perk
(they now need to reload like everybody else does).

7.62 sniper got a slight nerf with the appearance of the CRI rail rifle, and
railgun got a buff.


Several minor bugfixes have been made (full changelog below), but the one
we're most happy with is finally fixing the issue that has been making
the screen white exclusively on Apple M1 laptops.
It was not us, it was them :P (or MoltenVK).

Rest of the major bugs fixed are listed below.

Beta 0.9.10 - Curio - June 28, 2021
NEW #1350 - Unique items! (18 weapons, 3 armors, 3 helmets)
NEW #1394 - Relics! (13 minor and 12 major)
NEW #1421 - Player Data page with uniques, relics and exotics
NEW #1393 - option to turn off UI window transparency
NEW #1393 - option to modify minimap transparency
NEW #1411 - CRI rail rifle (and ADV) added (common railgun)!
CHANGE #1390 - Mk1 and Mk2 stations have per-episode lists
CHANGE #1390 - Mk1 and Mk2 stations - same list but Mk1 is AV1
CHANGE #1355 - item icons now have fading and animation
CHANGE #1399 - help, hints and tutorial respects keybindings
CHANGE #1399 - text profanity can now be turned off as well
CHANGE #1390 - red keycards option at manufacture stations
CHANGE #1396 - item and activate sprites revealed on level clear
CHANGE #1393 - added font interline for readability
CHANGE #1397 - drop position prioritizes source-visible squares
CHANGE #1398 - permanent effects now have their own section
CHANGE #1398 - CRI backpack is now a permanent upgrade
CHANGE #1393 - reduced amount of chromatic aberration
CHANGE #1400 - improved post mortem kill list
CHANGE #1414 - Army of Darkness requires Furious (not Ironman)
CHANGE #1411 - 7.62 sniper slightly nerfed, railgun buffed
CHANGE #1420 - Wealth wish changed
CHANGE #1418 - crash save parachute will work on loaded level
CHANGE #1419 - improved FX of rocket and mortar attacks
CHANGE #1426 - reduced regular medusa damage and accuracy
CHANGE #1426 - increased arch/exalt medusa armor
CHANGE #1426 - EXPLOSIVE ravagers need to reload after shot
FIX #1417 - fixed edge case in improper smoke vision
FIX #1403 - fixed crit display for exact multiples of 100%
FIX #1425 - fixed XP from player induced barrel explosions
FIX #1416 - frenzy perk properly removed on switching weapons
FIX #1400 - proper plural enemy names in mortem
FIX #1393 - ASCII now pixel perfect
FIX #1395 - fix for Apple M1 white background
FIX #1394 - fixed BFT icon color
FIX #1426 - fixed summoner buff not procing early enough
FIX #1416 - fixed SHIFT compare with target on door frame

What's next

Full release data is getting near and the Forges of Chaos are working
at full steam. Expect the next release in 2-3 weeks!

# Source:

Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.10d (47673) => 0.9.11 (48154) [30. June 2021]
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FULL RELEASE imminent; Final Early Access update: Jupiter Hell 0.9.12 - Trials!
Posted: Wed, July 21, 2021 @ 7:05 PM CEST
Trials brings 5 new challenges that change the layout of the game,
voice acting updates, new message quests and more!


"Trials", a.k.a. Jupiter Hell 0.9.12, marks the final Early Access update as
the game will be graduating Steam Early Access and releasing in full on
August 5. A long, ambitious, and - let's not be afraid to admit - crazy
development cycle is coming to an ... climax. Yeah, let's go with climax,
as in no way 1.0 marks the end of Jupiter Hell updates.

If you've been eyeing the game for some time now and don't have it on your
wishlist yet, be so kind and correct that obvious oversight now.
If you do have it on your wishlist - remember to get Jupiter Hell at the full
release date or soon after, so you don't miss the special release discount.
Now, let's see that over-the-top cinematic teaser-trailer thing, to whet
that appetite!

The Update notes

Jupiter Hell 0.9.12 "Trials" is live!
The highlights of this release are a new type of challenges, the eponymous
"Trials", that change the layout of the game. Furthermore you can now play
the same random layout as other people thanks to the "Preset seed game" mode.
New message quests (and one new level event) have also been added, as well as
updates to the game voice over, as well as new intermission screen music!
Finally balance changes and a TON of fixes have been made, read all about
it below!


Trials are a separate category of challenges that modify the game world
instead of the player. Our initial lineup of Trials is as follows:

Purity - no-bullshit, no special levels, no quests but a higher chance
for random exotics and uniques!
Haste - half the levels, twice the experience - for the times when you want
a shorter, more intense game!
Endless - ever wanted to see the limits of your characters power? Try your wits
in the endless challenge!
Arena - fight off waves of enemies in the Arena!
Royal - the Jupiter Hell "boss" rush - only special levels, but you get to pick
the amount and order!

Of course each Trial comes with its set of badges to earn!

Seeded games

Finally a use for that Seed number that has been lurking in the top left of
your screen. Had a big stroke of luck with items? Share the level generation
seed with others! Want to compete against others on the same generated levels?
Share a seed and see who gets the best score!
(note that seeded games don't unlock achievements, badges, found items, and
are not recorded on the highscore list)

New message quests

A whopping 48 new messages are to be found, split into six new message quest
types. Two of those are linked to the new potential level event -
Toxic Contamination. Take note, as this one can definitely be a double edged

Voice over update

Not only did we add a fresh supply of voice lines from our favorite commander
Mark Meer, we also added a new setting for those that don't like
the tongue-in-cheek style of the Jupiter Hell VO, but don't want to turn it
off altogether - the Serious tone. It also automatically turns on when you get
to the endgame :). Along with the new voice lines comes the option to turn on
subtitles, and new voice events - for example a notification that there's a
randomly spawned unique in a chest on this level!
Additionally we fixed some voice issues with encountering exalted packs and
picking up new weapons for the first time.

Intermission music

Our metalhead musician, Roland LaGoy, provided us with 3 brand new tracks for
the intermission screens! The final "intermission" will change once
Dante Station appears next update!

UI/UX improvements

Apart from adding subtitles, several other improvements have been made -
post-mortem report now shows a log of what actually killed you and how much
damage it did, challenge and trial choice menus give details on what Badge
you already acquired, and what are the requirements for the next one, and
all places that are locked behind ranks list the amount of Badges you need
to earn to unlock them!

Rank requirements

Taking a look at unlocks, we moved some stuff around a bit in terms of
the unlock level. We also locked challenges to Medium+ difficulties
(it's supposed to be a challenge after all!). Medium+ is also the requirement
for opening the portal to the Shattered Abyss.

Balance changes

Monster, Bloodletter and Love have had their damage buffed. More importantly,
all non-exotic/non-unique automatic weapons got a blanket +1 buff to damage
to bring them in line with the other weapon types. On the flip side,
Exalted Summons encounter has been made more challenging, and we blanket
increased the enemy density - because Jupiter Hell is most fun when it's


Apart from the already mentioned subtitles and voice options, volume default
settings have been adjusted, and the volume settings better reflect the
perceived volume. On the visual side, you can now configure draw distance
(and if you are in low-FPS-land you probably should play around reducing
those). Speaking of FPS, the awkward FPS counter is now turned off by default,
but if you're nostalgic, you can bring it back through the Settings menu too.


Apart from fixes already mentioned, we also fixed the Fiend Crown/Frozen Temple
interaction bug, and hopefully finally squashed the kill count bug that
lingered around CalSec Central. Quite a few bugs have been squished, some
more highlights are listed in the changelog below.

Beta 0.9.12 - Trials - July 21, 2021
NEW #1441 - Purity trial added!
NEW #1454 - Haste trial added!
NEW #1440 - Endless trial added!
NEW #1442 - Arena trial added!
NEW #1457 - Royal trial added!
NEW #1320 - 48 new message quests (6 new types)!
NEW #1369 - Preset seed game - share the same game with others
NEW #1405 - new voice lines, Beyond serious tone override
NEW #1406 - option to turn on voice subtitles
NEW #1405 - new voice styles (serious, serious clean)
NEW #1434 - dedicated intermission music tracks
NEW #1422 - new event - Toxic Contamination
NEW #1189 - post-mortem damage source log on death
NEW #1459 - Random/Fated option in class choice
NEW #1466 - 2 new medals - Blind Luck Star and Plot Armor Medal
CHANGE #1444 - Challenge/Trial pick menu has best and next badge
CHANGE #1444 - locked entries list missing badges to unlock
CHANGE #1445 - buffed Monster, Bloodletter and Love damage
CHANGE #1445 - buffed auto, assault and plasma rifles by +1 damage
CHANGE #1445 - increased enemy density (especially early game)
CHANGE #1428 - VO event for uniques and a random unique in chest
CHANGE #1433 - volume settings are logarithmic
CHANGE #1433 - adjusted some default volume settings
CHANGE #1427 - challenge modes require Medium+ difficulty
CHANGE #1427 - Shattered Abyss doesn't appear on Easy
CHANGE #1422 - made Exalted Summons event harder
CHANGE #1447 - draw distance configurable, better defaults
CHANGE #1448 - FPS counter is optional, hidden by default
FIX #1428 - exalted pack VO will correctly play on first enemy
FIX #1428 - first pickup VO will correctly play for all types
FIX #1436 - fixed Frozen Temple/Fiend Crown interaction
FIX #1436 - fixed unique drops in Dark Cathedral
FIX #1389 - fixed kill counters bug once and for all
FIX #1455 - you will only get the highest tier medals
FIX #1435 - frozen heart is properly seed-based
FIX #1450 - Exalted Curse plays the VO just once on entry
FIX #1451 - you no longer lose Gunrunner bonus on free actions
FIX #1452 - "Level" string for uniques wont show up on compare
FIX #1461 - fixed selection disappearing on double level-up
FIX #1460 - summoner is immune to acid
FIX #1431 - fixed source of rare Vulkan crashes on load
FIX #1467 - fixed rare garbled hint messages

What's next

What else is there to say? 1.0 is next :).
And with it we'll finally invite you to board Dante Station and cleanse
the evil within ...
Stay tuned for August 5th and Jupiter Hell coming out of Early Access!

# Source:

Offline installer (GOG - GNU/Linux): 0.9.11 (48154) => 0.9.12a (48718) [24. July 2021]
         win+mac: 0.9.12a (48717) win+mac [23.+24. July 2021]