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freezing_rain: In fact it will NOT replace your old Galaxy installation. The default installation folders are two seperate folders and installations. The only thing that might get replaced are your shortcuts on Desktop etc, because they're named the same.
But look at your installation folders and you will find both installations. It won't overwrite your old Galaxy installation.
The default folder for the old installation is "GalaxyClient", while the default folder for the new 2.0 is "GOG Galaxy". You will find both versions still there and can start both (though not at the same time), if you installed 2.0.
My Galaxy Installation was replaced. GOG 2.0 installed into the GalaxyClient folder
I was quite annoyed to see it install right into the existing GOG Galaxy folder. You see, some people might want to continue using the other launcher alongside for any reason. They should at least mention this during the installation.
Post edited August 06, 2019 by brazzjazz