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Triple Town, a cute and original puzzle game that is very easy to pick up and almost impossible to put down, is available 40% off on That's only $5.99 for the first week.

[url=][/url]In Triple Town Grass, plus grass, plus grass makes a bush. Bush, plus bush, plus bush, makes a tree. Tree, plus tree, plus tree makes a hut. Hut, plus hut, plus hut makes a home. Bear equals trouble. Ninja bear? Make that double. That's the basic arithmetics of this fun little puzzle game, that proves that the simplest gameplay concepts can prove to be the most addictive. You'll be tasked with building towns by placing and matching tiles on dynamically changing board. Soon enough, you'll find that it's way more difficult than it seems, and that getting your town big and nice can prove to be extremely challenging. With easy to grasp but difficult to master mechanics, cute graphics, and tetris-like addictivity this cute little casual title can easily become an obsession that will keep you up at night, and you'll love it!

Take a break from all the "big" titles you're playing and take a shot against the devious puzzle filled with unexpected challenges in Triple Town for only $5.99 on The 40% off release discount offer lasts until Thursday, October 31, at 9:59AM GMT.
Very cute release :)
my mom loves this game!
and so will yours :)
Finally. It's nice to see this game on =]