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level-studio: Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb (2003) XInput/Full controller support Fix
This fix is for XInput-compatible controllers only.
Im using an unofficial Xinput gamepad that works perfectly fine with games on Steam that have full controller support but for some reason it just isn't recognized or working with this fix. Weirdly it was kinda working when I also had AntiMicroX open and bound to keyboard keys (yet was working with YOUR controls, not the keyboard input, I have no clue why) but the moment I changed the deadzones from 0 to 65 in the configs, it just stopped recognizing my controller entirely

EDIT Turns out you have to start the game with the controller connected or it just wont work properly if you connect it after

I still cant get the diagonal analog stick inputs to not slow down my movement to a crawl though, despite not having this issue in full support games and emulators. Also what is "Threshold A2D"?
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