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Marucs: Hi

I have a problem with a Gorogoa. First two pictures dissapeared at the start. But when name GOROGOA shown, game stuck and I can't do anything.

Can someone help?
Same problem, I`ve just bought it, tried all support people is telling, and does not work
Same problem here. I sent the DxDiag to the devs. Let's see what'll happen.
Same problem here too with Windows 10 and an Intel video chipset.
Any news from the developers?
Any patch in sight, or shall I ask for a refund?
Same problem. Game starts.... Then just sits on the title screen. No mouse in sight. I know this is a mouse-driven game... Any chance that the game is just on top of the mouse..?

I was so looking forward to this game.
The recent patch must have fixed the problem. Everything works fine for me now.
Thanks devs :-)
Same issuer here, just hangs a couple seconds after starting it. Sent them the DirectX information.