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This is meant to be a starting place for people that are new to Galaxy 2.0 (Beta) to find ready made answers for questions that might pop up when they start using the new client.

Original idea and most of the work is/was done by user Riku55, other authors will be mentioned when known.

If you think
- something is wrong,
- see spelling errors
- know something that is worth adding
- are a native, english speaker and want to give an entry an overhaul

feel free to post it

- GOG GALAXY 2.0 homepage including a smaller FAQ and the beta sign up
- The official GALAXY integrations API
- A list of all existing integrations including links to those
- GOG GALAXY 2.0 Support Center
- Mantis2
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1 The Client

1.1 Common

Will Galaxy 2.0 ever become a requirement for downloading or playing GOG games?

No. GOG is an explicitly DRM-free platform and that is a major selling point of the storefront as a whole. Making any client software into a requirement for the games sold on the platform would be DRM, and would violate legally-binding promises the company has made to its customers. There has been no official suggestion at any point that this would be planned or considered and there's good reason to expect that it won't be.

I got a problem with the GALAXY 2.0 client. Where can I report the problem and get support?

Open GOG GALAXY 2.0 and click the cog icon located in the top left corner, select „Report issue“ and fill in the form to send a report. Alternatively, click here.

Is there a development roadmap where I can see how things will be going ?


I liked the look of the old client more, can I change it back ?

No. Skin support is planned in the far future but its currently unkown when and to what extent it will happen

1.1 Installation

On what OS can I use GOG GALAXY 2.0?

Currently, GALAXY 2.0 supports MacOS and Windows 8.0 or newer. People reported it's also working on Windows 7, though as it is not supported, this might change any time. There are currently no known plans for Linux support.

Can I use both the new and the old client on one system ?

In theory you can have both clients installed on the same system, as long as Galaxy 1.2 isn't installed in the default directory. But as both clients share the same data(directory) you won't be able to use them simultaneously and your library may be unusable in the future if gog decides to change the way or what it writes to the database.

I am not sure I should try the new client, what can I expect

If you are only interested in the basic functionality, meaning installing and starting gog games, and using the cloud features, you can install the new version without expecting major problems. Small problems with your library may happen like, missing/bad covers for games, a whole game missing, games are shown several times, etc.

1.2 Revert back to Version 1.2

If you do not want to use Version 2.0, you currently can revert back to Version 1.2. This is not recommended as will drop support for that version, so they may deny to help you if something is not working correctly and it is unkown when the client will stop working on a technical level (due to changes on gog.coms servers). Please also note that both version use the same data directory, so while currently the data stored in there is interchangeable, "hopping" between versions may leed to data loss.

- Uninstall Version 2.0
- Downlaod Version 1.2
- Install Version 1.2, uncheck that the client should run after installation and optionally uncheck "run on system start)
- Add /runWithoutUpdating as a commandline Paramter to Galaxy shortcut. It will look something like "C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\GalaxyClient.exe" /runWithoutUpdating
- if you want the client to run on startup you need to edit the entry in the Windows registry

While this will prevent the update to Version 2.0 you will occasionally get a popup asking you to update. If you want to supress this you need to either rename or delete the executable C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\redists\GalaxyUpdater.exe.

1.3 Features & Workarounds

I tried the client, but how can I do access feature "..." that I used in the old version of the client

A lot of features are still missing, as of now the developers active in this forum always stated that they will be added in a future release. Best consult the changelog in the Galaxy client (via the cog-Menu in the top left corner of the client)

Can I access the shop from within the client ?

Yes, look in the sidebar, there is an entry called "Featured"

I can't find my wishlist in the new client. Is there a way to access it?

Yes, though it is well hidden. Click on your Avatar -> Account Management -> Subscriptions -> Wishlist alerts and click on 'your wishlist'.
If you want a quick access to your wishlist, go to your wishlist as described and click on the url to your wishlist there (, you will be able to bookmark it, though it will be listed under Friends and not the Games bookmarks.
Credits to @Segul and @Toldegar for finding this.

Can I access this forum within the client

- use the "Featured" bookmark in the sidebar
- click on an already released game to enter its store page
- on the games store page click on the link "Forum discussion" in the section "Game details" on the right
- Click on "Community Forums" in the top left
- In the section "General Forums" Click on "GOG Galaxy 2.0 discussion"
- Click on the bookmark button, located on the right of the "back" and "forward" buttons on the top of the client

1.3.1 Synchronisation with gog servers

What gets synced with gogs servers

- Custom cover arts
- Manually added games (you will need to re-link the games once in a new PC or installation, though, but they're still on your list)
- Games you own on every platform
- Tags
- Edited metadata
- Hidden games
- gametime for manually added games


What does not get synced with gogs servers

- Bookmarks
- Integrations

1.4 Customization

1.4.1 Common

What database is the Galaxy client getting its information from ?

There is no official comment on that, but forum members observations and speculations point to gog using its own database, but drawing heavily from (also pushing changes upstream, back to igdb).

Where is my library, are my tags and bookmarks stored ?

Currently your library and tags are synced to the Galaxy cloud and bookmarks are only stored locally, but will be synced in an upcoming release source

Are there limits to customization ?

- only 50 tags per user
- only 500 custom covers per user (source)

1.4.2 Games

Can I manually add games to the library

Yes and No: As long as the game is present in gogs game database (which has no relation the catalog of games gog sells) you just need to search for the game, and link an executable to it.
It is currently unknown whether it will be possible in the future to add game without a database entry or not.

Game X is not showing up in the Global Search so I can't add them manually', what now ?

ossible known reasons:
- The game is not in the database GOG is using.
- The game is in the database, but it can be classified as an 'add-on' or as a 'standalone release' for another game. GOG's search function somehow misses those (BUG).
- The game is in the database, but sometimes the search behaves oddly ("if the search form finds a title that "exactly" matches the searched words, it will list only that", credit to Plokite_Wolf). For example, to find the game 'No One Lives Forever 1', you have to start typing by its prefix 'The Operative'. I consider that a BUG.
credit: GenlyAi

Can I add games to gogs databse myself ?

Create an account on and add the game yourself


Can rename / alter the position / delete a bookmark ?

Bookmarks support Drag & Drop to reorder them, in order to perform the other actions you have to right click on a bookmark, and use the popup menu to do all those things

1.4.4 Tags

The tags I created on the gog website aren't showing up

Currently, syncing tags between website and client is not supported, and rather far off on the internal roadmap (source)

How can I remove tags ?

Usually it should be sufficiant to remove the tag from every game that is tagged with it. If the tag does not dissapear you may want to check for hidden games with that tag or try to restart the client.
credit: GenlyAi
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2 Connections to the rest of the gaming world (Steam, Xbox-Live, Playstation, etc.)

2.1 General

Do I need to have other launchers, like steam installed on my System


What launchers can I add besides those featured inside the client?

GOG GALAXY 2.0 has a growing list of integrations. While Steam, EGS, Uplay, Origin and PSN can be added inside the client by just one click, there are many other community integrations available. You can find not only launchers for multiple games like twitch or, but also for single games like Final Fantasy XIV, Path of Exile or Guild Wars 2 and even some emulator integrations right here. As of now, there is a total of 19 integrations.

How do I add other integrations?

See here. Credits @Horny_Reaper

Can I add other store pages to the bookmark panel ?

No, adding websites as bookmarks is restricted to a limited part of the domain

2.2 Microsoft / Xbox Live

I can't see all my Games

Unfortunately the integration is not feature complete. For now

Xbox360 Games
Subscription based games (Games with Gold, EA Access)
XBox Game Pass (beeing worked on:source)

are not showing up

2.3 Nintendo

I can see Nintendo Switch games in the "recently played by others lsit" ist there an integration for it ?

No, this list is not an amalgamation of what users of the Galaxy client are currently playing.

2.3 Playstation Network

I can't see my PS3 / Vita games

Currently only PS4 games are supported (source)

2.4 Steam

How can I start non - Steam games with Steam-Overlay via Galaxy

- Add non-steam game to steam.
- Right click it on steam, create desktop shortcut
- Move the shortcut the the game's folder (this is just for keeping things tidy, i also recommend keeping the shortcut just one word)
- Create a run.bat file, with this inside (without qoutes and replacing the <text> with the shortcut's name:
"start <shortcut file name>.url"
- Go on Galaxy 2.0, link executable and select the .bat file
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Regarding 1.1 Beta Access -
I am able to confirm that without an invitation, you are unable to access GOG Galaxy 2.0.
ArchReverence: Regarding 1.1 Beta Access -
I am able to confirm that without an invitation, you are unable to access GOG Galaxy 2.0.
Updated the entry, thanks for the confirmation
As of the latest update (Atlas), you can now drag and drop bookmarks to alter their relative positions. :)
RE: 2.2 Microsoft / Xbox Live

I can totally launch Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition - I think that's been fixed.
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Are there any guides for adding launchers like the ones from Blizzard, Bethesda etc?
Borghir: Are there any guides for adding launchers like the ones from Blizzard, Bethesda etc?
Afraid not. Best way is to search for posts in this forum. It might not be a good idea to add such guides in the "official" FAQ as some integrations to other launchers are not are exactly officially GOG. But that's up to the OP. (@DerBesserwisser)