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Changelog for Patch 1.03 (added 24 April 2015):

- miscellaneous bug fixes
- compatibility update with The Trickster's Arsenal DLC
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Changelog for Patch 1.03.2:


- Marines respawn only at points without aliens on top
- Marines under fire are healed less
- Added horde mode to skirmish
- Made teleport use 2 ammo per marine moved
- Reduced Steel Curtain healing to 10% (from 20%)
- Buffed Overdose to consume less health (35% from 50%)
- Made grenades tech turn off rockets
- Reduced shield projector cost
- Reworked life support and reduced price
- Scouts no longer consume ammo
- Scouts no longer take more damage
- Reduced price of chopper strike tech


- Added restart option to game menu
- Added scrolling using the middle mouse button
- Added "DLC installed" text in main menu, next to current version
- Made reinforcement tech use rally beacon
- Added anti-cheater contermeasures for leaderboards
- Made rally point notice be hidden by the "no idle pointers" option
- Made the option toggle widget on/off states clearer
- Changed price of buffs to be relative to main campaign missions (and not random ones)


- Fixed tip for recycle not to conflict with ironman rules
- Fixed leaderboard names going out of bounds
- Fixed starting mutations not appearing in custom ironman
- Stopped spore mines from interfering with alien building placement
- Fixed typo in overdose description
- Re-added software OpenAL32.dll to fix audio issues
- Solved hives respawning on re-capture in crawler hunt missions
- Added "no hive respawn" rule to custom ironman
- Teleportation disengages crate towing properly now
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Changelog for Patch 1.03.4 (added 28 September 2015):

- This patch focuses on improving stability within the game. Several crash bugs have been fixed, so the game should behave better.
- Also, audio errors are no longer fatal when starting the game. If there is an audio error, then the game just continues without sound. This is useful if you don't have any audio devices plugged in.
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Changelog for Patch 1.10.6 (19 October 2016):

minor bug fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.10.7 (27 October 2016):

minor bug fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.10.8 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-24 (Mac) (added 11 January 2017):

- minor bug fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.10.9 / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-25 (Mac) (added 9 February 2017):

- Improved Scout description to mention that stasis makes enemies invulnerable
- Added a floating message if you try to attack an invulnerable object
- Fixed group binding if a group is destroyed / despawned in ironman
- Added a "welding" visual effect to building structures
- Rarely, if a structure somehow doesn't have a builder, it is possible to assign one
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Changelog for patch 1.12.1 (added 14 May 2018):

- There's a new weapons patch out for Infested Planet, specifically improving the Planetary Campaign expansion.
- Since our players enjoyed the procedural campaign so much, I decided to add a few new toys for free. Each tech tree is randomised, so adding a few new options is a good way to shake the game up.

New Weapons

- Here are the new tools for your alien-fighting pleasure. They will show up in your campaigns, randomly replacing old tech. You can also check them out in the custom game mode (if you have the DLC).

Toxic Bomb

- We've already had airstrikes in the game. Now this technology allows you to drop a poison cloud on the enemy hives, killing all the bugs in the area. The best thing is that the cloud hangs around, so you could cleverly deny the aliens portions of the map.


- Sometimes you just have to be tricky instead of brawny. This new building will spawn holographic marines to distract the enemy. While they're shooting at decoys, you can shoot them back with real bullets.

Cloaking Field

- Make sneak attacks with this new research building. It cloaks your entire team and allows them to fire on enemies for a while before uncloaking.


- In the Planetary Campaign expansion, sometimes your armies get beat up and run out of morale. Solution? Rescue your soldiers with this new tech station just before they die. If you pull it off right, you can still win even with the most demoralized army.

Radio Pod

- This allows you to buff a single soldier to fire three times as fast. Stick this on a minigunner or a rocket trooper and they'll eat aliens alive.

Other Improvements

- You can now customize the Planetary Campaign before you start it. I added two new advanced options:
- Play every single campaign map with fog of war
- Reduce the power of retreating (to eliminate exploits)
- There are also several bugfixes and tweaks.

- Enjoy the patch!
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