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JMayer70: Forget the above.... v F10.0 is exactly the same..... it's not just specific to F14.6.

The game is a turkey from the git-go. Particle Systems just what kind of idiots did you take us for?
schnozbott: As another I-War veteran, I played EoC back on XP not long after it came out, and a lot of the bugs I run into on modern systems didn't happen back then.

Take the mission where you're liberating indentures from dagda for example. Nowadays If I jump into the system and destroy the mines, the game freaks out and becomes unplayable. I found a workaround somewhere, but that never happened before I played it on Win7.
That is the most likely explanation. Though even on XP it does still have the Dagda bug. My system is an XP SP3 one.
If it still works, I still have an ancient Windows ME system in the attic circa 2000. Maybe I-War 2 would play well on that?
Good evening mister! I-War I and II are simply magnificent. I spent quite a lot of time playing the first one when was younger, and now that I'm a bit older I enjoy them even more (because back then I didn't know english language at all.. I was maybe 10? Don't remember). I just wanted to thank you about both games.

Right now I'm playing I-War 2, and man what did I miss!
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Here's 1 for Ravenger, I have the German version Galaxy Commander edge of chaos, the first version and although I live in Germany I am actually English, and iI want to know if there is anyway I can change the language in the game to English. I have looked through all the files for the game and cannot find any English therein so I thought maybe an upgrade.
It looks like "Galaxy Commander" is just a bad rebranded name from BILD Hit Games. Otherwise, the game is still the same like I-War 2.

I own the actual German version and it is not possible to switch it to English without a lot of work. You would have to swap out all assets in the game folder with english ones.

The best way to get the English version is to buy it here on GOG. ;-) I myself like the German one more and all mods work with it without problems.
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Hi, Ravenger!

Just wanted to thank you and all your team for these amazing games. I wanted to ask you, as you mentioned before that there was supposed to be an Act 4, did you also cut Act 3 way down? It feels like it was rushed, although I admire the dedication in having a mission in each of the Gagarin cluster systems.

PS: Just finished I-War again and according to Steam, I logged about 20 hours from start to end to finish the campaign, as an experienced player. Still holds up so well nowadays.
Also, I'm a big fan of I-War series, and I would love to see a sequel or something like that. So, thanks a lot Ravenger (Stephen Robertson?). I hope, some day, you can launch a crowfunding project.

Question, would you like to work on Elite?

I got two questions

Why did you change the game so dramatically to the second one, from a space combat, spaceship command sim to an open world space sim?

And my second one is, why are there no control options on I-war 2
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Ravenger: As some of you may be aware, I worked on the I-War games as a designer. If you've got any questions about the games, their development, or history, then please feel free to ask.

I can't promise to be able to answer everything, after all, 10 years is a long time , so details may be fuzzy :-)
Hey I just found out about this thread, and I know it's been a long time, but I run a thing called Space Game Junkie and we're MASSIVE fans of the I-War games, so we'd love to have you and anyone else you can get to talk about the games. Please contact me if you see this, and thank you.