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Get Commandos Series, Soulbringer, Creatures Series, Realms of the Hunting, Guilty Gear Games, and more assorted classics 60% off!

Summer's almost gone. The days are growing shorter--at least for those of us on the Northern Hemisphere and not living close to the equator, that is. Fret not! Longer evenings mean more time for gaming, and we've got just the right selection of games to make the late summer entertaining for you. Action, adventure, thrills, comedy, and strategy--it's all there in our assortment of titles from Digital Game Factory and Blue Moon Red Owl, or--just to keep it sweet and short--our [url=]Fading Summer Favorites, 60% off. Let's look at some of the games, shall we?

Commandos Ammo Pack and Commandos 2+3 bring you in the middle of World War II and put in command of a small squad of elite soldiers performing missions no one would think possible. Think Dirty Dozen with captivating real-time gameplay full of stealth, tactics, and challenge. The first title, including the original Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and the expansion Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, is available for only $2.39. The other, containing the game's both explosive and gripping sequels, can be yours for only $3.99 this weekend.

If you're an RPG fan and you enjoy deep games that take some dedication to complete, you should take this chance to discover Soulbringer, a somewhat obscure and underrated gem with gripping storytelling, versatile combat and magic system, and multiple endings. This is one of those games that just suck you in whole. The exquisite writing and great original world construction make it a very deep, satisfying and involving experience that exemplifies the definition of role-playing. This amazing, game you might have never heard of before, can be yours for only $2.39 this weekend.

That's only 3 out of 19 titles you can get 60% off in our Fading Summer Favorites weekend promo. Make sure to click through our promo page to see the whole selection. The offer lasts until Tuesday, September 3, at 3:59AM GMT. Don't miss out!
Well, decide to get Constructor, Mob Rule and Creatures Village, will leave the Commandos backup to another day
LovePsycko: Now Im playing in 1280x768 but I started playing with 1366x768. I change it only because during cutscenes and on the menu, it was cutting out part of the image. Nothing more.
I kind of solved the issue with resolution, I posted how in the Hostile Waters forum if you're interested. Summary: I use 4:3 of the highest possible resolution the monitor supports, that way there's no widescreen issue yet I have as close as many pixels as I would have with a widescreen version AR.
DiscoverAlbia: The Creatures games are a great buy at these prices! Funny to think I've been playing them on and off since 1998... Wow! They're not everyone's cup of tea, but I still have yet to find any game that goes into artificial life, biochemistry, genetics, and actual learning in a computer simulation. And the community continues to develop third-party content that makes the games that much more enjoyable. Creatures Exodus is likely best for most, as it has a plethora of add-ons. Creatures: The Albian Years is also quite awesome, and is my favorite mostly for nostalgia.

Some of the other games sound awesome, but I have about a dozen games that I still have yet to complete (or get further in than 10 minutes). Always a great sale here!
The Creatures games are awesome. I bought the first two when they were first released back in the 90s and played them endlessly till I lost the discs.

I bought them again from GOG in the last sale -- just haven't had time to play them yet as I know, when I finally do, they'll be a Life Suck for weeks :)

Highly recommend the Creatures games the next time they're on sale. They're so much fun to play.