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When I installed the original Grim Fandango on more modern computers, some animations played faster than they should be. I'm talking about the ones like the conveyor belt and the crane in year 3 and such. I bought this release so that I could play the game as it should be but with better graphics. I'm currently playing the remastered on year 2 but I have noticed that none of the animations that plagued the original release on modern computers, haven't been fixed. The bone wagon drives too fast in the first year, the signs that you use to find the secret entrance spins around faster than it should be (the fmv animation show the speed the sign should spin while ingame). I'm not sure but I think the seabees working on the boat fly too fast on year 2. Is this only on my end or does everyone have these problems?

I'm sure that the fast animations that affected the gameplay itself originally (like the conveyor belt) have been fixed to this version, but my point is that all the animations, even the ones that don't directly affect the gameplay should be fixed to this version. It's a minor complaint yeah, but it would be nice to play this game like it was supposed to be.
Okay, just started year 3. So far the only thing that has been fixed in this release is the elevator puzzle in year 2. The anchors at the start of year 3 still move way too fast compared to the original.
I hope they will be fixed at some point. Kinda lazy to fix just the most obvious (and the only ones that affect the gameplay directly) but not all of the animations. Apparently they could have but didn't notice them or didn't care to fix them.

EDIT: Just installed the patch and it seems it did nothing to these animations. Still too fast.

EDIT2: At least the fast conveyor belt is fixed in year 3, even though the crane moves too fast. The bigger issue is the graphics on the lower part of the conveyor belt. Before you lower the chain, the lower part of the conveyor belt is COMPLETELY MISSING. After you lower the chain on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt magically appears even though it isn't animated at all like it is supposed to be.
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