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I recently tried playing IG2 for the first time on an iMac updated to OS 10.15 (Catalina). The game launches to the starting menu but is centered at the bottom of my display vertically, so only the top half is visible with the rest running off the bottom of the screen (image attached--shrunk to decrease file size but otherwise what I see on the screen).

I've searched the forum here and the internet without finding any mention of this as an issue. This doesn't seem to be the same issue as the zoomed-in display that others have had with NVidia and Radeon graphics cards, but I tried editing the ig2.settings file (located inside the Mac app in Contents/Resources/assets) to run in windowed mode, which had no effect at all. I've also tried running on a MacBook with only Iris integrated graphics with the same result. Changing the resolution of my display also makes no difference.

I don't actually know whether this is something specific to OS 10.15 since it's my first time trying to run the game (it was in my unplugged backlog until 10.15 made half my library unusable). That it even reaches the starting menu seems to show that it is a 64-bit app that could run in theory, since 32-bit apps don't launch at all.

Does anyone have any solutions or suggestions to try? Thanks in advance for any help.
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