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28. Double-Knot your Shoes

Zombie Shooter, a frantic top-down isometric trigger-happy mayhem with massive levels, filled to the brim with repulsive animated corpses, and sporting RPG-like upgrade mechanics adding an extra layer of depth to the simplest zombie-survival gameplay concept, is available on, for only $5.99!

[url=][/url]While developers get really creative with the name of their game, a down-to-earth straightforward title will sometimes take you a long way. Gamers like to know what they get into. With a game like Zombie Shooter everything is right there in the open. You look at the title screen and every misconception about unicorns, buggy racing, and managing a football team instantly disappear like the morning mist. You'll be shooting firearms at the life-challenged individuals. Hordes of zombies, lots of led, isometric view, and some interesting RPG-like character development and upgrade mechanics. Sigma Team, the creators of fan-favorite Alien Shooter series have done it once again. What a pleasant pastime!

Make sure to pack plenty of heat and stay on your toes, as you experience the fun part of the zombie apocalypse in Zombie Shooter, for only $5.99 on!
Heh, I made a comment about more Sigma titles coming here last night.
I completed this one but only cause it's short (less than 3 hours).

It ain't the worst game in the world, but thoroughly mediocre
ShadowWulfe: Heh, I made a comment about more Sigma titles coming here last night.
They have quite a few more that could be here.
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Really, there's actually a game called 'Zombie Shooter', unironically?

EDIT: At least it's not a FPS

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2007 is classic now?
gibbeynator: 2007 is classic now?
Get used to it. The other day someone referred to me as an old man.
Smannesman: Only $5.99 you say?
For that price how can I resist?
Too bad I paid $0.99 for the entire pack of Shooters several years ago on GamersGate.
But I am glad you fought hard to get this added to the catalog.
Again, I thank you GOG for releasing this game here. I'm sure a lot of fans are willing to buy this one. I, myself, have played this game. I'll give it a 4 out of 5. It's much like Alien Shooter but kind of different in some ways. You have to try it out to know what I'm talking about.
trusteft: For what it is, it's good.
I did a Let's Play of it recently.

Worth playing IMO.
JinseiNGC224: Thanks for this :)

Also, there's more alien games here than zombie. We should at least even it out, but frankly I don't mind having a bunch of zombie games to delve into and kill my time.
You are welcome. :) I had fun playing it.
mrking58: it is an old game
XYCat: NHL 12 is old the same way as this. I'd like to see 90s to 2005max games on thursdays.
To me anything over 5 years is old. NHL 12 is still quite new
$6 for this, they should be happy to get $2 if they're lucky. Not so long ago I purchased the entire Space Quest collection box for $6 which was ok, though things like this at that price are, sorry to say pathetic.

It's rather sad to see so many old, and lets admit it crappy games, taking their chances and trying to sell for $6 on GOG when making any money at all in this day is far beyond even the most optimistic expectations, hell even $2 is pushing it for games like this today.

It's also unfortunate that it degrades the overall quality of the GOG catalogue, things like this being so grossly overpriced will probably only serve to make most GOG users roll their eyes and anyone new to GOG, if that's the first thing they see may presume the whole site is full of old crap at exorbitant prices.

I want to make it clear I'm not saying it's because of this game and it's price alone, it seems to be becoming more and more of a trend on GOG for developers/publishers to "release" old crap at ridiculous prices. Frankly a lot of the things like this are barely worth $1 from a value point of view, from a personal point of view I'm not sure I'd pay $1 for some of the overpriced nonsense lately, hell some of them even put up a price of $10 which is beyond insulting.

I really think GOG should evaluate the quality and value of things and cap the price appropriately both for the sake of GOG's users and GOG itself.
xxxIndyxxx: Also is this considered a classic?? In that case: you're reaching gog!
What Indy said (I try not to bother whining anymore, I swear!).
He's named after a dog you know.
This is a great game for the casual butcher in you :D 30 minutes when you're angry or frustrated will really relax.

But where's Zombie Shooter 2 ? :(
ShadowWulfe: Heh, I made a comment about more Sigma titles coming here last night.
You must have psychic powers ! Tell me - Do you see Space Dude being released here soon ???
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Does this game have widescreen support?
I wonder how many of the 14 people that rated this game actually played it. Let's not turn this into another "Slender - The Arrival", people, please! That being said, I'm not particularly excited about this release either.