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Tough as nanocarbon.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit, a modern Sci-Fi roguelike turn-based RPG that challenges you to explore an ancient, monster-infested alien complex, is now available 25% off on That's only $7.49 for the first week!

Are you prepared for the Pit? If you think you are, scout, you've already failed and our world is doomed. I want you to really understand this: you are not prepared. Nothing in the world could have prepared you. No amount of training, not even years of experience, nothing. So if you're feeling confident, that you can go to the Feldspar Mountains, scavenge the ancient Suul'ka complex, steal their secrets, and return with the cure for the Ghoul Plague--we're dead. Our only hope lies in your ability to doubt yourself, second-guess your own judgment, and think twice about your every step. This is how dangerous the Pit is. I would know. I've been there. I reached level 3 before my squad was decimated by mutant beasts. So, soldier, I'll ask you one final time, and this time I want you to really think before you give me your answer: are you prepared?

Sword of the Stars: The Pit is a phenomenal turn-based RPG turning the traditional roguelike dungeon exploration, item scumming, and careful planning into a modern gaming experience. The infamous Pit is randomly generated on each playthrough, which--combined with the game's three different character classes--makes up for crazy replayability value. With tons of items to find, many equipment and character modifications, and--most importantly--a vast selection of blood-hungry monsters waiting for your every mistake, this game offers you a Sci-Fi adventure you'll be enjoying for hours and hours.

If you like challenging games that first become your passion, then an obsession, and finally an addiction, you need to grab Sword of the Stars: The Pit right now, for only $7.49 on! The offer lasts until Thursday, April 25, at 9:59AM GMT.
graspee: snip
Thanks for the suggestions. I downloaded all of the ones you mentioned. I came across this site while looking for the Brogue site: It looks pretty interesting. I'm not sure how well or works or if it introduces lots of bugs into the gameplay, but I think it's a very cool idea. Gives you many ways to experience the same game, if it works as advertised. Anyone have any experience with whatever this is?
This is an excellent game.
ShadowWulfe: So does this mean Sword of the Stars is coming? I gave up trying to shop for it since there were so many different expansions and add-ons.
wizardtypething: I can't help but think Paradox would be a difficult publisher to get on board...
I can't help but agree. I was checking out the latest game from them available pre-order Leviathan: Warships a sort of steam punk strategy naval shooter. I won't be buying it now though as I discovered you can't play it without doing so via steam, even for offline play, they don't seem to be offering any DRM free ways to get it. I'd assume that kind of attitude to game sales would cover their entire catalogue. Shame as I would like to get SOTS as well.
MrGOTIME: I've been eyeing this for quite some time and am pretty pleased to see it here. The real question is: Insta-buy or wait for sale? I know at some point I HAVE to get this, as I am a pretty huge SOTS fan.

For those who've played it: What does this offer lore-wise to the SOTS universe? Are there clear references to the world created by the 4x games?
Robette: It does have a demo available on GG and Steam btw.
I can not estimate any further content since the demo option made me aware of the fact, that my laptop does not run this game... at least I found that out without spending 7,50$, I really should be more attentive in regards of the requirements of modern 2D games.
Interesting, I assumed this would work on my shitty laptop and stuck it up at the top of my wishlist without further thought, but now I'm concerned. After reading your post I'm downloading the demo from Steam now to see if I'll have the same problem.

Hope I can run it, this is one of the most interesting recent releases for me.

EDIT: For the record, I tried the demo and it ran well on a laptop with a dual core 1.5 Ghz processor and integrated AMD graphics
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I love Dungeons of Dredmor for it's humour, gameplay and overall system, mechanics and feel

it seems to me this game lacks all of it... I'm sorry :(
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