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Changelog for Patch 0.8.4 (added 14 October 2019):

- Time to outsmart hell itself! The major 0.8.4 update is now live and most notably introduces a full overhaul of Jupiter Hell's AI system! Enemies now can hear you, smell you and humanoids know the value of cover!

Infernal Intellect
- The AI system has been completely rewritten - humanoids will now take and stay in cover if close, and most of the enemies will react to the noise you and other enemies make! To make things more interesting, fiends and ravagers can now track you by smell - there's nowhere to hide from them! The new AI increases the general difficulty, but makes (especially the early levels) the game more interesting - just standing behind cover and mashing "F" is no longer the best tactic - sometimes you need to retreat to bait the enemies to follow you, and often you'll be ambushed by enemies following you by scent, or interested in the noise you made.

Weapon Perks
- The other big update is the introduction of weapon perks on ADV weapons. Take careful note of them as they might prove much better than regular modded weapons or exotics especially if the perk requirements are met. Perks for example can increase damage based on the type of enemy, your distance to them, whether they are wounded or make reloading of the weapon really fast if its empty, or even automatically reload on move! The perk list will be slowly expanded both in variety as well as adding them to other items in the future!

Quality of Life
- Two "quality of life" features have been added - an audible click on wait, and highlighting the last enemies on the level on the minimap (doesn't trigger on levels with summons). We also made "swap time" actually work propely, which also changes a lot - we reduced the 200% swap time weapons as this might be a bit much, especially for seasoned players.

Balance Changes
- Due to the AI changes we made some enemy nerfs - Callisto formers are less accurate, and the UV enemy buff of accuracy has been reduced to +10%. Speaking of UV, we also made it so that there are no "lucky drops" of early late game weapons - to provide for a more consistent early game.
- We nerfed P-mods a bit, as they basically reduced endgame to P3-modding a rapid-fire weapon - to offset that, summoner armor has been nerfed and now everyone can single-mod ADV weapons and everyone has two levels of Whizkid. This is subject to change soon, as we'll be doing a full mod overhaul in the near future, so stay tuned!

Full Changelog
- NEW #852 - ADV weapons now may have unique perks!
- NEW #812 - Major AI overhaul! (see other issues for details)
- NEW #812 - humanoids will now consider (and stay in) cover!
- NEW #841 - most enemies will hear and investigate sounds!
- NEW #840 - fiends and reavers now can follow player scent!
- NEW #850 - waiting now plays an audible click
- NEW #851 - last 3 enemies may be revealed on the minimap
- CHANGE #812 - enemies will no longer ignore you if they saw you
- CHANGE #839 - AI aware state resets after losing target
- CHANGE #833 - UV enemy accuracy bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
- CHANGE #833 - Callisto formers have even lower accuracy
- CHANGE #833 - wall cover now gives 70% cover instead of 80%
- CHANGE #834 - p-mods give +1 on multishot bullet weapons (smg/auto)
- CHANGE #834 - nerfed summoner armor slightly
- CHANGE #834 - everyone can single mod ADV items
- CHANGE #834 - Technician can mod every item twice by default
- CHANGE #834 - every class has two levels of Whizkid
- CHANGE #835 - min depth for some items added - no early UV chainguns
- CHANGE #732 - reduced the emissiveness of lava cave rocks
- CHANGE #732 - improved terrain rendering performance
- CHANGE #847 - crash handler will work when Vulkan device is lost
- CHANGE #842 - crash handler will work when assertion fails
- CHANGE #824 - Aim modifier is always lost when switching weapons
- CHANGE #823 - Aim resets if loosing sight of enemy
- CHANGE #852 - Point Blank now gives +80% crit chance
- CHANGE #732 - optimized terrain rendering
- CHANGE #845 - decreased 200% swap-times to 150% to prevent surprises:
- FIX #845 - swap time now works properly
- FIX #853 - fixed targeting related crash on level change
- FIX #732 - ADV auto rifle now uses proper sprite
- FIX #732 - minor spelling/grammar fixes
- FIX #831 - fixed crash on trying to drop with empty inventory
- FIX #849 - pad trigger will no longer lock on use from ground
- FIX #846 - 0-damage sources (smoke screen) wont "benefit" from SoB
- FIX #830 - reset enemy number after wipe (fixes enemies left)

Next Update
- Due to Game Industry Conference coming next weekend, the next update (0.8.5) will come in around three weeks time, although you can expect a bugfix version or two within the next few days :P

Help us out!
- Please tell us what you think of the recent changes, in the comments, on the Forums or on Discord

Standalone installers updated (0.8.3b hfx ⇒ 0.8.4): 15 October 2019.
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Hey, thanks for posting this! We missed to post the 0.8.4 announcement on GOG because it was really hectic - next announcement will appear here too as it should :)
epyoncf: Hey, thanks for posting this! We missed to post the 0.8.4 announcement on GOG because it was really hectic - next announcement will appear here too as it should :)
Glad I could be of help.
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Changelog for Patch 0.8.7 (13 January 2020):

- Annoyed by drones getting in your way? Tired of those turrets chipping away your health? The big bad security bot giving you nightmares? Time to turn the tables!
- You can hack any mechanical enemy by bumping into him. This brings up a hacking menu, where if you have enough multitools (which replaced repair kits) you can either disable the enemy (cheap) or hack it to convert it to your side (expensive). Scouts and Technicians have access to the Hacking trait which dramatically reduces the cost of bot disabling and hacking. Finally technician only has access to an Active trait that can perform a hack remotely!
- Both a successful disable and hack gives you the enemies experience (hack twice as much!) and the items he had. The hacked enemies continue their previous wandering - later we'll probably introduce a way to make them follow you or even take more direct control :).'

- Terminals now appear not only on levels that have a vault. The reveal map option has been boosted, and marks stations and loot boxes on the level. A new option allows you to download tracking data, permanently revealing the enemies on the minimap. Finally through a terminal you can remotely mass disable/hack the turrets on a given level!

Technical stations
- Dismantling is no longer reserved to the Technician, anyone can perfectly dismantle a modded weapon as a new option in tech stations. Additionally you can extract the new multitools from them.

- As an option for the utility slot you can find a Backpack raising your inventory space. So does (although to a lesser degree) a new perk for armors!

Scouting skills
- Each class gets its own scouting trait - which reveals more info on the minimap. The Technician has one to sense terminals and stations, the Scout has one to sense loot chests, and the Marine gets Bloodhound, allowing it to regain minimap info on enemies he already saw (useful for baiting!).

- We've done quite a bit of minor UI improvements (full list in the changelog). Most notably you can ESC-exit out of most in-game menus now, and items created are put directly into your inventory if space is available. You can also reorder your weapons on the Equipment screen!

- Not to leave the trusty Marine underpowered due to all those hacking changes, we've given him Ironman back, and moved to him the Field Medic perk!

- We've done a significant balance pass that should make EASY and MEDIUM difficulties easier. We've also buffed SMG's and pistols and made cells stack up to 100. Ammo found in boxes is in larger stacks, and gray lootboxes drop more stuff!

- There haven't been many bugs introduced in the last update but we still nailed a few :)

- NEW #015 - bot hacking! - you can disable or hack bots, drones and turrets using multitools (bump into them)
- NEW #015 - Trait - Hack skill for Scout/Tech reducing hack cost
- NEW #015 - Remote Hacking active skill for Technician
- NEW #894 - multitools - replace repair kits, used also for hack
- NEW #946 - Music - new menu theme
- NEW #939 - technical stations allow anyone to dismantle modded items for the cost of 2 charges
- NEW #938 - revealed stations and terminals marked on the minimap
- NEW #938 - revealed unopened lootboxes marked on the minimap
- NEW #949 - Trait - Marine - Bloodhound (track met enemies)
- NEW #949 - Trait - Scout - Golddigger (reveal loot boxes)
- NEW #949 - Trait - Tech - Networking (reveal terminals/stations)
- NEW #579 - CRI backpack! To be found randomly, but maybe Tyre...
- NEW #579 - Compartments perk for armor (+2 inv capacity)
- NEW #950 - Terminals - can enable tracking for enemies (3multi)
- NEW #015 - Terminals - can mass hack/disable turrets
- NEW #015 - Terminals - appear on non-vault maps
- NEW #894 - Terminals - you can extract tools from tech stations
- NEW #770 - UI - you can rebind UI keybindings
- NEW #935 - UI - Home, End, PgUp and PgDown keys work
- CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a mod or dismantle menu
- CHANGE #926 - UI - you can ESC out of a station or terminal menu
- CHANGE #926 - UI - items created by stations are put to inv if space
- CHANGE #937 - UI - SHIFT-view of stacked items shows stack/carried
- CHANGE #937 - UI - character screen kills moved to bottom
- CHANGE #937 - UI - damage is colored if affected by target health
- CHANGE #937 - UI - use weapon slot key to reorder weapons in equip
- CHANGE #937 - UI - default minimap size a bit larger (config later)
- CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal costs 1 multitool (0 with hacking)
- CHANGE #950 - Terminal map reveal reveals chests and stations
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine has Ironman back (possibly temporarily)
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Field Medic is now a Marine trait (50%->30%)
- CHANGE #940 - Trait - Marine loses Spray'n'Pray
- CHANGE #015 - Technician starts with 3 multitools instead of mod
- CHANGE #937 - vault doors now magenta, red card doors now red
- CHANGE #936 - audio feedback on weapon swap
- CHANGE #907 - more walls on the Callisto platform generator
- CHANGE #907 - changed one Europa generator to doublewidth corridor
- CHANGE #943 - Balance - removed accuracy penalties from most SMGs
- CHANGE #942 - Balance - reduced amount of enemies on Europa L1
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced amount of enemies
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - reduced accuracy of Callisto/Europa formers
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - slightly reduced health of C/E formers
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - bumped pistol and revolver damage +2
- CHANGE #940 - Balance - Son of a Gun gives +20% accuracy and crit/lv
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - more ammo per stack from boxes
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - cells stack now up to 100
- CHANGE #933 - Balance - general boxes drop 1 more, ammo boxes 1 less
- CHANGE #944 - Balance - ravager melee is now pierce
- FIX #941 - fixed visibility of poison, freeze, disable effects
- FIX #932 - fixed "Sustained" status being too long
- FIX #940 - Tyre Outpost reward list is now stable
- FIX #948 - fixed terminal visuals

What's next
- Next version should drop at the end of the month (or beginning of the next), and will either be about Melee or Dualgunning :). We want to wrap those two up, so before February ends we can finally implement a long awaited feature - Master Traits! If need be, hotfixes will be deployed within the next days. See you next version, and help us spread the word :)

Standalone installers updated (0.8.6 ⇒ 0.8.7): 14 January 2020.
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Changelogs up to v.0.8.10 have been posted by the devs as individual threads.

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Changelog for Patch 0.8.11 (31 March 2020/added 09 April 2020):

The much awaited Jupiter Hell update 0.8.11 a.k.a. Berserker is live! The theme is unsurprisingly melee combat, but new general traits have also been added and the gameplay flow of the player classes improved! Read all about it below!

Melee - Rip'n'Tear!
- Apart from return of the chainsaw, we've added a couple more melee weapons (katanas in space anyone?), added melee focused traits and improved melee synergy of others.
- A disclaimer first though - Jupiter Hell is a game of ranged combat - trying to play it melee only is much harder than any ranged build. That said, melee excels in late game in dishing huge amounts of damage! Right now it's almost viable to main melee late game, and once Masters hit next release this will definitely be true! Now however it's quite useful as a hybrid build - if they get too close, they're toast!
- There is a new Melee help topic in the game with all the needed information! Especially if you want to try out Angel of Berserk, the obvious challenge addition for this release :)

Melee arsenal
- Apart from the aformentioned chainsaw, you can find several tiers of melee weapons, some of which even have ADV variants (anyone want an ADV machete?). Bladed melee weapons are special, utilizing Melee Guard mechanic - if you're close to enemies you get an extra dodge bonus. Speaking of mechanics - you both can bump into and "F"ire a melee weapon to attack (also diagonally), and you'll move to the enemy space at kill. If you want to prevent that (i.e. not stepping out of cover), you can hold SHIFT when pressing attack to prevent that.

New traits
- In the melee department, Marine gets Rip'n'Tear that generates more Fury on melee kills and provides a damage bonus based on how much current Fury you have. Tech gets Bladedancer which doubles or even triples Melee Guard values, and Scout gets Swashbuckler that instantly switches to a melee weapon if one is present on melee attack and Energy Leech that produces Energy on melee kills.
- Apart from that we added new traits useful in melee builds, but also useful in general - Scout gets Dash which makes consecutive moves in a given direction be twice as fast (and a critical bonus at L2 if dashing into melee), Tech gets Juggernaut which reduces enemy damage when moving towards the targeted enemy and Powerjack that allows to siphon Power from Terminals, and Marine gets Running, similar to the now removed Scout Running, but fueled by Fury instead of once per level. Angry Motherfucker now gives bonus damage based on missing health, not pain.
- Lots of smaller changes in the Changelog below, we also removed some less used traits to make room for new and future stuff.

New special level
- We've removed Arena from Beyond (it was kinda boring, it might return in an improved form!), and in its place there's a hidden new special level. No spoilers :P

GFX pass
- We've improved performance a bit, and also improved visual quality (esp. normal maps). Addionally we did an improvement pass on enemy animations and FX (work in progress). Finally some of you might notice the game running smoother, even within the same FPS range.

- And of course the regular batch of bugfixes, the major ones listed below. Two things of note is that AI will no longer without provocation perform infighting, and that the guaranteed plasma weapon drops on Io L1 will now be present on higher difficulties.

- Beta 0.8.11 - Berserker - March 31, 2020
- NEW #0508 - Melee is in, Rip and Tear!
- NEW #1039 - Melee - melee weapons added!
- NEW #1038 - Melee - Melee guard (dodge bonus if enemies close)
- NEW #1044 - Challenge - Angel of Berserk!
- NEW #1054 - New hidden special level added in Beyond!
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Rip and Tear for Marine (Melee)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Bladedancer for Tech (Melee)
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Dash for Scout (General), loses Running
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Energy Leech for Scout (Melee)
- NEW #0508 - Trait - Juggernaut for Tech (Close range/Melee)
- NEW #0976 - Trait - Swashbuckler for Scout (Hybrid)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Running for Marine (Fury based)
- NEW #1042 - Trait - Powerjack for Tech (+30 Power/Terminal)
- CHANGE #1048 - Trait - Angry Mo-fo % based on missing health
- CHANGE #1042 - Tech - Extra Batteries removed, +10 per Skilled
- CHANGE #1042 - Marine - high-health enemies generate 2 Fury
- CHANGE #1036 - Scout - activating stealth no longer costs a turn
- CHANGE #1036 - Marine loses Focused Fire
- CHANGE #1036 - Scout loses Reloader (Shottyman req Gun Hoarder)
- CHANGE #1036 - Tech loses TaN, Hunker Down base, GH req Packrat
- CHANGE #1053 - you will no longer accidentally melee barrels
- CHANGE #1059 - melee killing bots/turrets wont proc explosion
- CHANGE #1059 - Dodgemaster removes dodge decay from melee
- CHANGE #1059 - evasion (dodge+guard+others) caps at 95%
- CHANGE #1041 - Challenge - Shotgunnery converts to current ammo
- CHANGE #1054 - removed Arena from Beyond L1, might return later
- CHANGE #1051 - GFX - improved animation and FX of enemies
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved general color/light quality
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved volumetric lighting
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - improved roughness (bumpiness/normals)
- CHANGE #1047 - GFX - performance improvement pass
- FIX #1050 - GFX - fixed animation blending with empty states
- FIX #1053 - AI - unintended infighting removed
- FIX #1038 - AI - enemies will no longer try impossible charges
- FIX #1053 - Loot - guaranteed plasma weapons on Io L1 working
- FIX #1035 - Melee - weak melee no longer damages armor

What's next
- We're slowly reaching 0.9.0 Masters - the release everyone is waiting for that will introduce Master Traits :). The release is scheduled for April 27th, but we may squeeze in a smaller 0.8.12 update before that! Keep your eyes open and tell us what you think of this new release!

Standalone installers updated (0.8.10b ⇒ 0.8.11): 09 April 2020.
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Changelogs up to v.0.9.1 have been posted by the devs as individual threads.

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Changelog for Patch 0.9.2 (27 July 2020 / added 29 September 2020):

After a longer break (much needed since we've been crunching since launch), we present 0.9.2 Vision! The three biggest additions this time is the enabling of the head slot, with various associated items that have their ADV versions too, changing the vision range on some levels (lower or higher) and two new special levels!

Helmets, Visors and Gasmasks
- The head slot is finally functional! While the base helmet just protects from critical hits (like the imp or reaver charge attack), stronger helmets carry a slight armor bonus. ADV versions come with a subset of armor perks. Visors and gasmasks however drop always ADV and have their own brand new pool of perks related to vision, scouting and hacking!

Vision range
- Up until now vision range was hardcoded. Now you'll often encounter levels with reduced vision range - carry a shotgun and beware of melee enemies! Or, find a nice visor with Nightvision. Some caves have a higher vision range, giving more strength to long range weapons. Further along we might reduce the sight range of some enemies and make them operate on scent and sound alone, but that's for a future update! We took this occasion to tinker with the default camera settings too - the camera will adapt to vision range, and show stuff at a slightly better range.

New special levels
- We've added one alternative level that can spawn instead of the Warehouse on Io, with a strong theme, new mechanics and an unique reward. On Europa, Refueling Base can also be swapped for a new level, The Pit. To avoid spoilers I'll end this paragraph here :).

- 7.62 sidearm got a damage buff, and assault rifle got it's range nerfed a bit. We've also significantly increased the duration of the EMP effect. Also melee weapon drops are now more common.

Other changes
- Drones can now actually fly over gaps, so don't be surprised if you're flanked on Callisto Spaceport :). Also, while adding helmets we noticed that green/blue/red as a descriptor is kind of boring - both armor and helmets now follow a new naming - basic (green), marine (blue), combat (red).

Full changelog
- NEW #1182 - head slot functional now!
- NEW #1182 - basic/marine/combat helmets (also ADV) added
- NEW #1182 - ADV gasmask added, ADV visors/headsets
- NEW #1182 - ADV visors/headsets have their own new perks
- NEW #0992 - new special level alternative to Warehouse
- NEW #1012 - new special level alternative to Refueling Base
- CHANGE #1000 - flying enemies can now fly over gaps
- CHANGE #1182 - green/blue/red armor -> basic/marine/combat
- CHANGE #0337 - levels may have different vision distances
- CHANGE #0337 - some caves have vision 8, dark places 5-6
- CHANGE #0337 - camera zooms based on vision distance
- CHANGE #0337 - improved default zoom
- CHANGE #1180 - 7.62 sidearm damage 10->12
- CHANGE #1180 - 7.62 assault rifle max range 10->8
- CHANGE #1180 - increased EMP effect duration by 66%
- CHANGE #1180 - Tyre lost one special lootbox (manufacture is op)
- CHANGE #1180 - increased drop rates of melee weapons
- CHANGE #1170 - Mimir Habitat reward is no longer guaranteed
- CHANGE #1166 - lights/lamps are destructible (no gameplay effect)
- FIX #1124 - fixed visual gap in basalt levels

What's next?
- This update is on the lighter side, the next one might be much beefier. 0.9.3 Nightmare is coming! Apart from obvious content for the high level players, we'll also add signifcant changes for everyone :). The update should land in 3-4 weeks from now.

Standalone installers updated (0.9.1 ⇒ 0.9.2a): 04 August 2020.

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Changelog for Patch 0.9.3 (07 September 2020 / added 29 September 2020):

It's time to face the ultimate challenge in 0.9.3 Nightmare! Apart from the eponymous difficulty level, we have added Platinum and Diamond level badges, level events, gibbing (fun for everyone, life-saving in Nightmare), ADV AMPs and more - read all about it below!

- The borderline unfair and punishing difficulty level from DRL returns! While the balance is close to UV (and there's no accuracy boost for the enemies), each biological enemy that dies leaves a summoning circle. Leave that circle alone and out of sight for a while, and the enemy will respawn... as a progressively-stronger, exalted variant.
- This difficulty is not for the faint of heart, but is beatable. Different tactics need to be applied, gibbing enemies becomes a valuable tool, and exploring all of the map might become a death trap. You've been warned!

Platinum and Diamond badges
- To make your Nightmare exploits count, we added a fourth and fifth tier of the badge system. While Platinum badges can be achieved on UV difficulty for some challenges, Diamond is all about Nightmare. Platinum badges are all achievable through careful and masterful play; Diamond ones, however... well, let's say that we're interested ourselves in how many of those are actually achievable! ;)

- Borrowing the old Doom term, gibbing might happen when, you deal enough damage in a single attack to overkill an enemy. Depending on how much overkill happens, the gibbing chance goes up (damage equal to twice their health guarantees a gib). To quickly enjoy the lovely visuals, walk up to a former human and sell him a shotgun blast into the face. Note that some weapons (explosive ones and melee) have a hidden factor that makes gibbing easier!

Level events
- Probably the most interesting addition for people who're afraid of the Nightmare are level events - modifiers that might happen when entering a regular level. There's currently 8 of them, ranging from simple ones (the level has many more barrels...) to ones that expect you to do something within a turn-based time limit to gain extra experience. Not all events generate on every level branch, and we will be adding more of them in further releases of the game!

- While the initial idea was to ditch the old AMP system altogether, as the first step we're introducing ADV AMPs with random stats for pistols (inlcluding SMGs), auto weapons (rifles and chainguns), and shotguns. The perk pool for them is currently quite shallow; once we improve on it, we will probably remove the old regular AMPs.

Plasma grenade
- The ultimate overkill tool, packing a whopping 200 plasma damage in a single grenade. Useful in Nightmare for gibbing, and in all difficulties for making sure that big dude dies. Don't bother saving them for the summoner though (see below).

- The seed line below the level name has been changed. It now states the difficulty (by single letter), the challenge abbreviation (if present), and the general seed of the run. Apart from helping streamers not answer the basic questions each time, it will help us have all the needed information in a screenshot when reporting issues with level generation.
- Additionally, as requested, we've added head slot durability to the UI, and removed the armor name, as usually you remember what you're wearing and you can always shift-compare with what's on the ground.

Balance changes
- Summoner now has a damage gate - if you deal more than 80 damage before he takes his turn, all further damage is negated until that time. If you're faster than him, you might notice his health turning violet - don't bother shooting him then (later we'll add a nice shield effect once shields are in!).
- Barrel damage has been increased - this makes for more gibbing fun, but also might prove fatal if you're not careful!
- We've increased the amount of loot, too - common chests always drop at least 3 items, with special tier 1 chests and vaults appearing more often.
- Finally some more minor changes and the regular supply of bugfixes which all can be summed up in the full changelog below:

Full changelog
- NEW #1186 - Nightmare!
- NEW #1156 - Level events! 8 initial events, more to come!
- NEW #1188 - Gibbing! Overkill destroys corpses (useful in N!)
- NEW #1187 - Platinum and Diamond badges - requiring N!/UV
- NEW #1191 - plasma grenades - when a krak is not enough
- NEW #1192 - ADV AMP's - pistol, auto and shotgun
- CHANGE #1194 - HUD - short armor info, added helmet info
- CHANGE #1193 - challenge, diff, and world seed under level name
- CHANGE #1190 - Summoner damage gate (max 80 damage between turns)
- CHANGE #1188 - improved some death animation timing issues
- CHANGE #1191 - increased barrel damage values (be careful!)
- CHANGE #1191 - ADV helmets always have at least 3 mod capacity
- CHANGE #1191 - special tier 1 chests more common
- CHANGE #1191 - common chests drop at least 3 items
- CHANGE #1191 - increased the frequency of vaults
- CHANGE #1156 - player data skill ranks above "Captain"
- FIX #1191 - CAL L1 - removed some "not enough chests" cases
- FIX #1165 - Tyre Outpost headgear now properly AV3
- FIX #1165 - Entrenchment now displays proper resistance values
- FIX #1165 - fixed passing 100% kills for some requirements

What's next?
- We're working on a bigger feature, but it's taking more time than anticipated, so in the meantime we'll do a smaller content-focused release next. In hopefully two weeks you'll get 0.9.4 Europa, with various additions to level generation and other new stuff to explore. Until then, try not to fall victim to the Nightmare!

Standalone installers updated (0.9.2a ⇒ 0.9.3b): 11 September 2020.
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Changelog for Patch 0.9.4 (28 September 2020):

High time to attempt (no?) landings on Europa! 0.9.4 brings visual improvements to the snow-covered moon, along with revisiting of all it's generators, improvements to lighting and a brand new branch with a new special level! Additionally we added ice fiends and hyperblasters for ultimate splatter - read all about it below!

Asterius Habitat
- New Europa branch has been added - similarly to Callisto's branches two out of three will be generated, but for this patch only we made Asterius Habitat guaranteed to appear. As all branches it comes with its own special level, and apart from variations of old Habitat generators it actually has two new generator types that are currently fully unique to the branch.

Ice fiends
- Europa specific strain of the fiend has been added, pretty obviously cold-themed. This gives a nice counterpart to everyone's favorite cryoreavers and cryoberi :P

- The addition of the cell-powered chainfire weapon leaves us with only one basic weapon that still needs to make an appearance (no cookie for guessing which, but it will come ;) ). The hyperblaster correctly works with all chainfire related traits.

Nightmare balance
- We're generally pretty happy with how Nightmare turned out, it seems that almost all Diamond badges (apart from two) have already been acquired. However, two slight changes have been added. Respawned exalted will now only give experience on the first respawn (to prevent boring exp farming on level 1). To make the earlier levels more doable and less RNG-dependent, exalted soldiers on levels before Callisto L4 will now have worse equipment. This also applies to early regular game exalted spawns.

Masters and Traits
- We buffed two underpowered scout masters - Ghost now reduces Stealth cost to 15 (10 at Level 2) and Assassinate keeps your dodge value after the attack (which makes spamming it much safer). We also are looking to buff Wizard and Fireangel, the former will get stronger with the hack changes coming next patch, the latter will need to wait for Fire related changes in an upcoming status effect related patch.
- Marine's Furious now also generates +1/+2 Fury on kills that gib, making it a bit more useful and interesting trait, while Running cost is now 20 Fury independent of difficulty level.

Apart from the above we did some more balance and visual changes, full list below:
- NEW #1201 - Asterius Habitat branch added to Europa!
- NEW #1202 - Asterius Breach special level!
- NEW #1200 - ice fiend added!
- NEW #1199 - hyperblaster, and ADV hyperblaster! (plasma chain)
- CHANGE #1203 - ALL Europa generators revisted, improved visuals
- CHANGE #1204 - increased amount of generated lootboxes
- CHANGE #1198 - Refueling Base - better (weapon based) reward
- CHANGE #1198 - AoNYR - all enemies drop weapons (except respawns)
- CHANGE #1198 - weaker exalted soldier weapons pre-CalL4 (N! also)
- CHANGE #1198 - Nightmare - only the first respawn gives XP
- CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Ghost stealth costs now 15/10
- CHANGE #1198 - Scout - Assassinate buffed and keeps dodge
- CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Furious now generates +1/2 Fury on gib
- CHANGE #1198 - Marine - Running now costs a flat 20 Fury
- CHANGE #1198 - Europa L1 - less enemies on all difficulties
- CHANGE #1168 - improved Callisto mines caves lighting
- FIX #1198 - Limbo - safe zone added for reaver spawn

What's next?
- This was a slightly thinner release as we need some time to build up background tech for upcoming releases. Next up in 3-4 weeks we'll have 0.9.5 Terminal which will bring improvements to hacking and terminals in general, stay tuned!

Standalone installers updated (0.9.3b ⇒ 0.9.4): 29 September 2020.