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Yeah. Been patching for hours here as well.
Been stuck on 59% myself for a good while now
Sitting here at 57% on a 585mb patch.

Its taking FOREVER to load.

Needs to be fixed by GOG.
Im downloading currently patch 1.04 it downloaded fast as was only 585mb but when applying patches its taken about 45mins and still at 83% applied wtf I don't understand why its taking so long

So I was worried for my partner so I turned on his PC to do this as well so when he wakes up he wouldnt potentially wait so long but OMG his has finished already and at least I am up to 92% lets see if mine goes past 92 % fingers crossed
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this is first and the last time im buying a game from GOG....stuck on 90% for last hour.... my steam buddies are laughing at me....
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Also a few hours in now. Still less than 80% applied on 585mb patch....Sucks because the game was working fine for me and can't run it now.

Tried restarting GOG, restarting and updating computer, etc.

edit: hour later and now I'm stuck at 92% as well... this "small" update is taking as long as the game download did.

edit #2: It finally finished...having an estimated time remaining at least would have helped. Totally wasn't expecting how long that took
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stuck at 77%. this is ridiculous. it's even more frustrating when you realize they aren't gonna do anything about it. if they just sweep it under the rug and this happens at every patch i will pop a blood vessel.
Honestly only used GOG because I wanted to support CDPR and give them 100% of the money.

What a huge mistake that was.

Between the failure of Cloud Sync (due to heavy server load that they can't handle) and the REALLY slow installation of patches/updates...

Its been a nightmare.

I hope they fix this.

I refrained to get the pirated/ripped version too. Now I'm utterly disappointed.

I usually get my games from STEAM as well. But as mentioned above, GOG gives more money to CDPR.

Very disappointed.
it just finished ....took over an hour for me... i closed and opened gog launcher .....see u in night city bois
Too disappointed, I am loving the game but it has many problems, personally I would have preferred it to be delayed another year to polish it.
I bought it on gog and on ps4, on ps4 it looks horrible but this one was already updated

I think I'll make the return :(
My patch took over an hour to complete. From the time it got to 58%, it took 47 minutes exactly to finish! I don't know if it's because I have it installed on an HDD but that is ridiculous. C'mon GOG
Well being stuck for like 30mins at 57% i just restarted GOG and it's going way faster try it guys it should be faster
gravydavy1: it just finished ....took over an hour for me... i closed and opened gog launcher .....see u in night city bois
Yeah i did too just waiting to see if this works fingers crossed here :D
The same problmes as with the day1 patch all voer again.

it progressed to 88% and didn't move for half an hour. rebooted the computer since that fixed it for the day1 patch.
Instead it just started over from 0% and ticked just as slow. Now it's reached 88% again and it's stuck there. again.

Wouldn't even have bothered with applying the patch untill I was going to bed, but the game crashed and wouldn't elt me start it again cause there was a patch out. -_-
Good lord, I'm glad I only worked half a day today, and was able to start the patching process earlier. Currently at 90% and crawling slower than molasses.

It's in the 'Applying Patch' phase. I'm floored at how long this is taking for a 585mb file.