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Get all Sam & Max seasons, Tales of Monkey Island, and more fantastic Telltale adventures 85% off!

Welcome to our [url=]Telltale Crazy Sale! Before your head explodes from the abundance of awesomeness, let's try cooling you off with a piece of back-story. Point-and-click adventure games are one of the most prominent and characteristic genre in PC gaming. Yet somehow, there was a point in the history, when classic adventure games were considered an endangered species. Fewer, and fewer of them came out each year and this once abundant stream started to dry out. Partially because of the transition from 2D pixel graphics into the polygonic realm of 3D, partially because of the flood of flashy action games providing more and more immersion and interactive action, as opposed to the generally static gameplay of adventure games--the genre wasn't doing very well. The new adventure titles pursued gimmicks and trickery to make themselves more appealing to the "new audience". Indeed, the future of point-and-click adventures looked quite grim for some time. But then, some industry veterans with a good sense of direction and understanding of adventure gamer's soul, launched Telltale Games. The adventure gaming community sighed with relief. All was good again.

Today, we celebrate the successful rebirth and current prosperity of the classic adventure genre by running the Telltale Crazy Sale, featuring such fantastic titles as Sam & Max Save the World, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future: The Game (and more!). The whole seasons of Telltale's fabulous games are available 85% off for the whole weekend! If you love point-and-click adventures but the price tags kept you from enjoying some of the best of them, it's your lucky day!

The offer will last until Tuesday, April 23, at 9:59AM GMT.
You guys at GOG are truly ebil! Just when I had decided that I won't be spending any money on gaming for quite a while, you throw this at me? Appalling. Thanks for taking my hard-earned money. :P
I just bought the Monkey Island and Sam and Max games. I agree that the regular prices are... optimistic on Telltale's part, but at $5 each I'm willing to take the gamble since they seem like humor-heavy sort of adventure games I prefer.