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Topken: Been doing that for literal days now and it turns out I had to reinstall my GPU drivers to get it working past hotfix 1
CatintheHeat: Hotfix 2 is what I am using with Galaxy now. You might have a firewall port issue or AV issue?
Its working now after reinstalling the Nvidia drivers for my GPU of all things Hotfix 2 is working fine for me, Win 10x64, version 1903, build 18362.3 (Insider's beta of the official release sometime in the next week or two), and I played for better than 90 minutes last night without a single crash. Game is running great: AMD R5 1600 @ 3.8GHz, 16 GB (2x8GB) sys ram @ 3200Mhz, RX-590/480 8GB Crossfire, Adrenalins 19.4.1. (I doubt the game is running in Crossfire mode, however--probably running only on the RX-590 running @ 1.6GHz.) Fantastic game--much superior to what I thought I was buying--a kind of D2 clone--this is much, much better!